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  1. I am waiting for the graffiti is artwork brigade to show up...
  2. Obama was the first two term US President to be involved in a war....every day he was in office.
  3. In this day and age, you need a landlord that is versed on TM30 and a bank that knows the process for the local IO. In either case, if they can't accommodate you, take business elsewhere.
  4. I bought a Sony smart TV and an inverter fridge with my last interest payout from a fixed deposit...and got my fourth extension a few months ago...not sure what country these people are talking about.
  5. I wonder how many fake lawyers are on their referral list nowadays.
  6. Melanie is going to wear circus pants to DT's Nobel award ceremony, so she doesnt look like a colonist.
  7. This guy simply said the 300 Kg of coke and meth found in his truck was not his...https://www.nogalesinternational.com/news/charges-dropped-in-another-large-drug-bust-case/article_c534dada-25b8-11e9-9f89-cb4bdc702d16.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-sticky-siderail-latest
  8. A young Thai man recently stated that a hot piss test cost him 2000. Certainly, a lot less than 40000. But, the sky is the limit around Thong Lor.
  9. You won't get robbed...can't say the same about a dog bite, though.
  10. the clinic in Chiang Mai is an MD, and will give you a stamped travel letter for 50 thb extra. 10 is a big dose for most, and if you do it on alternate days, or less, 5 works well...and if you rarely do it, you can break that in half, too. Dont say it is for pain....
  11. there is always the legit clinic in CM....they were 6 thb each,,,,now, a bit more...but you get a card, no fee for doctor, and he will give you a letter for travel.....Dr. Panu. I paid 75 for 10 Tramadol here, and it was hard to find....35 in CM...
  12. moontang


    Anything cotton is better off purchased in the US...as is any tall size, or any shoes....probably better to buy in the US, than computer stuff...seems that gap is closing..especially on sleek tablets and smartphones...
  13. now, they can cut the wine taxes and even more farang will be living high on the hog.
  14. cigs are the first illicit substance for most..unless you are from a Catholic italian family that gives wine to 5 year olds.
  15. In Washington DC, they used to have so many fugitives that they sent them sweepstakes winner notices, with a ceremony at the convention center to collect their prize. They got a few hundred on the first try. What will it be here? Pretties allowed back in the "disturbing outfits," to stand at the police station? "Mister, you come register?"
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