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  1. wouldn't expect anything less from ""smarty"" BJ.... let's wait a couple days/week and see the outcome. His first approach to the virus with herd immunity was fantastic (sarcasm intended)
  2. no surprise here, TAT and their weekly non sense BS
  3. now I understand why more than 16% of them love the junta
  4. so !!! no complaining eihnnn ?? 555
  5. they said the Circus du Soleil was filling for bankruptcy ... it appears they moved and doing well in Thailand
  6. you beat me to it.... after all it appears that things are getting to normal (new & old) again
  7. actions speak louder then words..... the UK still holding on to the last grasp/gasp of air 555
  8. I told you once, I told you twice and will say it again.... let's wait and see but don't come back crying and asking to get back in the clubhouse
  9. possible, anything it's possible but I haven't seen it with my own eyes in the Krabi/Trang area.... but again possible
  10. and what this has to do with Brexit.... you are divagating Vogie, better put yourself together
  11. old saying.... the grass always looks greener on the other side
  12. correct, many other more important issues at play, (elephants maybe) honestly the guys that I saw doing it the monkey appears to be having fun and sometimes he doesn't want to go up unless he receives a treat, it's kind of fun to watch them interact
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