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  1. It's not as insane as other plans they've proposed previously, but still, too little is known about the effectiveness of vaccinations at this point.
  2. 99.8% down, that's the only takeaway of value from this article.
  3. I'm using all kinds of delivery services, but the benefit of using the 7/11 one has escaped me so far. There are just too many nearby, and I can use the "exercise".
  4. I would definitely do it again, and with only minor changes.
  5. To think that the odious Suthep was spending quality time in prison while I had my morning coffee - priceless!
  6. With all due respect to the OP, that's something you could have thought about before you got married. There's no lack of miserable couples for field studies, so there's no need to go through the process yourself. Another aspect is that kids deserve better than being abandoned by a parent. Don't get me wrong, for those who like the concept of marriage and family, it might be worth trying, although there's still a high chance that things will fall apart. But for those who love their freedom, why even bother? Loss of freedom is a given. I knew before moving to Thailand tha
  7. I understand the preflight test, that's a pretty standard requirement right now. What I don't understand is the health insurance requirement for airside transit of no more than 12 hours. Obviously a traveler should have insurance, but to get the right kind (approved by Thailand) of coverage just for a few hours of transit seems over the top.
  8. Not even a mighty Thai general is brave or foolhardy enough to take the Chinese shot. Quite telling!
  9. My opinion: If you become a misanthrope while living in Thailand, it's because you had it in you, not because of Thailand. Same if you become an axe murderer. Sure, there are people who shouldn't live in Thailand, because they are prone to going off the rails. Being far away from home can both trigger or amplify that. Back home, it's easier to get the help and support they need.
  10. It's not like we're in a hurry here in Thailand. Considering the speed (or lack thereof) of things moving thus far, I don't expect availability of vaccines at private hospitals before the 3rd quarter of this year. I won't even bother to register with any hospitals at this point.
  11. Not at all. I think the horses are about the only charming part about Hua Hin's beach. There are better beaches elsewhere. What WOULD cause me to visit Hua Hin more often, on the other hand, is better air quality. Getting away from Bangkok from time to time for a breeze of fresh air is important. Sadly, often the air in Hua Hin isn't that much better, so that it pays to visit some place further down South instead.
  12. Your extension (stamp) actually says "multiple"? I've never seen this.
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