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  1. Update, I received the documents in the mail. As it turned out, they sent them by EMS and I was a little late picking them up at my condo's office - they actually arrived less than a week after I had signed up online. Very pleased.
  2. Who cares? Contaminated garbage isn't really a major transmission vector.
  3. "The media said he was on 150 day overstay and made no attempt to explain the obvious discrepancy that a year contains 365 days, notes Thaivisa" Seriously, Thaivisa? He fell under the Covid amnesty that has been discussed on this very site countless times. Overstay is counted from the end of that amnesty. What I'm much more interested in: What was he doing at the airport? Trying to leave the country or not?
  4. I don't like these government programs, although I also benefit from this one (same as with last year's electricity fee discounts). I wished they would focus on helping those who actually need government assistance more.
  5. And yet the tourism minister said they will need to have zero cases by then to go ahead. So I think the likelihood of a last-minute postponement is very high - exactly what has happened to all previous plans that also didn't materialize, including travel bubbles...
  6. About a week ago, the authorities said that the 3rd wave has peaked. A dubious claim at the time, and I think we can now safely say that they had no clue.
  7. But if you use an agent in Thailand (for a retirement visa, as per this topic), it wouldn't be much different. Also, how are the beaches in Luang Phabang compared with Phuket?
  8. I won't even comment on the tourist fee brain fart, too many things can happen by that time. But I do take note that he realized that opening Phuket in July will need to be postponed. That was bound to happen.
  9. Looks like they're running out of test kits and need to find a face saving way to swipe this under the carpet.
  10. I'd say they give too little (500 baht per month) to too many people (31 million). I don't think this many are severely affected. I also don't think that those who are can make do with that paltry amount. What a waste.
  11. I can't keep up with flip flopping at all levels and local rules anymore. What a mess.
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