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  1. already applied, got 30 days, my gf got only 7 so we must leave. No more extension possible right ?
  2. Booked it anyway although not sure we will go yet. We need a day or 2 earlier, since nothing to do in this s* hole for 6 days. Did not get any confirmation email with a queue number, as my girlfriend got it within a minute. Not sure why - but have a bad feeling because nothing is working with this visa thing lately.
  3. Any solution to those who have restricted time schedule ( need to leave Thailand at date x but next appoitment is at x+7) ? ANYTHING to do ? are slots reopen sometimes ?
  4. How can I use their service? you must book with your passport, email, account, etc.
  5. CAN NOT. Please read. Documents are signed to Vientian, and also the only safe place for us.
  6. I would pay any agency if its legal, not sure what fixers are but account must be under your own name and passport so not sure exactly how it can be done. School said "we advice you SERIOUSLY to do that in Laos and come back by border if you don't want problems" - also application is already set to Laos with the documents. Again, willing to pay, because we must leave thailand at date x, and next meeting is at Friday that week, that means finish at x+6 days.
  7. I am shocked to see that for almost 3 weeks in advance their schedule is full. Not only that, people actually book everything on Mondays-Wednesday and leave only Fridays free (so you wait the whole weekend). Is this system getting updated ? Is there any way to pay and get it earlier ? We are going to need to stay there for a week because Thai visa finishes 6 days before the open slot. wow.
  8. Wow , they are so hard ! What is wrong with these Thai people ?? Flights being canceled, delayed, people get sick, things can happen in less than 24 hours . So I have to set the appointment with a safety area of another day, means stay longer in this hole Vientiane. Really close to give up everything. Seems like a big money machine. Just wow. (not to mention that who every wrote the software for their website is not so smart, since for already a day I can simply not log in and have no support)
  9. Thanks a lot. Will update what happened. If you set up an appoitment and miss it due to flights/buses/ferry being late, do you have to wait again for another week or so ?
  10. Tried to create a new account. Did not get the email with the password. Tried again - they said this email is already registered. Tried to reset the code, got a new one to email, can't use it to log in. No help center. Trying with a new email may raise suspicion because they show too many messages about "trying to book multiple slots" saying they will block you. What to do ?
  11. Thanks, so we sent them message because the Laos immigration website says clearly that some countries can not get visa outside their country. They said she can get it in Laos. We just worried that this VOID on her 7 days extension will look bad in Laos for the ED. (We where told by the Saigon embassy that she indeed deserves a 30 days extension)
  12. How can I check if she must ask the ED visa in her own country? Is there any official website that tell that? they say some countries must ask ED in their home town. who are those?
  13. Thank you ! Say I call them , explain, and they understand (I tried to do that there and he said gently “those are laws for Vietnam”) they can’t erase the VOID from her passport right? What’s a good outcome? Can you direct me to an official link and number to complain? What should I based my complain on ?what should I say? ”what are her chances to get the ED” ? I don’t know anymore the previous comment said there shouldn’t be a problem. You asked me or do you have a doubt?
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