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  1. Good point. I, for one, would report him if I saw him in Bangkok - if only I could recognize him! This thread is pointless without having clear pictures of the guy.
  2. "Even the Europeans were following the Chinese lead and shunning Thailand." That is certainly true. Many Europeans are very cautious by nature, so since this outbreak originated in Asia, many might give Asia as a whole a wide berth until this has blown over. There's also the tiny little problem that travel insurance policies nowadays often exclude any issues related to a pandemic from coverage. The prospect of possibly having to undergo quarantine upon return is also daunting.
  3. If you say so, General Pinocchio. I'll take your word for it.
  4. Anyone who is free to move could simply move to elsewhere within Thailand, if air quality is the main concern. Same in Vietnam, there are places with toxic air and places with great air. For that reason, I don't think air quality is a good "Thailand vs. Vietnam" criterion.
  5. As they have APIS, I would have expected that the IO gets to see the flight details once they scan a passport. Having to show the paper stub in this day and age is a bit of a joke.
  6. I know that they exist (and work very well) in many big cities I've visited. Bangkok came late to the party, so they could have learned from experiences gained elsewhere and should have mandated this from the start. I'm not interested in the technical details.
  7. What's considered "high blood pressure" by Chinese standards? Serious question, different countries might have different thresholds.
  8. None found, but just how hard were they looking?
  9. How difficult can it be, that has been discussed since about a decade! Now that everyone and their dog already has a Rabbit card, just make the Rabbit card universal and be done with it.
  10. Great to see Blago freed. While he's guilty as sin, the ridiculous sentence he was given didn't fit the crime.
  11. I'm not usually in favor of the death penalty, but really, what do you do with such a tool? Senseless violence for purely selfish reasons, plus a crybaby "sorry mum" routine - I don't think it's possible to fix or "reform" whatever went wrong with such a character.
  12. Dealing with those crooks is simply unwise. Whenever I walk past someone offering me girls or whatever, I just smile or might even say "No thanks!", but in any case, I KEEP WALKING. Never a problem, they don't assault people just for politely declining their offer.
  13. The "curtain of water" is right up there with using ship propellers to speed up draining flooded rivers. Never a shortage of mind boggling nonsense!
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