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  1. I would take apple's word for sure, but the shops were closing and opening well before China virus. I think sukhumvit grand millineum even had two shops.. And they would even escort you to the patio to give you a comfy place to enjoy.
  2. Who says it wasn't inspected? Buyer signs off on his right to hire any professional he chooses during the inspection period.
  3. https://www.fidelity.com/research/equity/popups/stock-research-starmine-learn-more.shtml#:~:text=The Equity Summary Score is,opinions of independent research firms.
  4. It's one of the tools on Fidelity. I can give a better explanation later. It's beer O'Clock, and Heineken is calling.
  5. Equity Summary Scores:. 4.1 and 8.9. Mo just reported 1.19 EPS for q3...They got burned by the vaping craze, but are recovering well. It is good to have some telecom exposure..so perhaps FCOM or FIVG, an etf focussed on 5G. PM isn't looking bad either. Indonesia might be worth more than the US Market.
  6. I have been using TalkU app, voip, and they will give you a number for 11 bucks per year..but there was a problem calling the regular fidelity 800 number earlier..but fidelity now has a toll free number specific for Thailand..worked like a charm..22 minute call on AIS...cost me zero. And free domestic wire, too.
  7. I own T and MO, but T has a ton of debt. I would add to my MO position before T. As far as energy..I was thinking about building a solar oven, just for Greta Thurnberg.
  8. Would be more accurate to state it won't work if you have international calls disabled, because they are enabled by default. That number is specific for Thailand. Years ago, you had to know how to get the ATT operator on the phone, then call a special number collect. So it is an improvement.
  9. I am in the process of buying a home in the US..as a US Citizen. I did this ten years ago, and am doing it again. I am willing to share my experiences and answer questions. There are more than a few hurdles. I will start at the point, where I found an interesting listing on Zillow. From there you can ask for an agent to call you. First hurdle..you can't enter a Thai phone number..and you can't leave it blank. After about three tries there, I emailed the listing agent directly by email, which was also ignored. Many agents are lazy or suspicious. So we go back and forth some and come to
  10. First time I have had to call them in a while. No need to call att operator for collect call anymore..just pick up your mobile and press 00180054466666.
  11. I am in GAB and GRX...GRX is a pretty good way to get about 6% and some appreciation.
  12. People turn a blind eye all over the world, when they desperately need the paycheck.
  13. Most of them are extendable. especially if from a private u. What does your school say? Still a lot of abuse of ED visas..
  14. Here is a cool website I use for properties in the US. They grade different aspects of local life..COL, Crime, climate, amenities on an A-F scale. Then give a livability score of 1-100 on the whole picture. www.areavibes.com. I am in the process of buying a place with a livability score of 80...for almost exactly one million THB. And I own the land, with insured title. Of course, the sky is the limit on what you could spend in the States..or most other places, too, but there are still some hidden gems. I think Thailand will likely become more of a snowbird place for me.
  15. No one selling tickets at Asoke...it wasn't very busy, compared to previous trips. Should I have paid twice?
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