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  1. By my own observations: Most Expats find it harder to comply with the rulings/enforcements when it comes to stay "long-term" in Thailand. Some have reached the conclusion: " They want us out". Them wondering "what's next"? The "next" could be as follows: As most Expats are no more paying Income-Tax in their home countries anymore, a sophisticated Thai-Administrator may find that the Income (social-security/pension funds from overseas) is now taxable in their country of choice. = Thailand. This thaught could easily find entrance to "Thai-Thingking, I venture to say. If that should ever come to pass, I will glady join the Chorus: "They want us out"! In my view, this would really and definitely confirm that "They want us out". As a final verdict, so to speak. But not likely to happen tomorrow. ----------------------------------------------- As I see it, recent "thightenings" by Immigration only serve the purpose of evaluating "Who can AFFORD to retire in Thailand" and who can not. No more, no less. So far.
  2. Will a Thai-National loose his Thai Citizenship if he/she acquires a foreign citizenship. Or in other words: Does Thailand accept dual citizenship ? Cheers.
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