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  1. Yeah . . . reopening has worked SO WELL so far. We are exhausted from all this willing. You could say 45 is killing it.
  2. I'm sure from this scare he will now come clean, leave this life of crime, walk the straight and narrow from here on in.
  3. That was my first thought. My second thought was "Someone actually looked that far ahead? DAYEM!"
  4. Being an avid bicyclist, I have no room in my heart for dogs, but a POX on any evil P O S who would willfully hurt any animal like this.
  5. I didn't bother reading this. The fact that you defend such puts you in the same camp.
  6. Whew, another shopping mall going up. I was concerned we didn't already have enough of them.
  7. I recently posted this: "The real shame of ALL of this is people have lost the ability to debate issues without emotional rhetoric."
  8. The real shame of ALL of this is people have lost the ability to debate issues without emotional rhetoric. EVERY political ad I've seen from EITHER side has only flung poo at the opposition. EVERY news stream I've seen from either side has mostly avoided issues and instead pointed accusatory fingers at how bad the other guys are. I even posted earlier on TV how I miss politicians who argued honorable platforms and received nasty blow back at the sheer idea, instead accusing former politicians of their wrongdoings. Only ads from Biden have broached the imagery of trying to bring the country together (and I'm NO fan of Biden!). For pity's sake, why should wearing a mask (as all countries who have successfully pushed back at the virus numbers) become political? I have a friend who lives in Arizona. This guy used to be an advisor to a US Vice President. He tells me it's now a political statement. Dems wear masks, Reps don't. Until we stop the petty arguments that are costing money, time, and lives; until we stop listening to lies, believing them as gospel truth; until we admit that science based on facts are the messages we should use to battle this pandemic, we are doomed to rising numbers of virus cases and resulting deaths.
  9. The GOP are among the people MOST interested in dividing the nation. There is ONE person of color in the entire GOP Senate. That hardly represents the US.
  10. This just in - a federal judge orders ALL documents related to the Epstein case destroyed. What the everloving <deleted>?
  11. I strongly suspect she can corroborate Epstein's little black book, as entrenched as she was in the whole business. Fragile flowers like her can't do well in the grey bar hotel, I bet she'd do anything, cut any deal, to keep herself out.
  12. Why would kids bother online when they can get it at any mom & pop store throughout Thailand? This sounds like a means to generate more brown envelopes.
  13. Remember when politicians had honorable platforms and argued ideas instead of just flinging poo at each other?I miss those days.
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