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  1. small producers are prohibited..so there is no such thing. I have seen Phuket Beer, but it is at stupid prices and it may not even be bottled here. I feel like drinking Heineken and Tiger is about the best way to send a message that you arent supporting the Duo. I think that tells you how big you gotta be, to be small here. Heineken is a necessary evil to them. 711 in Nonthaburi rarely even sell Tiger, and that is where it is brewed...worse than some of the WIntel antitrust antics. Sell the competition (which is known to be better} and bye bye volume rebates. Strange how Tiger is considered upmarket in many pubs, but only cost 6 THB more per case at Tesco. But, Leo can be used as a vinagrette salad dressing.
  2. Kind of reminds me of horse racing in California. For every dollar the track makes, the State makes 8....without doing a goddamn thing. If you are selling foreign food..burgers, tacos, steaks...it would be more extreme. Import food taxes are a complete ripoff here. No one will be happy. Staffing is a nightmare. Theft is problematic. There is way too much capacity in the tourism industry, and increasingly longer low seasons. Great chefs fail on a daily basis.
  3. funny you said that. A thai woman scowled at me yesterday in line at 711. I did set my two bottles of pepsi max on the counter, but kept them as far as possible from her package of noodles. That is a quite common practice here though...especially with 5 employees and one open register. She was kind of cute. I kind of discounted it, when I saw her ID...a teacher. One reason I avoid shopping on Saturdays, all the civil servants are out of their cages. The feminazi militant dyke movement is picking up steam in BKK, where I live, but likely headquartered in CM. I had just showered and hadnt had my first beer....maybe I didnt give her enough of a stare. There is a lot of truth to them sensing that you have been active, and I had just returned from a nice hotel date with the GF an hour away. Maybe she is practicing to be an IO.
  4. Those signs were about the bars, transvestites, and dirty backpackers trying to expand their area onto Chiang Moi Rd..
  5. It is. That's why the tuktuk drivers will sell you some ground tree bark for 1000 THB.
  6. Did you consider heat and a hot water heater?
  7. Sierra Nevada were 47 THB in Virginia last week.. but more like 150-200 in a bar, and I am not doing that, either. Can get a 500 Gram choice steak at home for that. Oh, and the Hardee's next to the Food Lion hiring at 300 per hour to start, let alone the Walmart distribution center hiring at 540-600 per hour... that's the crux of the matter.
  8. I know two ladies that manage different hotels in Hua Hin. Both are successful hotels, both have been in the same position for years, neither make more than 30k. Both do stuff on the side involving property sales and rentals, both are a bit lazy, and neither are totally trustworthy. In both cases the land their hotels are on would be worth a lot more without their hotels on it. The Chinese keep rolling in, that greases the wheels. It has nothing to do with their dedication, hard work, or attention to detail, but they are consistent. The cheap Burmese labor is critical.
  9. And what does selling counterfeit phones that you cant get warranty service for do for confidence?
  10. They have thinned the ranks of poor expats, a little. I looked at the origins of "holding the bag." 18th century England, but is precisely how things work here. https://www.google.com/search?q=phrase+holding+the+bag&oq=phrase+holding&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.7193j1j7&client=ms-android-huawei&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  11. Exactly, same with the craft beer farce(s). A friend, with deep pockets went to the now defunct Beer Republic in CM.. he was outraged.. OTOH, we went to an outdoor venue with Tiger Beer cheaper than Makro, and he had a blast. Kind of like all the empty airport venues.. Plenty of high wealth thirsty, hungry people, but most got that way by not being a sucker for ripoff. Wine and cigars are a ripoff, here, period, make no mistake about it. And that is just the tip of the (rotten) rice stockpile.
  12. The folks that got "favors" from the various land offices were left holding the bag. Look at the Madoff investors, who actually made good money.. It was clawed back. Usually referred to as ill gotten gains.
  13. The rules were designed to make it much more difficult for a quick deposit, and a withdrawal right after the stamp... but it just created the need for more "services."
  14. I think you are talkig about the oldest profession, but you could also add the second oldest profession: teaching. If you look at a few of the FB groups, the people advertising are often illegal, and it appears that there is near zero chance of you ever being legal. Almost as brazen as the whacky weed sellers.
  15. I bought some RDSA last week, but no, a brokerage accou t is not guaranteed under the Thai deposit insurance scheme. I would be careful with the credit unions and coops, as well. I have a Kim eng account, and as a foreigner, it is way down the list of places to trade.
  16. CIMB and Krungsri both offer savings accounts in the 1.3% range. A high percentage of offices accept FD, which simply call for a forfeiture of some interest if redeemed early.
  17. Does misrepresenting bank interest in Thailand really help anyone?
  18. bank accounts get levied in the US on a daily basis, state of California is notorious. Dutch man brought over millions from a weed business. The reality is that the Thai banking system is a safe haven, and that is causing pain at the exchange booth. Recent reports by IMF say Thai banks are on par with Singapore and Hong Kong.
  19. Or you could just take 2% here and then only pay 1900 every year, and 100 for the letter. You really need a banking presence here, anyways.
  20. Just stick with fundamentals. Chinese are willing to pay 35 times annual rent in some prime areas.. seems foolish to me. However, no property taxes here and condo fees aren't bad, compared to sitting on a unit in NYC or SFO. 16 times rent is more realistic. Heard the song about no lights on for 15 years.. Most of the clientele don't waste electric.. balcony lights are as rare as a functional crosswalk. I have heard of units in Hua hin going for a third off super inflated prices, but nothing like the giveaways in Phoenix and Vegas in 2009-2011.
  21. At least they weren't Amazon resellers. Seems like a good starting point of people to avoid is those who are too cool to have a mobile phone, almost as bad as the iPhone 13 guys. The self proclaimed experts on everything Buddha are about as interesting as white pain drying. I don't mind the stock market experts, because it is too easy for me to tell, who the pretenders are.
  22. oh, and who remembers the Hollywood Bar at NEP...never seen anything better since. Did a grand mariner and got a juice glass filled to the rim.
  23. Cathouse certainly offered value with AYCD Heineken from 4-8 for 300 THB...fun crowd minus the teacher cliques.
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