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  1. I opened a Thai PayPal account more than 10 years ago and I've never had a problem with it. I got the impression that it wouldn't be wise to continue using my home country PayPal account from Thailand, so I've rarely used it since.
  2. Much as I'd like to see him get dragged out kicking and screaming, that he's prepared to leave on his own devices is definitely better for the country. Good riddance, either way.
  3. In my case, I did reconsider, but it ended up in Thailand's favor. Given the choice between paying a little bit of money for an extension or enduring a winter Covid lockdown back home, it was a no-brainer! Some people who lament having to shell out an extra 1000 or 2000 baht could use a bit of perspective.
  4. That, and it might also depend on what shows up in their system. If it's the same Bangkok address written down on the form, there's no need to ask for proof of address.
  5. Hope springs eternal, and hope is all they got... Back in the real Thailand, people love their sugary drinks and snacks. It's unhealthy, it's insane, but so is not wearing a crash helmet.
  6. No wonder that creative young minds are fed up with those killjoy dinosaurs.
  7. Assuming that his son will succeed him as planned, I could see him become a very successful lawyer - he simply writes the verdict for the judge same as he's more or less doing now. A guaranteed win each and every time, I'd hire him!
  8. Biden turns the Brexit dream into a nightmare. Sweet dreams, Boris.
  9. As immigration hasn't published anything about this special extension anywhere, things are as clear as mud.
  10. OP, thanks for your report. Not the first that mentions getting the extension right away, but it doesn't seem to be common. How come that some immigration offices have the authority to issue that extension on the spot, while others (most?) give an under consideration stamp first to seek approval?
  11. The catch is that people from low risk countries either cannot leave for holidays (e.g. Australia) or are required to quarantine on return (e.g. China). The reason being, low risk countries want to remain low risk. No matter what Thailand does, it's not possible to attract significant numbers of tourists from low risk countries at this time.
  12. TBH I'm surprised to hear that anyone is still using it. Wherever I go in Bangkok, I don't see any people scanning the QR codes anymore, so I stopped doing that about 1-2 months ago, too.
  13. Finally, a number coming from TAT that I can believe. For as long as tourists need to quarantine, most people will neither be willing nor able to holiday in Thailand, cost or time wise. But it's good that they're now issuing tourist visas again to those who are.
  14. The evidence of voter fraud remains as evasive as Rudy Giuliani's hair dye. Concede already.
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