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  1. My 7, didn't offer the scan, that I did six times at wongsawan to buy beer and go into bank branch. In and out of the mall, then each store. I upgraded my at reader..that helped, I suppose many are doing it in LINE. Hasn't offered to install the app, yet, but it only asked mobile number once. Bottom line, signing is quicker and easier..no need to sign out, too. 7 may have already determined that scan will really slow things down at the door, contrary to their entire evolution.
  2. I know EST is a bit of a joke to Westerners and probably some Thais, too. Everyone, recognizing their budget, has a point where they will buy it instead of Coke/Pepsi. Twenty THB less for two big bottles on some occasions, will get my soda money. Nothing to write home about and it surely could ruin a perfectly bad bottle of "SangAlot.". The good news is that I tried the Pink Bomb flavor, and it could be their best product..better than Hawaiian Punch, but actually tastes more like Minutemaid lemonade. A good deal when you can get two 1 liter bottles for 30 or 35, and a great size to reuse as personal water bottles.
  3. Last, night I was at a bus stop around nine, and A Tuk-Tuk pulled up and told me he was Thai Airways Tuk-Tuk and was operating a free service. It was a nice TT, with THAI logos. I got in, had a great ride, and tried to give him 20 THB, and he wouldn't take it. Wow. Not in a tourist area, at all, just Meang Nonthaburi near the Riverside Mall. A bit unusual...
  4. Thought we could compare notes and help each other with this. I just did it with the MEA App...unlike the rest of the App, it is all Thai. My Thai is nitnoi, but I translated what I could..got a receipt at the end..so we'll see. Has anyone got the refund of deposit yet? looks like you need 13 digit yellow book number, 9 digit meter number, then it shows you your accounts..check the box of the account you want refunded.. Enter phone number starting with zero, and email. Then select a bank from the list and enter account number..there are two buttons at the bottom..the one on the left is submit and will give you a receipt. I will post when I get the money, any questions, fire away...
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