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  1. 100% Correct. Never use a debit card to purchase goods or services Internationally or online. I use my debit card for purchases in the issuing country. I think about this also but I haven't had any issues. I use my debit/ATM card Internationally for ATM cash withdrawals only. Credit Cards have much better protection.
  2. You know Holland as the lowest crime rate in Europe. Nothing is illegal that's why. Forced prostitution and people trafficking is an issue for sure.
  3. Okay. I didn't pick up the sarcasm. Hard to live in Thailand if you are not pro-prostitution no? I think that what happens between 2 or more consenting adults either paid or unpaid should stay between them. If we talk about the laws on drugs not working and needing to be reformed then take a look at the prostitution ones. Never really worked have they???? Oldest profession and all that.
  4. An old single guy wanting a happy ending. Leave him alone.
  5. http://www.bbqthai.com/vertical_smoker.html Not too bad.
  6. Any links to a design that works? I have heard of using fridges as well. I had an oil drum shape with a burner box to the side. I found this difficult to use. I eventually gave up on it. The person who posted the one on Lazada my mate had. Weber. This works very well for small amounts which I prefer. I would go for Weber if you can find it.
  7. I am assuming that you cant visit the shop in person?
  8. I used Vonage a long time ago. Where I was in Dubai though they blocked it. Take a look. Might be worth a shout. Get a US or UK landline number then call OZ.
  9. Will they enforce the non-parole period in OZ? Or will some dogooder scumbag human rights Ahole try to appeal like the EU? Look on the bright side. The Australian taxpayer now has to keep him housed, fed and watered for the next 46 years.
  10. I haven't seen this particular application form but the ones I have done in the past have mainly said "Have you been denied entry into the country that you are actually applying to for the visa to enter" Not any other country. Anyway, this would be a choice the OP needs to make.
  11. Is there anything stamped in the passport? If no. No issue. If yes. Get a new passport.
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