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  1. As long as "the centerpoint" of billions of humans revolve around the opinions of the Pope in Rome and the opinions of some Mullahs in the Orient, a "wold-governement" based on science and above all COMMON SENSE is elusive. With or without Algorithms. No wonder that an impressive number of Farangs have made "Beer Chang" as the centerpoint of their live.
  2. France is being visited by over 80 million tourists every year. Imagine if those 80 million tourists would have to report their location every time, while travelling around in France. Unthinkable, but reality in Thailand! To circumvent reporting duties, a travelling Farang while visiting friends within Thailand, is best avised to book and pay a cheap Hotel nearby, so the "reporting" has to be done by the Hotel. Question: Is there any other country that applies such "reporting-duties" (except Russia and North Korea?) Are you sure you want to retire in "The Kingdom of Thailand"?
  3. ......and because it was transmitted a thousand times orally, this original Ducumentary has turned into an absurd fairytale. Some insist, that this is exactly what happened to "the book of all books".
  4. Could it be, that your "Cat" comment could be extended to some Thai-Ladies that hang around Tourist-Hub's?
  5. Yep! Not too far fetched. An exploding Super-Nova, sending it's Gamma-Rays our way will terminate the reighn of the Killer-Apes. Our Athmosphere blown into space, no more electricity. How long can the Killer-Apes uphold civilization without athmosphere and electricity? No more posting on TVF. Our computers worthless and unedible.
  6. "Never tried to behave like a Thai male though." That's probably why us Farangs are still relatively popular among fast aging Thai-Females.
  7. Reminds me of my schooling in a very strict environement for 1 year a long time ago. No talking from 10 PM to 6 AM. School officials patrolling the floor, hoping to catch any of us talking during the "no talking-hours". During breakfast, we were allowed to talk again. Such schooling is no more allowed in my home country. - I wonder if a "no talk policy" during 10PM and 6AM would elevate the moral standarts in Pattaya to accomodate the moral standards of certain American Television Evangelists and other moralists, trying to be holier than the Pope in Rome. No talk between 10 PM and 6AM. So no "deal" during daytime. Always keeping in mind that Pattaya during daytime is about as exiting as Menorca on a cloudy day.
  8. Heaven forbid! By the time I have breakfast I never have a Lady present. Not in Thailand and not in my home country. With good reason: If they start swearing eternal love (Buddha/Jesus/Mohamed as their witness), I would lose my breakfast before fully digested. In other words: When I enjoy breakfast, no Lady will hold my hand of other extremities attached to my body while I celebrate my breakfast. To me, it's "night-moves" only. Come Sunrise, the "night-moves" are terminated. Having been married to 2 Thai-Ladies unsuccessfully, I avoid "day-time-stories". Consisting of Isaan stories involving Poverty, Lacking solidarity among the Thai Family, massive indebtness and a couple of sick buffaloes. - But amazingly, once a Farang speaks basic Thai and it becomes appearant that he knows about Thai "inner-workings" including Thai-History and behaves like a Thai Male, the chances that a Thai-Female will even try to serve up some BS are practically nil. Not before nor after breakfast! Cheers.
  9. Indeed universal. A picture can say more than a thousand words.
  10. Starting at 3000 Bht for short time? The prices for those "services" are starting to look reasonable in my home country.
  11. I know, I know. All done to death. Just did an update according how I experienced Pattaya recently. PS: Threads concerning Girls/Immigration-Matters are still producing the most replies/clicks here. I am afraid that without those Girl/Immigration issues TVF would lose clicks and revenue. Same as those (dying) Garage Sized Bars that I love so much.
  12. English is the universal language (especially in Tourist Hot Spots). But not to worry. Thai's are flexible. During the "Russian-Rush", massage parlors quickly posted MACCAX on their Neon Light advertising above the door. Surely, should a heavy influx of visitors from Zimbabwe occur, they would quickly advertise their services in Zimbabwes many Tribal Dialects. But when it comes to serious (financial) negotiations, it's still English. Trust me!
  13. Just back from Pattaya Holiday. The first few days I wanderd for miles and hopping from Bar to Bar until I found a "slim and sympathetic" Thai Female that caught my fancy. I had no inclination to repeat such thing on a daily basis. - Thankfully, a fellow-Farang set me straight: "You silly twirp, these days you make arrangements for the night by way of your smart-phone in the afternoon while sipping happy-hour Beer." So glad he filled me in. I have well noticed all those Farangs playing with their smart-phones, but I thought they are all Stock Day-Traders working for Goldman Sachs on holiday in Pattaya!!! Silly me! At any rate, I started to look for Ladies with the help of my smart-phone instead of my feet. (Adjusting to "Modern Times"). With mixed results. A couple of Foto-Shop/Foto-Filter Ladies were among them. A quick summary: - The run of the mill bars in Pattaya do not feature any pretty, sympatetic Ladies anymore. As job requirements seem to be: Must be overweight. Look and act bored. Focus on your smart-phone. - Therefore and regrettably, the small garage sized Bars that I like so much are getting fewer and fewer. However, larger Bars with (good) live-music seem to be doing OK so far. - Remarkably, during my stay, I have never met a Farang from Europe/US/Australia under 35 years old. As us old geezers are dying out, eventually Pattayas cause of death will be "the lack of fresh blood". This process will inevitabley and automatically turn Pattaya into what the TAT has been working on for a long time: Turning Pattaya into another boring "Family-Resort", like a 1000 other boring "Family-Resorts" already in existence. The new "fresh-blood" from China/India etc will not inject enough financial oxygen into the local Pattaya economy. If the long predicted "death of Pattaya" should take place, we already know the "cause of death": The lack of fresh (financial) oxygen, as the former suppliers of the financial oxygen have re-located to the cemetary. Cheers.
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