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  1. When it comes to the stating desired salary, always enter "negotiable." I know several hiring officials from different schools, and Covid has hit the education business hard. Some schools are laying off because parents can't afford tuition. Some schools are growing as parents need to send their kids somewhere. This is a very fluid year. I recommend keeping your options open, apply everywhere you can, then decide what's best for you. For what it's worth, you are negotiating from a position of strength. Schools will soon be scrambling for teachers, it's that season.
  2. Wouldn't that be cheating? You're recommending someone knowingly defraud the government? I can only imagine that would eventually catch up to someone who did this and create more headaches for $1400 than it would be worth.
  3. Not true. Not even close to being true. Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn have taken hits for decades and are still standing in their original format.
  4. Turns out that golden image was made in China. Mwuhahahaha! Golden Donald Trump statue at CPAC was 'made in China, not Mexico' | Daily Mail Online
  5. I've lived long term in both and prefer Jomtien. Better bicycling roads, much quieter, and close enough to Pattaya that, when the mood hits me, I can rent a room near LK Metro or on Walking Street, get my freak on, and coast on back to Jomtien sated.
  6. Not many left here other than us disgruntled old farts who really don't like it.
  7. Can you hear that "gurgling" sound? That's Cuomo's presidential aspirations going down the drain.
  8. Not according to the former president, nor all the duped fans at CPAC.
  9. Biden is a doddering old fool, but even HE knows better than to attach his name to THAT albatross.
  10. Firchrissake, just legalize it already. I knew a BiB who said the worst thing a stoner did was order pizza. It was the yaba nuts that scared him.
  11. Sometimes I get the feeling I'm stuck in a very bad episode of a Twilight Zone/Groundhog Day crossbreed.
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