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  1. The "hot-spot" in Palma is called "Ballerman" by the Germans. I don't know what the Brits call it. It's a place where young ladies as well as old spinsters want to do something that they can not do at home: = Get drunk and see what happens...... Only languages spoken there are English and German. Little Spanish and no Thai. Meaning that even old geezers like me can "talk-up" a younger Lady after she has consumed liberal amounts of "Sangria". (With limited Thai-Language skills, hard to "talk-up" a Thai-Lady in Pattaya, expecting free services). - And if that doesn't help, there are some recent arrivals of Ladies from Africa, wanting to start a stellar career in Europe. (Not recommended). Conclusion: Booking an "all-inclusive" Hotel (near "Ballerman") and using a low cost Air Carrier will likely cost less than a holiday in Thailand if it comes down to the "bang"-effect only. Younger folks have found that out already, probably with the help of algorithems.
  2. Pleasant thread with great pics. A description of a life in harmony, fulfillement and peace of mind. Clearly, OP "has got it made". In stark contrast to most of my Farangs Friends, that started out with the best of intentions, envisioning a life similar to the one the OP has the privilege to experience. Sadly, most marriages of my Farang friends have failed. They have left and their Mansions/Estates look like a tornado has ravaged the place after having been left to the care of the former "Thai-Family". - Perhaps I have the wrong friends or they didn't have the right "Karma" to begin with. As much as I like this thread, strongly focusing on the positive sides of living in Thailand, it may produce a negative side effect: After reading this thread, a farang with no or little "Thailand-Experience" may be tempted to pull up stakes, sell everything including his kitchen sink and head straight for paradise (what could possibly go wrong?) A Farang with no or little "Thailand-Experience", but having been infected by "Thailand-Fever" will disregard negative threads concerning Thailand as a matter of principle, favouring tales of harmony, fulfillement and piece of mind. As welcome as positive threads are, the authors of such threads should not disclose their geographical location. The day may come when a gang of discruntled elderly Romeos may appear in front of their house, acting like a lynch-mob and shouting "you made me doing it". VF: Keep those pics coming. Next to your pets, guard dogs can make good pets too.
  3. swissie


    Let's face it, Asia/SE ASIA is where the economic action is. That's where the economic growth takes place. Compared to this, european economies are "declining economies". Thailang grows at a 4% clip, has high foreigh currency reserves, offers higher interest rates. No wonder the Bht is strenghtening. Exept for some short-lived technical corrections, the BHT is likely to countinue to gain. - Only if Thai-Exports should start to weaken, the BOT may step in with "corrective-actions" to (temporarely) cap the Bht. Jomtien and the Russians? The Ruble is nearing rock-bottom. Those that survived the Ruble meltdown are in it for the long haul. It's the Chinese that are buying the condo's nowadays. (15'000 last year in BKK alone). Present Jomtien residents may want to learn some basic Mandarin and massage parlors may want to take their MACCAXX singns down and replace them with Chinese *"='^:-;
  4. This is why immigraton wants more money in the Bank as of March 1st. Not that 400K Bht will cure a major ailement. When I took a survey among my Expat friends, I had to realise that 90% had no health insurance. Hoping for the best. Or jumping off a high rise building when the time comes. Most of my Expat-Friends were not "risk-takers" in their younger years. But now in their autumn of their lives they are willing to take the gamble of their lives. Just so they can stay in a contry where some Female claims "I love you maak maak". Glad to hear, that the OP was able to pull the ripcord in time. Six months from now, the GF won't even remember the OP last name. Neighter will OP remember the last name of the GF, as the last name of GF is likely to consist of 27 Syllables. Congratulations. Damage contained.
  5. The Indian Tourists. Nice people. They speak good English. Of course, Indians that can afford to travel are "upper-class", not the ones that live on less than 2$ per day. Many Indian Restaurants sprung up. Never knew the variety of the "Indian-Cuisine". Every province has different menues/dishes. (it's not all about curry). As an outgoing guy I found it easy to involve Indian Tourists in a casual conversation. Being in Pattaya, at some point, the subject "sex" came up. I found out that if "sex" is involved, it's strictly a desire of experiencing "something different". They quoted me prices from India for Hostess-Sevices that are a fraction of the Beach-Road Talents in Pattaya. No wonder, Indians not come to Pattaya for "sex". They come here to see another part of the world and can afford to do so. - On the other hand, I never understood why Chinese come to Thailand. They look bored and detached from everything. No wonder, as they were raised on "China First", long before Donald has entered the scene.
  6. Gentlemen, I have read every post. Everybody is right. It depends on how much "creativity" each couple can muster to swim in the swamp called the "Thai Legal System" or the swamp called "Thai Banking". (I don't know wich one is worse). It all focuses in on the present situation. BUT WE MUST LOOK TO THE FUTURE: - 5 years from now, only Farangs able to fork over 500K to purchase a 5 year Elite-Visa will be allowed to remain as "long term residents" in Thailand. So what is Farang-Hubby to do until that time comes? = For best effect, Farang-Hubby should not concentrate on how many times wife is willing and able to "stand up" for him, but rather how many times his wife is willing and able to bend over for Farang-Hubby during this horrible time of uncertainty. For best effect, making the best of the remaining time. A humourus, meaningless post you say? Hardly. I have predicted every major change concerning Immigration Laws during the last 5 years at least 3 months in advance. Easy to do, if you have a stepdaughter that loves you dearly and has made a stellar career in Immigration. It may well be that Immigration-Legislation changes are implemented overnight, but it does not mean that those changes have not been under consideration for months before sudden implementation. Back on Topic: As uncertanity looms as far as Immi-Laws are concerned make sure you have something that "stands up" in case wife is bending over. If she wonders where your inceased activity comes from just say "You think too much".
  7. Just to add: The impression I get, is that they thought "something better will come along". Unlike 20 years ago, today's Thai Ladies know that a 2 week Farang millionaire may well just be a regular "Joe Blow" back home. But most would still pack their bags gladly and relocate to Farangland if given the chance. Their dilemma is, that at their advanced age and their increased body weight the chances of achieving this is getting slim. The prospect, of ending up with a Thai Male as a providor as a last resort does not thrill them. (Not in a country, where Thai Males consider a Lady having worked in the Hostess-Business as "used merchandise".) Ever worse: 2 of my aquaintances have stopped sending money to their families a long time ago ("they want too much"). Meaning that they could not count on "family-support" any more these days. - Regardless of the fun we have when we meet, it always ends up on a somber note, especially if I have to tell them that I have no Farang friend on my hands contemplating marriage with a Thai Lady. I may not call them up on my next visit anymore. I take no pleasure in the realisation that by far not all participants of the Pattaya-Circus came out as "winners".
  8. Rumor has it, that a number of Farangs have joined the Caravans currently heading for the US/Mexican border.
  9. Right on. Thai is a tonal language. Most words can be pronounced 4 different ways = 4 different meanings. One falsly pronounced word can screw up the whole sentence. The different pronounciation are hardly noticable by the Farang ear. That is what makes Thai so hard to learn for Farangs. It can happen that the Farang enters a store, wanting to buy a shirt (sua). Likely he said "I want to buy a Tiger" (sua). -The 2 week tourists need not to worry. In Tourist-Hub's, "f*cky f*cky, check-bin, tau rai short time/long time" is likely to be sufficient as far as language skills are concerned.
  10. An urgent message to smokers and non smokers alike: Nobody gives a flying s*it about it. Absolutely nobody. Including Police. Non smokers are welcome to step on their Balconies of their 3 Mill Bht Condos and inhale the visible smog daily. Writing back to Mama: The air is crisp and clean and the beaches are pristine, I am glad to have stopped smoking.
  11. Say what? Stop smoking those weeds. A Farang not able to come up with 800K is considered as "Bankrupt" among Thais.
  12. No, this time it's not about Farangs having experienced misfortune ending up in gloom and doom while engaging in a Farang/Thai relationship. It's about the other side of the coin. - Ever since Internet/e-mail was available I kept close contact with my many overseas friends. I am not the type "out of view, out of mind". But (for whatever reasons) my Thai e-mail contacts have shrunk over the years. Down to 2 Farangs and 6 Thai Females. Some remaining female aquaintances going back some 20 years. Never mind the Farangs, but every time I spend time in Pattaya, I invite my 6 remaining female aquaitances for a night out. Seperately, well understood. Me, as well as my Thai Female aquaintances are 20 years older now. Meaning that me as well as the Ladies are past "prime-time". Still having a good time with no sexual agenda. - At this point it can happen that a long time female aquaintance opens her heart: "Worked in Pattaya for 20 years but no Farang take me to Europe". Them knowing, that due to their advanced age, the chances of ending up in Europe or getting married to a solvent Farang wanting to retire in Thailand are getting slimmer by the year. That's the other side of the coin. For every Farang that realises that their dream did not work out as planned, there must be 10 Thai-Ladies where their dreams have not worked out as planned. The other side of the coin.
  13. Just back from my Pattaya holiday. It depends on what kind of death we are talking about. It's all relative. Who and what is dying? As far as foot traffic, road traffic and construction activities are concerned, Pattaya is far from being dead. So what is dying in Pattya? It's the small businesses and the cozy old garage sized little bars with their unique charm. Eventually, the things that made Pattaya unique will be limited to Walking Street, Soi 13 and Soi 6, preserved as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Hopefully. Pattaya is getting expensive? Not in my Pattaya neck of the woods. Lodging, Food, Beer and "Hostesses" cost the same as 10 years ago. Not kidding. The only thing that really has changed is the outer appearance of the "Hostesses". 20 years ago, one had to look for overweight Thai-Females. These days, one has to look for non-overweight Thai-Females. The remaining "slim and trim" Thai-females can be found at GoGo Bars on Walking-Street. With a price structure that resembles European conditions. No wonder that hardly any young males from Western Europe feel the need to visit Pattaya. Sitting in an Airplane for 12 hours just to discover that they could have had the same thing on Mallorca, even cheaper if Air-Fare costs enter the equasion. Have hardly seen any youngsters from Western Europe. Only old geezers like me. Sitting on their Bar Stools wondering "what happened". Surely, once the last old Farang has finished his Beer, then the old Pattaya has ceased to exist. If, by any chance, I should be be the last old Farang sitting on his Barstool wondering "what happened", I promess to turn off the lights on my way out.
  14. Yes indeed. It would indicate to any Thai Beneficiary that the Farang is running low on money. (Heaven forbid). Also would the Farang "lose face" big time. A Farang without money has the status of a Soi Dog in Thailand.
  15. OP's suggestions are not that outlandish. After the Farang has invested a few millions in property, why not take out a loan to finance Farang-Hubby's retirement visa extension if necessary? Of course, it would show if "true-love" is present or the marriage was founded on "alternative" reasons.
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