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  1. I enjoy living in On Nut, it has everything you need locally + is only 5 stops away from Asoke on the BTS if you wanted to go into "Town" I live very close to On Nut BTS station & pay 20K for a 2br 1bath condo here.
  2. Pull the other one, that's a 5 all day loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg
  3. Has anybody gone through the questions in the Ordinary Residence Test? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/736849/Ordinary_residence_tool.pdf I've no doubts that I would come back as Not Ordinary Resident as about the only thing I have going for me is I have a few UK Bank Accounts so unless I was honestly moving back (or being "Economical with the Truth") then I'm paying for any treatment I have on the NHS... As mentioned before, I think Brexit has the potential to cause real upsets here, especially if the split is
  4. Are we reading the same posts? where did I mention your frozen state pension & I find no part of it difficult to understand (I do find it difficult to understand you would have both a frozen pension & pay tax on your private pension but that's your business... Oh & I thought if you paid tax on a pension it was at 20% for the whole lot). Ok, I admit that I misread your 2 sentences "If your state pension is your only income and over the personal allowance you must pay directly to HMRC. Normally collected through other income." but that is only because the maximum state
  5. It poured down when I was there in August and I saw from a few Youtube videos (Rides4kicks) that it was still raining a lot there last week but hopefully will have cleared up by mid-November. We stayed at White Sand Beach & it was dead, I'd say 60% of places were shut (little Pattaya looked completely closed) but the Sabay bar (Fire show, Philippine band) was open as was a nice restaurant next door... Our hotel was pretty poor (There was such a bad damp smell it the room I had to buy a couple of air fresheners, simply because occupancy has been so low) but the 15 Palms (Paddy'
  6. No it's not the same.. You can't choose which of your income is taxed at what rate or you could just as easily say it's taxed at 50% because your other income takes you over the Higher Rate Tax threshold.... Your State Pension goes 1st into the Income Column, if that's all you have or the rest of your income (excluding Dividends & interest from Bank Accounts) is < approx £3,500 then you're taxed at zero% on it. But, we've touched on this in other threads, as a Non-UK resident for Tax Purposes you don't have to pay tax on your Company Pension but it's up to you to weigh up t
  7. Your post is a little confusing ... How does somebody get a state pension of maximum £170 pw that takes them over the £12,500 pa or so Personal Allowance? How would somebody doing so pay the HMRC out of other income when their State Pension is their only income? Technically you are correct, the State Pension is taxed at 0% but I didn't want to get into technicalities so easier to say it's not taxed... It is always put 1st into your income column & is unlikely to ever take you over your PA so for all intents & purposes it isn't taxed. U
  8. Being resident for Tax Purposes is not the same as being Ordinarily Resident which is what (free) access to NHS is based upon but almost nobody pays tax on their State Pension as it's not enough to take you over your personal allowance (I say almost nobody because in some circumstances it's possible to have no Personal Allowance in the UK so you could end up paying tax on your State Pension but this would result in greater tax savings elsewhere unless you've got your maths wrong). So unless you're paying AVCs then you're not being forced to "Pay for something that is not av
  9. Because your farther is Singaporean & your mother is Thai... As long as you "Do not exercise any Foreign Citizen Rights" in Singapore (The obvious one being trying to use your foreign citizenship status to avoid National Service) then you retain your Singaporean citizenship Best thing to do would be to speak to somebody at the Royal Thai Embassy (https://www.thaiembassy.sg/contact-us), explain your situation & ask them. If you can, take along a copy of your birth certificate, your mum's Thai ID Card & her Blue Book in Thailand (Do you know if your birth has been regis
  10. Again, you're mixing up Non-Imm OA with Non-Imm O, the 2 are very different beasts to get the initial Visa... The Non-Imm O can be got from a lot of different countries (as mentioned I got mine from Penang, ironically I'm not entitled to one in the UK) but the Non-Imm OA is typically only available to people who are Residents of the country (e.g. My mate is looking to get his as a PR in Singapore) Under the FoM act, to be a "Formal" Resident in an EU Country, you need to register at the local office (typically within 3 month of settling there).
  11. You still have (had) to register as a resident in the EU country to be able to do "Official" residency things so unless he has done this (& he mentioned that he wasn't a resident in Portugal) then he wouldn't be considered a Resident in Portugal EU Freedom of Movement act or not. I just hope for his sake that the Embassy has got it right & he's not going to have a problem when he gets there, he has taken great pains to double check that he's eligible for the Visa but 2 major things that they've told him (1. they will grant him a Non-OA & 2. He doesn't need to get his
  12. I'm not sure you're eligible as you are considered a Thai citizen by Thailand but if you were then it would mean "ignoring" your Thai parent so you would need to go down the normal route of working in Thailand for 3 years Not sure what the "Back & Forth" problem is as you're a Singaporean Citizen by birth & a Thai Citizen by decent so "the Government has no grounds for depriving them of his Singapore citizenship and they may hold on to dual citizenship" There would be a problem if you had "Earned" either Citizenship... e.g. Moved to somewhere like the UK &
  13. I'm guessing what the OP means is that as a Singaporean he is only allowed to have 1 Citizenship (Singapore doesn't recognise multiple Citizenships) but as a child of a (any) Thai Parent he is allowed to have Thai CItizenship (Thailand will also let him have Singaporean Citizenship). OP, I don't believe you can get PR on the grounds of being a Thai "Child" but you can get Thai Citizenship & they will not ask you to revoke your Singaporean Citizenship. It's really only a problem when you're doing it the other way round & getting Singaporean citizenship as you would then be
  14. You're a Tourist so assuming you're under 50 years old your options are limited to STV (Am guessing your from Europe or US so expect a long, long, looonnnngggg wait) or Thailand Elite (min 500,000 THB but will get you a 5 year visa and other perks). Edit: It might be easier/quicker to get the GF to come see you for a holiday
  15. Have been looking at Bank repossessed properties on the BAM & SAM websites and one thing I've noticed is the properties (especially houses, but also a fair number of the Condos) look like they're in a pretty poor state, is that true of all property in Thailand if left empty for a while? FWIW I'm thinking next year might be a good time to buy a property in Thailand, just not sure you'll see the same discounts in Bangkok as you might see in (say) Pattaya as it's not as reliant on tourists here.
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