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  1. Sad but true. On the other hand, have you seen any reports of anyone getting that "regular" extension since the "grace period" kicked in on August 1st? If so, from where? I'm tempted to give it a shot at Chaeng Watthana.
  2. That's the official fee for a non-immigrant visa. What is being discussed here is the "agent-enabled" non-immigrant visa application to study at an informal school for those on tourist entries that are now on automatic extension ("amnesty"). There's quite a premium attached to this premium service.
  3. I'm a bit surprised to hear that. I, too, visited Laos from Thailand in March, but the writing was on the wall that the borders were about to close at short notice. I needed a border bounce, so I just kept my trip shorter than I had planned. As you had just renewed for another year in Thailand, I'm surprised that you took the chance to travel to Laos at that time. Out of curiosity, what's the situation like in Laos now? Is everything open? How about your visa there, do they still offer paid extensions for 30 days a time? I hope you can return to Thailand soon, but as others I suspect they'll keep the borders closed for some more time. Quite a mess.
  4. It's hard to tell at this point. Will there be horrific reports of adverse effects? Will a vaccination be required to travel? Etc. etc., many aspects to consider. That said, I'm leaning towards yes, provided it's both safe and effective. So that's what I voted for. I won't be in a hurry until that will be known with a high degree of certainty.
  5. I take it the OP isn't currently in Thailand. Most likely, their visa will just expire and they will have to start over anew once somewhat normal travel has been restored.
  6. Can you recommend a school in Hua Hin? I might be interested depending on how things develop.
  7. You conveniently ignore that someone who overstays for 89 days might be found on overstay during that time. Also, considering possible flight cancellations due to the pandemic, what if they fail to exit after 89 days? Supporting corruption looks like a walk in the park in comparison, especially when you consider that it hardly makes a difference in a thoroughly corrupt country.
  8. I'd guess his medical research is still suspended.
  9. I don't think Bangkok immigration does that. Only for regular schools and universities. I've seen that kind of offer in Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and possibly Pattaya though.
  10. Slim to none, would be my guess. They only mention having a letter from either your embassy or a hospital. I think that will be the only options.
  11. Well one requirement would be that you can actually travel to Savannakhet, and then back to Thailand. I wouldn't bank on it! Border openings have been planned (or dreamed up by interested parties) a number of times already, and look where we are...
  12. Oh well at least they got a nice photo op and a bit of news coverage out of it.
  13. That's an idiotic decision. Hopefully foreigners will take note and boycott the event in the coming years. Running a marathon in Bangkok's toxic air cannot be too healthy anyway.
  14. “Thailand and Vietnam - two places that I like their leaders very much.” One is a putsch general and the other one a Communist. Strange how he holds most of his democratically elected fellow leaders in contempt, on the other hand. What a muppet.
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