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  1. No social distancing there from anyone apart maybe for the guy in the white shirt dancing.
  2. Am I missing something, where is this influx of travellers coming from!
  3. I did not know Thailand had a silicon valley lots of silicon humps but not a valley!
  4. And he and his family start singing" Were in the money, were in the money"
  5. Hygiene not one of Thailand's strongest points.
  6. I did mine last year, was a breeze however things have changed over the last 4 months!
  7. Certainly is must be looking at some way to recuop some money.
  8. Hope they let us know when it will be like the release date!
  9. He looks so smart standing to attention for his masters.
  10. Im the Boss and a 2nd wave will make sure I stay the boss and until the 2nd wave comes I'm staying the Boss its simple!
  11. Why in all honesty would you need 1 35 days now without a internal transmission, where would you catch it!
  12. Hope you are reading this Boss only 7 years to go so don't forget. Come on P do something!
  13. A bit late isn't it the rainy season is almost over!
  14. Cannot say that the Vietnamese love the China commies, they don't!
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