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  1. Short term events and emotions can be faked. Longer term: NO! OP will have to face "the music". Something has "estrainged her from him". Probably in form of a snappy young troubadour, singing strange songs under her balcony. The old saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" was applicable during the victorian-age, when women were not allowed to leave the house without the company of an other family member. Today: "Absence" is a Killer-Virus for every relationship.
  2. Every thread is bound to "fizzle out" over time. Mostly due to the fact that at one point "everything has been said". This time there is an additional factor coming into play: My (futuristic) predictions concerning a "Internationally Accepted Vaccination Certificate" is already in the making as I speak (write). Depending on the pace of (hopefully) increased global vaccination-rates, tourism to Thailand may well start by the end of the 2nd quarter and not by the 3rd quarter, as the TAT predicts. Travel Agents and Airlines are firing up their engines already. Of course, i
  3. Nothing new. The Chinese have been persueing "Dammin-Projets" for a long time concerning the Mekong. To supply electricity back to China. - Eventually the fish will not be able to go back to their "spawning-grounds" upstream. The "Tonle-Sap" Lake will not be seasonally filled with the overflow of the Mekong anymore. (The richest sweet-water fishing ground in SE/Asia.) 1/4 of the Cambodian population depends on the fish-protein source that the rhythem of the Tonle-Sap lake in combination with the annual flooding of the Mekong provides. - The Chinese "Steam-Roller" is a rolling. And the
  4. Allow me a little PS: Just read in sub-forum "Thailand News": DKSH to provide "SINOVAC" logistics to Thailand. Why would they provide Logistics if the vaccine was not available? My future projections are already obsolete, as my future projections are already happening today. "Leaver": In case you are interested in "Pattaya-Investements", you have to get active today, because 6 months from now, "Rock-Bottom" prices will be a thing of the past. I wish I was 20 years younger. I would know what to do concerning the downtrodden hellhole called Pattaya of today.
  5. As recent studies show: Sinovac and Sputnik V are more effective than Astra Seneca. Dwell on it. A good time to stop idealogical trench warfare.
  6. Thanks for reply. If there is really something to it, it will make the headlines in The New York Times tomorrow and other "no fake news" media.
  7. There are still a good number of western journalists in China. They agree: The virus in China is under contol. So, the Chinese may be sitting on "billions of doses" that they don't need. - Look at what China is doing woldwide: Investing in Infra-Structure Projetcs in the third world massively. (At a price, of course. A certain Return of Investement must be part of the deal). But that is not the main purpose of their 3rd world activities. The main purpose is to gain "International Acceptance" and to appear as the "hope of light" for "underprivileged" countries. (70% of countries?) It's all
  8. For Thailand there is hope. As the Chinese seem to have developped an effective vaccine and the Chinese seeking more and more "International-Acceptance", I would not be surprised if this China-Vaccine finds it's way to Thailand soon. (Sooner then "the hard to get western vaccines"). If the Production Capacity surpasses the domestic need within China, they will be glad to export the vaccine. Why not first to neighboring countries like Thailand. A Win-Win situation for China as well as Thailand. A major propaganda coup for the Chinese and Prayut woulden't mind, I am sure. Have no
  9. Mathematically you are absolutely correct. But I am afraid this is as good a it will get. We can take it one step further: How long will it take to vaccinate the world population before travel/international exchange can take place again? 5 years, 10 years or never? We have to start somewhere. Half of the wold-economy is kept from collapse by Taxpayers. I am sure you will agree: This can not continue indefinitely. Again, we have to start somewhere. Step by step, still with certain restrictions in place. What is the alternative? An eternally crippled world economy in combination with an
  10. Interesting. Your news, that the Brazil-virus and a new "Finnish-Virus" is "bypassing" currently available vaccines has not reached the media yet. Have any link concerning this?
  11. FLASH NEWS: - The vaccination-champion of the world (Israel) communicates the following: Persons vaccinated with Biontech/Pfizer are 90% safe from spreading the virus to others. This means, that the majority of Thai people would not have to be vaccinated before the borders can be opened to (vaccinated) Tourists. That gives a great boost to the Vaccination-Certificate Idea. A minor problem remains (I know, I am starting to sound like a broken record): The global vaccination pace IS TOO SLOW!
  12. If they are serious about enforcing this App-thing, it would have to be done at Passport Control/Immigration at the Airport. -Can the arriving visitor buy a cheap Smart Phone plus SIM Card, before he hits Passport Control? Will "the enforcers" think this far ahead?
  13. Currently (at least in Europe), the general governement consensus is that already vaccinated people should not be privileged over unvaccinated folks. For now. In other words: Before everybody, including his uncle is vaccinated, no international Tourism on a major scale will be allowed. Unrealistic, as a good number of "southern" countries economies are based on tourism as they have nothing much else to sell! I predict that in the near future there will be internationally accepted "Vaccination-Certificates" issued, making "guided/controlled tourism" possible again. (Denmark has alread
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