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  1. I've thought about getting a second home in the us to stay a few months per year and get my fill of wine, steak, and pistachios..it is just so damn expensive to maintain an empty home there...an electric bill can be 1000 thb, even if you didnt use any...seen it in colorado.
  2. update..I actuall got the form 21 last night. Just got back from a larger ktb branch in nonthaburi. Never mentioned WP, but asked me my job..always retired, here, even if I was working..anywhere. E-card is the way to go. I got a queue ticket for new accounts, which was a good move..still took 25 minutes. Based on reports, I had my doubts about being able to do it on the outskirts of bkk, I was about ready to visit the main branch...glad i didnt.
  3. Super Highway, mobile phone, mini market were some of my first Thai words.
  4. RIP, Grandma. 6 pitbulls on what looks like 60 wah of land.....there are white people that stupid, too.
  5. What is a service provider? You can go into the Rev office and they will tell you the status....
  6. I got all set up with a yellow book and proof from bank i paid, several years ago...getting set up with employer is different, but with a WP, I doubt there would be a need a for cert of residence or other migraine, but YMMV.
  7. I talked to them. It was my first year in BKK, so I didn't know my local office. Filed at the main office and they forwarded it to my local office, where it set. It was still on steep 1 of 5..but she got on the phone, and now it is on 4 of 5, and they sent it after a mere 69 days. I think the, but they are Thai comes across more racist than anything. Incompetence is incompetence...zero trouble doing it before. When the toilet is clogged, it is clogged, it isnt a matter of nationality, and most civilized folks would expect it to work. But, the lady was very nice, and after the usual bs about work permit and all that, she actually looked at my receipt and realized I already had tax id, and had filed. Revenue Dept still beats the heck out of Immigration...but stalling on giving a refund for money that should not be taken in the first place is more of the shoot yourself in the foot kind of thing that isnt good business.
  8. Chiang Mai University, one of the top five, or so, best unis in Thailand.
  9. I think you would save money hiring a freelancer..they have places to meet, or will come to you. I took a course at a language school and there were a few teachers in there, who were working on Ed visas, and coming late, if at all, and just not focussed on the course...sill pretty decent, but I am not paying to hear backpacker drama, and there was some of that too. Labor is cheap, here; teachers are labor.. I will add, I used to live by CMU, and those girls speak so clearly,,,much easier to recognize the words, even if you dont know their meaning. But, that is a general characteristic of well educated people...so look out for mumblers or mice, and the universities are good places to look to find somebody for 200 per hour, who might be great. I dont think the language school teachers are the same caliber people as at the better unis, but their english might be a tiny bit better. Much more to it than being a professional teacher.
  10. thanks, and yes, I did read the other threads...and there are reports of people going into KTB and them having no clue, along with a history of requiring WP to open an account, but there is a work-around..maybe, at some branches....70 days to pay someone? the only thing missing is the punchcards...a fiasco.
  11. Plenty of teachers offering lessons on Craigslist. Just avoid the visa mills.
  12. filed on 5 January, got a receipt, they told me first week of March...anyone else have similar issue? Apparently, there is some kind of fiasco involving payment at KTB, and they dont issue checks, like before....I would like to close this...only place on earth that owes me money, and not really people i like owing me, unfortunately.
  13. a few years ago in CM I got in the front seat of the red toyo songtaew and it was pre-1980,,clock had 733K KM on it...following week I got in a datsun and it had 819K Km.
  14. same in us..no one wants to own one out of warranty....dont know if that is different with the american made ones or not.
  15. A friend paid 500k thb new for basic toyo 4x2 in 2011, now he can get 300K thb for it with 150K km on it. You would get about a third of that for that chevy or ford...in the us anyways.
  16. That was a separate sentence. SUV in general are higher running cost overall, and Toyota would be below ave for the group. 4 wd is higher to maintain, heavier, more wear and tear. Manadatory dealer servicing srews you, but that would be much better here. but there is a cost for a parking space to hold that thing, anywhere in Thailand, and large amounts as you get near the CBD. A friend gave his wife a new Pathfinder, and sold her five year old honda accord....she had regrets, as she was mostly running farm errands on good roads, without snow. Riding with a Thai Driver in an SUV? sheeesh...put me on a 6.5 thb red monster..or a 737..
  17. I am from USA and my whole family drives Toyotas. SUV is high cost per km and not fun to drive in the city. Sis did by a new Fortuner last year, I think she said 43k usd in MN, so maybe 1.6+ here..loves it.
  18. the nok idea is good, as I would tend to fly with them, too, unless vietjet served...in maesai red songthaews are good, so dont worry about only getting to the bus station...but only motos late...and i have walked that, too, but more like 4 km or so. I actually took moto guy's offer on a good hotel, and it was damn near perfect for 350 or so, and there are some crummy guest houses around there...been a few years and things can change quickly in places like that. Chinese invasion and large scale crackdowns on visa runners could change things a lot.
  19. Is Lemoncello any relation to the one in CM, that closed down (for at least a while)? Some of these places seem very doable, and possibly a good value for modern Sukhumvit. In the States, I lived in the East Bay for 6 years and there was superb italian there. The Italians brought artichokes to Cali 100 years ago+, and the SF made salami is famous, partly because it is made with no artificial cooling or heating. But, I always viewed them as either Northern or Southern, which is overly general, but I would expect to see veal in a northern place, and spaghetti/meatballs and lots of good red sauces at southern..of course the sicilian pizza can be great comfort food for an American...screw the overcooked roast and prison veggies, lol..
  20. And you thought immigration was problematic? I would rather go sit at the police station for a while than have to go to Customs...Police are usually a lot more reasonable. "we can send them back, or you can go to jail," they once told a friend about his box of cigars from HKG...paying wasnt even an option (on that day).
  21. I was told by a few that at CMU, the foreign teachers were put to the curb at 70...and reason given was cant get issued a WP. Maybe someone can clarify the max age the Labour Dept. will issue a WP, and that might give us a better idea of max age for teachers. What is theory and what is practice? Of course, if they have no intention of ever getting you a WP, it is a moot point. Edit: I searched a bit, and a few state that there is no age limit on WP...still would like more verification, and it is possible that the individual offices "modify" the rules, especially in CM.
  22. Walk out to the main road and flag one of the rickety local busses that goes to Maesai or flag one of the modern vans operated by green bus, but they might be full....50-60 THB I recall. Rickety bus will take 20 minutes longer max, but it is totally pleasant, except for no ac....there can be checkpoints up there, so don't be on overstay, and I have even checked for overstay waiting for a bus in CR, at a noodle chop. So, standing on the side of the road flagging a bus or van is kind of cheap Charlie, but it is simply the way they get between small towns up there. Metered cab? Not as safe as rickety bus, more safe than van, but will be 1000+. Don't know what the airport offers...in Udon, it is 200 for the van to the border..about the same distance...but the same van is 50-60 in town. I always like a few km walk after a cramped plane ride. Saved thousands over the years in CM just walking 12 minutes to Airport Plaza and catching a yellow songthaew for 10 THB. A benefit of being compelled to travel light.
  23. KTB has some of the lowest FD rates. CIMB is paying 2.4% for 24 month. I think 12 month is 1.85%. Be careful about maturity during seasoning...can create a hassle, and now you can add three months after extension to avoid maturity, also. Depending on how they do it (the bank), it can appear that the money was not untouched, and auto-rollovers almost always work in the banks favor, especially if you came in on a promotion. I had a 2.5%, that BBL tried to rollover into a 1.125%, took the cash and went to CIMB. Have a yellow bank account, too, which was good for moving, but not really foreigner friendly.
  24. I always enjoyed rainy season in CM (before the Chinese ruined it, along with the death of nightlife). Will be interesting to see how it plays out, because everything was always geared towards high season...a small bump of Europeans in August, but the Summers offer very few, better climate than they enjoy in their own countries that time of year. More Chinese seems to be the solution to all problems up there. I sold last February and haven't returned. The CM municipality fails miserably on easy things like garbage and rats, there is no way they will be able to significantly improve AQ. The photo is a common nosebleed...anyone who has ever worked at a school has seen it many times, but I did notice a bad burning feeling in my sinuses a few times, there, and even a few traces of blood.
  25. Teaching scene is very poor up there...I used to spend a lot of time in CR and got to know it well, came close to buying a condo there, and glad I didn't.
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