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  1. On a related topic, any recommendations for where to get your eyes tested In Bangkok or should I wait till I’m visiting UK next month?
  2. There is an HMRC App for your phone that can be used to provide 2FA, on the Apple Store it's called HMRC. Not sure if you need a UK mobile to get it set-up in the 1st place, but once it is set-up you don't need any mobile (Have just used it to log in to check my NI).
  3. I did this about a year ago & caught up on 6 years + the 2016/2017 Tax year so got 7 years contribution at Class 2 for approximately 980GBP... Then signed-up to continue to pay at Class 2 for approx 150GBP per year... NB I'm not 100% sure, but I was led to believe that you have to be working overseas to pay at Class 2 rates but I'm not sure whether they check or not (I do an annual UK Tax Return which includes details of my Overseas employment so they would know that I do anyway).
  4. I always "Believed" I was agnostic (I don't know if God exists & am resigned to the fact that I never will - Get on with life), turns out today's society labels me as "Passive Atheist" but if there is a God & a Hell, I "pray" for a special room for these people.
  5. Though I get what the analogy is trying to say it's pretty poor as following that logic the Bouncer would be the one who's asking to leave and the patron is (or more accurately SHOULD be) trying to make sure they don't leave though the 4th floor window.
  6. What's the Overseas earning tax position in Portugal? - I was led to believe they Tax it, but then read something a little while back that said they no longer tax it.
  7. Used to visit Davao 3-4 times a year & loved the place, but on last few visits I've noticed the number of foreigners (Mongers) has increased massively & the place is (people are) getting spoiled. Used to have a house in Kapalong which is about 30 minutes up from Tagum City & it's still really nice around there, TC is just about big enough to live in Kapalong no where near big enough, especially as 1/2 of the Barangay is related to my Ex - Surigao City is quite nice too... I do love the Philippines though & if I don't fully move to Thailand next year it's going to be a toss-up between PI (Somewhere in the Visayas or Palawan) and Vietnam, though I would love to explore South America - Just don't know where to start... OP: Have you checked the weather out in Kunming? Think it gets pretty cold/wet up there...
  8. Was thinking exactly the same myself... How bad must our politicians be when even the opposition party is fighting amongst itself whilst there's an open door to government waiting for them to walk through. Whether you're for or against Brexit, I think we can all agree that it really has divided the nation...
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