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  1. Best Buy made a strong recovery after near death.. They seemed to be a little more focused on service than price, and were kind of innovators with the Geek Squad. Funny how quiting Windows eliminated 99% of my issues. Does this make Newegg the leader?
  2. I switched from P Cross to LMG for the same reasons, but now I supplement it with a travel medical from Tokio Marine, but I don't know of that would meet their requirements for 100k, but it does cover it.
  3. Yep, the Frys ad on the back of section A... Always a few good peripherals for a net cost of zero, after rebate. My rebates always came.
  4. I am willing to bet many of us have shopped there. Wasn't it exposed years ago that one of them had serious gambling issues?
  5. An equal amount of time will he spent on babysitting, and another equal amount of time will be spent on accounting/paperwork. Doing what's right is usually not the best way to last.
  6. I got a date with a beer pretty tonight, she gets off work at 8. She is likely working in Nonthaburi, though.
  7. We have two disposal boxes in my immediate vicinity about 3 km North of KMUTNB. I am in Nonthaburi, but don't think it is just a Nonthaburi item. They are clear plastic cabinets about the size of a small refrigerator.
  8. 25 cent happy hour in Sihanoukeville, and the crowd thinned as well. Been a while, but we had GH Happy Hour from 1430-1500 across the street from my Uni.. 10 cent beers. The GH was for General Hospital, that came on at 1500.
  9. The closet? I don't like the traditional wardrobe cabinets..
  10. Great, I need to sober up.. About four drinks made with a thimble should do the trick. If not, the bar tab surely will.
  11. Drive not as easy as Jomtien, but the Southern bus terminal vans are consistently better than morchitt2, but not as good as airport bus. If you have weekend warrior tendencies, three hours could turn into 6. The people can be very hit or miss, both Thai and farang, and that goes for beach scene, bars, and shopping. It can have a bad vibe at times, especially in these times of economic chaos for the tourism sector. Now that is an interesting comment on the food, that I tend to agree with. Last time, I stopped off at chaam on my way home. First meal I had was better t
  12. 16.45 us becomes 40.65 for Hanes 7 pack, white.. 147% more, good thing wages are so good, here... Bwahaha.
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