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  1. Obviously, we just have different sources of information. There is a smorgasboard of conflicting information available. We tend to pick the information sources that support our "bias". Nothing new, just human behaviour.
  2. You may have a point here. I always found it remarkable, that even "poor" Thai's seem to have a little Gold on the side. Some kind of "Insurance", I guess. If those Thai's are selling their Gold now because the price is hight, fine. But I am afraid that during those times, a good part of the Thai-Gold-Sellers, must start to sell their Gold for obvious reasons. Hopefully, the Thai Economy recovers fast. Otherwise, what will they be selling after having sold their Gold and having spent those "emergency-funds". I don't even want to think about it.
  3. I know that. For example: Honey-Bees see the word mainly by Ultraviolet Light. A red flower may look blue to a bee. I wonder if they see the sky as green? But the bees don't post here.
  4. There must be dozens of reasons as to why Farangs can no more fulfill the financial requirements. Exchange rates, health issues (etc etc) may have arisen. Basically "act's of God". But one category of Farangs I do not understand: - Having gone thru a costly divorce back home. Arriving in Thailand with less funds than before. But still unable to resist the urge to marry a Thai-Lady. Gladly paying for her kids from a previous marriage and keeping the Thai-Family happy. Possibly even producing new offspring at his advanced age. And then wondering when the day comes, where they can no more fulfill the financial requirements to stay legally in Thailand. I fail to see the benefits of this form of "life-planning" by elderly Farangs, always assuming that they must have aquired a minimum amount of "life-experience" over the years. Leaving ones brain at the airport is one thing, but also leaving the rest of Common Sense at the airport as well??
  5. Sold half of my Gold/Silver into the "upward-spike". Physical Gold is being sold (and not bought). It's all driven by "Investors" at the futures-markets. Also, if Gold hits the headlines, caution is advised. Plus the central-banks have more or less stopped buying Gold at this price. Ideally, a consolidation phase of 2 to 3 weeks would be healthy. A further (uninterrupted) upward stampede would turn the Market into a casino-like "feeding frenzie", where "the johnnie come lately's" are likely to get butchered.
  6. Have been following Brit Man's advice concerning Thai-Ladies religiously. He puts a Farang/Thai relationship into a realistic frame work. Has kept me away from "pitfalls" and unrealistic expectations. ---------------------------------------- Lots of contradiction here for the sake of contradiction. I could post "the sky is blue". 5 minutes later, a guy would claim that the sky is green. PS: If I could get a plane at this time, I would be in Thailand. (Isaan, one of the safest places concerning COVID19).
  7. How nice! Since I joined here in 2006 I have seen so many posters "go silent". Probably because they simply have died. Most of them having had "Thai-Families". But the Thai-Families do not find it necessary to post a short notice here "Member xxx has died". Not knowing the password to enter TVF? Hardly. After looking over their shoulders for 10 years, the "Thai-Family" knows the Password(s) of the Farang. Too much trouble, I guess. After all, he was just a Farang.
  8. I just wonder where the "punters" should come from, as there are no Airlines serving Europe to Thailand. I suppose the "punters" will have to come from the Isaan. Resident Isaan-Farangs. Slim pickings, as their budget is usually controlled by their "Thai-Wifey's". If this Corona-Thing has any benefit, it is certainly the fact that the "Bar-Fine-Syndrome" has finally come to an end.
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