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  1. Just legalize it already. Even once pathetically Catholic countries have done it, and so can you, Thailand.
  2. Oh of course the entertainment clusters will have ended, in the sense that they will have morphed into broad community spread via family, friends and colleagues. At some point, those infection chains cannot be traced back to an entertainment cluster anymore.
  3. How convenient to have always a specific group to blame any outbreak on. Migrants, casino workers, now partying youngsters. How does the transport minister fit in?
  4. "Also on Wednesday, Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, director-general of the Ministry of Public Health's Department Disease Control (DDC) said inter-provincial travel should be discouraged and urged people to remain in their current location rather than returning home from their Songkran trip." That is insane. They should have been told to stay at home instead of embarking on a Songkran trip.
  5. Fewer hours, more crowded while open, no? That being said, with all that can be done online and at various machines nowadays, most people should be able to cut down on branch visits.
  6. Keeping this up to date is getting ridiculous. How about a blanket interprovincial travel ban for nonessential trips? Long overdue, I think.
  7. Too much hassle, no rule of law, no thanks! I'll continue to rent in Thailand.
  8. The biggest currency manipulators on the planet are the Fed and the US Treasury. The hypocrisy is strong with them.
  9. Very true, unfortunately. There's no realistic path to progress to anything beyond 1-year extensions whose conditions could change anytime.
  10. So trying to get a car fixed in Thailand over Songkran is like trying the same over Christmas in the West? Hardly worth a rant in my book.
  11. While I'd agree that this kind of "art" is in very bad taste, the real insult to the victims is that Cambodia has failed to hold those responsible for the Khmer Rouge atrocities accountable.
  12. The simple truth is, retirees who are willing and able to spend 200,000 to 300,000 baht per month are pretty much free to do so all over the planet. Which means that the competition is fierce and that this crowd can be demanding. Personally, I think Thailand is ill equipped to attract them in significant numbers.
  13. He certainly looks youthful on that photo for being a colonel - you might be on to something!
  14. I have yet to see a delivery schedule for the Thai made AstraZeneca vaccine. I was under the impression that they will start production in June, so it could be months (from then) until a significant number of doses will be available to the Thai public from that source.
  15. I think a problem with such a projection is that the current figures seem to be grossly understated. Also, just reiterating the measures from the first lockdown (like a travel ban), while failing to impose them this time around, just means that the virus is given a head start that will be difficult to recover from.
  16. Groundhog day in Pattaya, every time it rains that seems to happen.
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