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  1. Last time I did the annual extension, it took about 4 hours. We could have driven from Ranong to visit my wife's Aunt in Surat Thani. That and the lack of multitasking. A friend wants a chat, everything stops.
  2. OK now I have the extension, and as I'm in Ranong I can the do a 30 day run in October. The boss in the office told my wife that if we go back after the 30 days, she'll give me another 60 day extension. Is that right?
  3. Now my wife tells me she wants the map to our house. I'm now convinced this woman doesn't understand what I'm applying for.
  4. Well it's a good job we went a day early. The officer in Ranong decided she wants photos of us inside and outside the house. No point arguing, it just shows you can't be over prepared.
  5. Thanks guys.. I was hoping to leave her home so it doesn't become a shopping trip 555
  6. My 360 + 90 days are up mid week. Can someone remind me what I need to extend it by 60 days please? I'm assuming Fee Wife's Blue Book + copy KR 2 or 3 + copy. 2 passport photos. Copies of passport visa and entry pages Application form. Anything else please?
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