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  1. by reading some of your past posts it appeared to me that some of your answers made some sense but lately you are on a repetitive one track mind type of answers that make absolutely no sense. Scots voted long time ago, prior to the UK Brexit vote, thus many things have changed after their vote and, the UK being or suppose to be a democracy, it's Scotland democratic tight to ask for another vote... what are you so afraid off, to be wrong ????
  2. @Farangcannotwhen people help you or give good information a thank you is always welcome
  3. how do you know that Vogie, are you a fortune teller, palm & tarot card reader or did you conducted your own survey/poll.... let the people of Scotland decide or their future not you nor the puppets in Westminster
  4. I have a Non O visa and have secured Credit Card for a specific amount however in the beginning I applied on line for a Bangkok Bank credit card and they accepted my application giving me a credit limit of 25 K baht, I found it ridiculous and complained at my local branch there was proposed to apply for a secure CC and it took 2-3 months to receive them, meaning they gave me not one but two cards, one is MC and the other a Visa.... no work permit was ever asked
  5. had exactly the same problem and after +/- 6 months decided to stop using the BKK Debit Card and switched to start using their Credit Card for any payment at any store, all problems solved, bill/expenses paid every month and not having to deal with the retail store (brain damaged) people it's a peace of mind
  6. you should check your sources before posting incorrect information.... Boris was parading around with a bus promising that amount 555
  7. no, there are no restrictions as I flew round trip and only have to wear mask, no quarantine
  8. I do think majority of people will not (over) celebrate as the feeling of the virus not being under control still around...the ones I spoke with they said "not in the mood" Mị̀mī xārmṇ̒
  9. The EU can not or should have not trusted the UK when making the exit deal, they already tried to brake/make changes to the deal /law while finalizing negotiations, now barely 2 months after the agreement they are at it again, BJ can not and should not be trusted, the UK reputation in the business world is damaged forever, don't see many countries lining up to negotiate trade deals.... your words of the EU is lawful good is correct as for the UK? they are not a chaotic neutral, they would be better defined as a lawless chaotic untrustworthy
  10. at the current exchange rate one needs 1.38 USD to get 1 Pound and the current economic situation in the USA, I doubt many of the US citizens can afford such a luxury.... Trump did good to his UK best friend (sarcasm intended)
  11. before posting some non sense you should check dates, detailed information is available and that would avoid making you look like a mo...n https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/astrazeneca-signed-vaccine-contract-with-eu-at-the-same-time-and-with-the-same-terms-as-uk-221293/ AstraZeneca signed vaccine contract with EU at the same time and with the same terms as UK
  12. what about form 1040- NR and received a form 1042-S from my SSA, do I have to file as no other income besides SS
  13. so the UK has a contract with AZ and it's ok to enforce it ... on the other hand, the EU also has a contract with AZ but it's ok Not to enforce it.... in which world are you living
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