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  1. "Saksayam added that the Immigration Bureau have the manpower and the counters in place. They were clearly not being manned in sufficient numbers to cope with the traffic." Exactly. That could and really should have been fixed a long time ago.
  2. Who said it was miscalculated? Others have overstayed for years, for various reasons. We don't know why the OP's friend overstayed and it also doesn't really matter (you don't get the fine waived if you have a good reason) - what matters is how it's resolved.
  3. Well you do have a fair chance to encounter muppets when you set foot in an immigration office, but with that said, it's rare that extending a visa exempt stay is that difficult (or, as it were, impossible). Assuming that you won't stay in Nonthaburi until your initial permission to stay expires, what's your next destination? Chances are the office there will be more accommodating.
  4. But of course, Visa paid for a study and got the result they can feel pleased with. Just how much effort it was to suppress the voice of the Rabbit lovers, we will never know!
  5. There you have it, Chinamen and Indians. Thailand sees you as cash cows, but first and foremost as security risks. Welcome and please enjoy your holidays, but do keep them short.
  6. You bet! I'd go psycho if I had to stay there for longer than a few days.
  7. Considering Thailand's low average IQ, I wouldn't worry too much about brain damage. Cancer, on the other hand, is obviously a real concern.
  8. "Cambodia and Thailand agreed to keep the ACMECS single visa programme online. We hope that in the next 10 to 20 years, the scheme can be expanded to include also Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam" Finally, someone came up with a realistic timeframe. I'm looking forward to getting such a combined visa in 20 years time.
  9. I guess that's the big question: Does it apply to everyone, or are they selective about applying that rule? I won't be the one to try and find out in this case, because Savannakhet won't be part of my travel plans anytime soon, but if I were the OP who's already there anyway, I'd give it a shot.
  10. I guess you mean "do NOT". That's why married people often head to Savannakhet, not to Vientiane.
  11. I see the Foreign Ministry is doing their very best to make foreign tourists feel welcome in their fairy kingdom. Couldn't they have been a bit more diplomatic (kind of their area of expertise, isn't it!?), by making their concerns known internally? Just saying. I've often thought: If only the Indians knew what most Thais think of them, we wouldn't need to worry about being overrun by Indians.
  12. I'm sure there are countries where his presence would be both more beneficial and more appreciated than in Thailand, of all places. Unless his entourage fancies to spice up their usual, white choir boy fare, that is. Sadly, I'm not even joking! Thai mothers, you've been warned, lock your underage children safely away.
  13. The official USD amount depends on the nationality of the applicant. $30 to $42, as far as I remember. Make sure that you have pristine banknotes, preferably the exact amount. I've never had a problem with them accepting my USD, but YMMV. I either just hand over dollars right away, or ask (politely) if I can pay in dollars in case they ask for Thai baht. They tend to quote a fixed rip-off amount in THB, for as long as I remember. If you pay in THB, it's always more expensive.
  14. Wants, or needs? I guess he knows that the peasants will be revolting once the economy really takes a dive.
  15. Can't they just sell some more positions? I'm not sure what the problem is.
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