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  1. The amnesty was originally declared to give people some breathing space to sort out their basis for being/staying in Thailand and was extended when it became clear that 1 month was not going to be enough. It's now clear that the extra 2 months isn't going to be enough, nor will extending it by another 2 months, hence my comment about "Kicking the can down the road". Thailand is unlikely to just continue extending the amnesty until things go back to "Pre-covid19 Normal" (if they ever do) so where do they draw the line about "Normal Enough"? Is it borders are open but you need insurance, proof of negative CV19 test etc... or is it when a vaccine is available & you have proof of immunisation? - Nobody knows hence my comment about it would be good for them to provide information about what will be expected at the end of the amnesty period. For EXAMPLE (I'm not saying that they should do this), they might say:- Anybody on a Non-O (Multi or Single, Marriage or "Retirement" ) or Non-OA should look to get a 12 months extension Anybody on a Non-B should get their companies to get them a 12 month extension Anybody on a Visa Exempt or Tourist Visa should make plans to leave the country (By this time they would would have been in-country for at least 7-8 months) Anybody in 1 who cannot get a 12 month extension or 3 should exit the country to get a new Visa & have X, Y, Z documents before re-entering. This lack of information about what's going to happen when the amnesty ends is causing unnecessary concern to a lot of people & the fact that we're just over 3 weeks away from the current deadline is making it worse so I would like to see them extend it by 2-3 months but provide more information about what they're expecting to happen at the end of the Amnesty (which is not necessarily the same as the end of this extended period) to give people an opportunity to make plans/arrangements. Oh & they should also be more clear about what happens with 90 day reports when the amnesty ends, how hard is it for them to say "Consider it done on the date it was due during the amnesty & plan to do your next one 90 days after that"?
  2. But that would be just kicking the can down the road. What's needed is an extension (say to end of September) & a clear indication of what they expect to happen at the end of it
  3. Given UK GDP is predicted to decline by 11.5% the THB might get even stronger
  4. That's my guess also, the one I skipped was May 19th & I'm planning to get my extension 30 days before it's due which will be August 19th so more or less exactly when it would be due if those are the rules
  5. Yes but will it do as badly as our home currencies (in my case GBP)? The Baht dropping by 30% is not much use if GBP drops by the same (or more)
  6. Same here, just hoping they extend the amnesty by 1 more month then I can do it mid-august at the same time as my extension. 1 trip per year to CW is enough for me (though the BTS extension should make the trip there a lot better) Edit: Thinking about it, according to recent news I might have to visit both CW offices to do the Extension & 90 days, that should be fun
  7. Not a @HOAX> as nobody knows for sure what the rules are going to be but normally you cannot extend a permission to stay that has already expired & I've not seen any notices to say that this has changed. I didn't say that the 60 day extension would be backdated (Why would I when I'm saying that I don't think you can do it) I said that if they will let you do a 12 month extension (as suggested by another poster) it would be dated from the date that your permission to stay expires. So, my understanding is if your current permission to stay expired at the end of May (as was the example). You cannot do a 60 day extension for reasons of visiting your wife You may be able to do a 12 month extension which would be stamped from end of May giving you to end of May 2021 All conjecture as we don't know the facts but happy to be shown evidence to the contrary.
  8. You're not running around illegally but you should really have extended your permission to stay (you cannot renew a visa) when it was due to be extended as per normal. It's probably worth speaking to your immigration office to explain that your embassy could not provide you with what you needed (presumably letter of income) & can you extend now (backdated to the original extension date), failing that (& failing any "Special" arrangements being introduced) you will have to leave Thailand per whatever rules are introduced when the amnesty ends & get a new Non-O for Marriage.
  9. The point I was trying to make was that you don't need to wait for the Visa to expire to get a 12 month extension as you can do it on any of the 90 day entries (i.e. You could have got it on the entry for which the permission to stay that was ending in May). I appreciate this might feel like you're wasting 6 months of your Visa but it would meant that you'd be covered until May 2021 (Hopefully things will be somewhat back to normal then), @drbeachpost above that you still might be able to do this. Hopefully you'll be Ok to get the 60 day extension, but there are currently no guarantees that you will be able to once the Amnesty is over, who's to say Immigration won't say that you've already had > 60 days extension so need to exit/return to reset the clock? [I'm assuming that guys who were already on the 60 day extension will definitely have to either find a way to do a 12 month extension or exit/re-enter).
  10. Not meaning to nag or anything but you could have got your 12 month extension before the 90 days expired at the end of May
  11. They do, you can either get a Non-OA, a 12 month extension on your Non-O or buy an Elite Visa, all of which give you a 12 month permission to stay. Not an expert on Non-Imm B ("Work Visas") but my understanding is these are good for at least a year and the higher paid jobs (particularly BOI) are good for 3 years.
  12. You don't have to wait for the last 90 days of the Visa to do the extension so why don't/didn't you just get a 1 year extension on the 90 day entry that you came into Thailand on when you found out that you wouldn't be able to do a border bounce?
  13. I agree, but examples so far have been around the Passport not the person, e.g. there was a story of an Italian guy who had spent most of his life living in Switzerland but would have been caught up in the early embargoes on Italians not being able to travel to Thailand despite him not having visited Italy for decades. You could also have the situation where somebody flies from "a high risk country" into say Cambodia, enters & then gets another flight into Thailand... The only sensible way to do it would to be have a questionnaire along the lines of "Have you visited Countries A,B,C etc... within the past 1-2 months but even then you're relying on people accurately & honestly completing the forms & how many do you think would do so if it meant spending 2 weeks in quarantine at their own expense? It's not just Thailand, in the UK you will soon be able to visit Spain without having to go into quarantine on your return but not Portugal but there is nothing to stop you from flying into Spain, going to Portugal, having your holiday, returning to Spain & flying back home... How many people would declare (There would be no immigration evidence in any country) that they've visited Portugal when if they did they'd be required to spend 14 days in quarantine?
  14. There may be a backlog of demand for Visas from VTE, but if they had 1/2 a brain cell about them they would have stopped taking bookings once the lock down started so they will not have a backlog, but even if they have they will only process X number of Visas a day, at the moment that is 250, so if there's a backlog of 10,000 the guys at the back of the queue will get theirs 40 days after the guys at the front & so extend/get a new one 40 days later. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of Farangs living in Thailand extend their permissions to stay rather than going out every 90 days for a new Visa (in fact, I'd take a punt that more go down the Agent route than do it), but I was referring more to people staying 6-9 months of the year on tourist visas who will have no choice but to stay out of Thailand until their allowed back in (Even an Elite Visa won't help them unless they get it before they have to leave). I also think that there will be far fewer "Genuine" Tourists getting tourist Visas or extending these which will also help flatten out the bump (and would be good news for guys going to VTE to get a 90 Day Non-O) I am one of those guys who have had their visit to their home country cancelled on them & I won't be rescheduling it until re-entry restrictions change as 1) It's pointless me going back to the UK for 2 weeks to spend it in quarantine & 2) I have no idea whether I will be able to get the CV19 test as typically they'll only test people who are showing symptoms, I might be able to get it from a private clinic in London but we're probably talking £4-500 + the same again to travel/spend a night there. Edit: Re your last point, so far restrictions like these have been done based on the Country of the Passport not where you're coming from so you're equally as likely to be denied entry coming from a local country as you are your own if your passport is not welcome at this time.
  15. At the moment the Overseas Thai Embassy & Consulates are not issuing Tourist Visas & there are no indications that they're about to anytime soon, so when the borders open the vast majority of people will probably be going home or to a 3rd Country. Even if they were to issue them, the Embassy/Consulate will only issue the number of Visas that they can so to use your example of 250 per day in Vientiane (for which you need an appointment in advance), if 1,000 people head there then some of them are going to be there for 4 days, come back 4 days later & extend their Visa 4 days after the guys who got theirs on day 1.... I honestly don't think there will be a problem & think if anything there will be a larger than average number of people leaving Thailand for good & a lot fewer people getting Tourist Visas or travelling at all for some months after the borders reopen. Again, the only group that might have a problem are the ones who go out every 90 days to get a new Non-O and I'd updated my reply above to cover this.
  16. They could significantly reduce the number of people visiting Immigration by simply saying there will be no extensions for any Visa Exempt or Tourist Visas issued before the Amnesty started on the basis that these have already been extended by 4-5 months. This would leave the yearly visas which should have been extended as normal so no increase volumes there, & 90 day reports (which they could stagger by saying report on your normal reporting date having skipped 1) Don't see what the problem is? If anything there could be less people there than normal. As for flights out, there has been virtually zero arrivals for months so the usual demand of people going home from their 2 week holidays isn't there, add in the flights bringing in the relatively few people who can return (majority of whom live in Thailand) which can take anybody out & there are few reasons for waiting until 31st July to leave. Edit: The one group of people I can maybe see being impacted by increased volumes are the guys who go out every 3 months for a 90 Day Non-Os, it would be good if these could get an extra 1 month extension to "Smooth out the bump", though it could be argued that did have the option to extend their current stay for 12 months like the rest of us on a Non-O.
  17. "You'll Never Walk Alone" (YNWA) is the anthem of Liverpool Football Club who have just won the Premiership (EPL) for the 1st time in 30 years (Technically for the 1st time ever as the last time they won the top flight it was the First Division) So the video represents how a lot of us non-Liverpool fans feel when we hear that song, especially at the moment.
  18. One for UK football fans... IMG_3461.MP4
  19. I know this sounds like a daft question, but does the lease needs to cover the date that you're getting your extension or would one be acceptable that covers the date from when the extension begins. The reason I ask is my Extension is due on September 19th so I'm hoping to go in around August 20th but I only have a signed copy of the 1/9/2018 - 30/8/2019 lease & an unsigned copy of the 2019/2020 one (So obviously the 2018/2019 lease was accepted for an extension that started after it expired, I don't think I'd even signed the 2019/2020 one at this point). I could leave the extension until the 1st week in September when the next lease would be valid but knowing my luck, the amnesty will be extended to end of August & CW will be rammed 1st couple of weeks in September
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