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  1. ATMs in Vietnam only dispense VND. Personally, I'd get USD before heading to Vietnam if possible.
  2. Depending on how long they want to stay in Vietnam, getting the eVisa instead of an approval letter for a visa on arrival might be an even better option.
  3. I agree, I haven't heard of Savannakhet using that stamp either.
  4. Make sure that your USD are in pristine condition. That's pretty much true for Vietnam as a whole, but certainly for the Thai embassy there as well as the consulate in HCMC.
  5. Since you "clearly" know all the facts, please define "back to back" in that context. How many days/weeks/months do you need to stay away in between entries so that they aren't considered "back to back"?
  6. Taking the usual grandstanding into account, rolling out the new system will probably take twice as long, has a third of the functionality they hope for and costs four times as much as planned. The latter won't be a problem, obviously, as they can simply increase the price of a visa accordingly.
  7. The occasional bad apple. Right. The others aren't apples.
  8. But the thing is that you could do just that - in Thailand - for at least the last couple of decades (probably longer). Transitioning away from that "tradition" obviously causes some friction in the process. Personally, I'd prefer if Thailand introduced new rules that leave no doubt, instead of letting each border checkpoint make up their own silly "interpretation". How can they expect visitors to follow the rules when there are no rules that are clear and enforced across all checkpoints? That mess is on Thailand, not on the country's long-term visitors who would (have to) adapt one way or another.
  9. One problem I see is that what is "right" and what is "wrong" often depends on the immigration office or border checkpoint you are dealing with. It might even depend on the individual official and their mood that day. Those inconsistencies would make even a pinned thread where only the experts give advice lengthy and confusing to read.
  10. Good point, but at the other hand, I've never heard of the plod impounding bicycles.
  11. The condo office seems to do the reporting online. All they could do is take a screenshot, but maybe they cannot be bothered.
  12. It took them some time and tremendous pressure to do the right thing, but credit where credit is due, ultimately they did the right thing and I'm glad about it.
  13. I'd rather just write off the loss instead of calling the useless plod for their inane finger pointing exercise, trampling all over my property. The icing on the cake is that photos (or in this case, even a video!) of this kindergarten event then end up in the public domain. Seriously, who needs that?
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