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  1. I remember the annoying hoops I had to jump through when monthly transfers to Bangkok Bank for retirement extensions went away. I fear another such policy will be coming down the pike.
  2. Wise just denied me a transfer to SCB. I started a thread about it. Of course, I wrote to their Help and I expect a reply by this time tomorrow, but I'm not feeling like a good result will come from this.
  3. Transfers from UK are very fast. From the US takes longer. The best I've ever seen was when I started early in the morning and received the funds by the end of the day.
  4. I just now tried transferring 50,000 baht from a US account to Siam Commercial Bank and got a nasty note that Wise no longer accepts SCB. This is an account I've used for years. I tried to re-enter the bank and got the same message. Anyone else experiencing the same? P.S. I was just able to transfer to Bangkok Bank, so it's not me.
  5. I tried doing this for a friend in the US. Poor health, he wanted a fulltime live in to help him in his daily living. The first requirement was that the Thai had to have a bachelor's degree. That eliminated a large majority of the people who would have been able to perform these duties. US immigration is a near impossibility at this time.
  6. This is most likely the reason for bungling all other attempts. There's gold in them thar shots and those in power want that gold.
  7. They've only had a year + to figure things out. Shake my head!
  8. Fools! Especially that a**hole with a 7.5 year overstay. Obviously likes living in Thailand, probably will never be allowed back in again.
  9. Fool me once, shame on you. Not falling for this line of bull again.
  10. I came in 2006. The only difference I've noticed is Thais are BROKE, but they're still as friendly as ever.
  11. He's perfectly legitimate. I am, too. Exactly as you say, I have no appetite to open myself for grief that we've all been warned about. He wasn't so careful.
  12. Agree with most here, but the casinos should never happen, at least not for Thais. They are too superstitious, and if a monk told them it was a lucky day, they'd literally bet (and lose) the farm.
  13. Three friends of mine got arrested two nights ago at a small bar near Big C Extra. I warned them this could happen and stopped going there myself. I get it - we love the bar owner, just a gal struggling to put food on the table, and we want her to stay in business, but clearly the BiB are getting into the weeds. They were fortunate, 2,250 baht fine each, and now the bar is shuttered.
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