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  1. I find it ironic that your avitar/hero put Chelsea Manning in jail for ignoring a subpoena, yet allows Trump folks to ignore MULTIPLE subpoenas. Selective justice is a hallmark of a banana republic.
  2. Gowdy HAS to stay under the radar or all his Benghazi words will return to bite him in the butt.
  3. No sense in debating with people who won't accept truth.
  4. Which is not important in this impeachment. It's that "repeat a phrase over and over until it obfuscates the reality" thing that Trump does so well.
  5. WOW!!! You, Giuliani and Kelly Conway sipping from the same cup of Koolaid. "Facts do not equal truth?" Alternative facts? Pleeeeeeeze!
  6. Deny. I have seen EVERY part of it, it's true. You simply deny the truth.
  7. No argument there. They're ALL a bunch of crooks, including Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Lyndsey Graham, etc. They're all scared about maintaining their position of power, politics over country. Trump has just gone too far, using the administration for his own personal gain. He got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, upset too many people, and will now pay for it.
  8. Impeachment is a political act. The public wasn't ready to back it. Pelosi was quite clear she didn't want to go down that road with no public support. John Q. Public is generally too busy and as a result too misinformed to get behind it. NOW the crimes he has committed are easy to explain and the public has grasped the black and white facts. A recent Fox poll showed over 51% of the country now supports impeachment AND removal. With such public approval Congress will impeach. It will be up to the Senate to grow a spine and a conscience. If they do, Trump will be taken down, followed by a lengthy jail sentence.
  9. GAWD, I grow weary from Trump supporters' misrepresentation of facts. The Mueller report clearly pointed out obstruction and Mueller clearly stated he couldn't indict a sitting president. The instant Trump is no longer president, there is a mountain of criminal indictments that will crash on him and his family.
  10. Dear gawd, how many different ways can we post Thai bashing topics?
  11. And yet so many people (VOTERS!) ignore the facts and drink the Fox News Koolaid. Can't they connect the dots and see where William Barr visited the head of Fox and the very next thing Shepard Smith "retired?" When will enough be enough?
  12. And making unilateral policy decisions while IN his underpants (tweeting at 3:00 a.m.).
  13. I'd say rats leaving a sinking ship but they're the GOOD guys.
  14. You KNOW that's just a troll post. NO one wants that. After last night's Trump rally, where he said the only thing Biden was good for was "kissing Barack Obama's a$$," Republicans don't have a leg to stand on trying to defend this repugnant narcissist. Pay particular attention to the people in the background. Yeah, Trump attracts only the best.
  15. Oh, c'mon now! The hub of fake stories? Tourism up, tourism down, exports up, exports down. Repeat as necessary to keep your seat on the board. Heavy sigh . . .
  16. That's just one immigration office. I am also fortunate enough to use their services. Other offices aren't as common sense as they are. Yes indeed, count our blessings.
  17. There used to be "street bars" on Sukhumvit Bangkok sidewalks, and I saw the sun come up more than once at those places. ABSOLUTE blast, felt quite safe, able to stagger home to my room. I heard they cleaned those up. True?
  18. Seriously, not kidding or being snide - what sources are you aware of that you trust? I can see a subject that Fox treats one way, MSNBC another, Facebook yet another, Redacted Tonight REAL different. Who do you trust?
  19. I have a black friend, VERY dark skinned, who learned to speak Thai. When he heard the horrible things they were saying about him, he'd try to engage them saying he understood what they were saying. Didn't slow them down one bit.
  20. I've been staring at that pic for at least 15 minutes and I don't see no sticks up there. Verified 100%
  21. You mean these two guys sitting with Don, Jr. (most assuredly discussing adopting Russian babies)?
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