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  1. I'm assuming you meant Penurious & not Perjurious To each his own, I work in Singapore for 2/3rds of the month & aside from the rent, spend less there as the only thing i do there nowadays is work work work, but I get to spend the other 1/3rd of the month in Bangkok & apart from 20k pm for the Condo (Plus lets say another 4k for utilities/internet/mobile etc) I probably spend around 2k per day so 10 days in Thailand costs me 44K, 30 days 84K (the 24k rent & Utilities covers the month) which sounds about right to me. Add in yearly Visa expenses, Health Insurance, travel etc.... I personally believe 100-120K pm makes for a happy retirement, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)... Guys who have their own home or live outside of Bangkok will be happy on much less...
  2. Sorry fella you're talking tosh... BKK has so many flights taking off/landing at the same time are you seriously suggesting that somebody arriving on SQ??? landing at 11:55PM will be given a different stamp than TG??? landing at 00:05AM (who for operational reasons might be in front of him in the queue) when they both rock up at 00:10am What if my 00:05am Flight arrives at 11:59PM? what date would i be stamped in? Occams Razor mate, at midnight (or maybe end of shift) the IOs wind on to the next day & don't care what time your flight landed...
  3. Given the choice between 1.5 hours transit to CW & wait for how long (lets say 30 mins) then 1.5 hours back OR walk 20 feet from Condo, hand over copy of lease agreement, passport & 2,000 THB it's a no brainer for me But there is no way I'm doing that twice a month (Only done it this time because I'm at CW on Monday for my yearly extension) so if they do really start to clamp down then it's sadly time to find myself another holiday home (I Live & work in Singapore so it would be no hardship for me to just stay there). It's bad enough I have to go through the Non-Imm O dance simply because I come in & out so many times (Only ever staying for 5-10 days), but this would be the final nail in the coffin for me.
  4. Yes but only for Citizens/Legal residents where length of stay is irrelevant. Australia, UK, Singapore etc.... will stamp your passport if you're a "Visitor" & no matter what Visa we have, we're all (Citizens & PRs aside) considered "Temporary Visitors" in Thailand
  5. No It's not because I was talking about arrival so Airside is BEFORE you get to immigration
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