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  1. yes, going to a secondary airport outside of DC. Looking at Star Alliance Partners...not really offering anything in the middle east, but plenty in Europe, and a few in Tokyo and PEK. It's a lot more equal from the east coast. Munich was good outbound, before. London,not so much. Always looking for good planes and airports....yes, just the airport, but you never know. Just gotta pay taxes...so if any of the euro airlines who are star alliance are better, price isnt an issue...but i avoid real high tax airports...except Swampy..Lufthansa is pretty solid.
  2. Are either one of these great stopover spots, for maybe three hours+? How about Austrian Air? Are any of the less popular stopovers better? Easy, good bars and food...ambiance..thx.
  3. I've thought about getting a second home in the us to stay a few months per year and get my fill of wine, steak, and pistachios..it is just so damn expensive to maintain an empty home there...an electric bill can be 1000 thb, even if you didnt use any...seen it in colorado.
  4. update..I actuall got the form 21 last night. Just got back from a larger ktb branch in nonthaburi. Never mentioned WP, but asked me my job..always retired, here, even if I was working..anywhere. E-card is the way to go. I got a queue ticket for new accounts, which was a good move..still took 25 minutes. Based on reports, I had my doubts about being able to do it on the outskirts of bkk, I was about ready to visit the main branch...glad i didnt.
  5. Super Highway, mobile phone, mini market were some of my first Thai words.
  6. RIP, Grandma. 6 pitbulls on what looks like 60 wah of land.....there are white people that stupid, too.
  7. What is a service provider? You can go into the Rev office and they will tell you the status....
  8. I got all set up with a yellow book and proof from bank i paid, several years ago...getting set up with employer is different, but with a WP, I doubt there would be a need a for cert of residence or other migraine, but YMMV.
  9. I talked to them. It was my first year in BKK, so I didn't know my local office. Filed at the main office and they forwarded it to my local office, where it set. It was still on steep 1 of 5..but she got on the phone, and now it is on 4 of 5, and they sent it after a mere 69 days. I think the, but they are Thai comes across more racist than anything. Incompetence is incompetence...zero trouble doing it before. When the toilet is clogged, it is clogged, it isnt a matter of nationality, and most civilized folks would expect it to work. But, the lady was very nice, and after the usual bs about work permit and all that, she actually looked at my receipt and realized I already had tax id, and had filed. Revenue Dept still beats the heck out of Immigration...but stalling on giving a refund for money that should not be taken in the first place is more of the shoot yourself in the foot kind of thing that isnt good business.
  10. Chiang Mai University, one of the top five, or so, best unis in Thailand.
  11. I think you would save money hiring a freelancer..they have places to meet, or will come to you. I took a course at a language school and there were a few teachers in there, who were working on Ed visas, and coming late, if at all, and just not focussed on the course...sill pretty decent, but I am not paying to hear backpacker drama, and there was some of that too. Labor is cheap, here; teachers are labor.. I will add, I used to live by CMU, and those girls speak so clearly,,,much easier to recognize the words, even if you dont know their meaning. But, that is a general characteristic of well educated people...so look out for mumblers or mice, and the universities are good places to look to find somebody for 200 per hour, who might be great. I dont think the language school teachers are the same caliber people as at the better unis, but their english might be a tiny bit better. Much more to it than being a professional teacher.
  12. thanks, and yes, I did read the other threads...and there are reports of people going into KTB and them having no clue, along with a history of requiring WP to open an account, but there is a work-around..maybe, at some branches....70 days to pay someone? the only thing missing is the punchcards...a fiasco.
  13. Plenty of teachers offering lessons on Craigslist. Just avoid the visa mills.
  14. filed on 5 January, got a receipt, they told me first week of March...anyone else have similar issue? Apparently, there is some kind of fiasco involving payment at KTB, and they dont issue checks, like before....I would like to close this...only place on earth that owes me money, and not really people i like owing me, unfortunately.
  15. a few years ago in CM I got in the front seat of the red toyo songtaew and it was pre-1980,,clock had 733K KM on it...following week I got in a datsun and it had 819K Km.
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