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  1. and that it's credited to Trump??? check you data because it all started with Obama as for the Hispanics it's simple because he expelled them nothing to do with jobless rates, it's expelled rates
  2. sure it's sad.....I don't agree with you and you don't have any data to back up your BS and that's what is sad and pity, suck it up man
  3. you are kidding right? or maybe living in a different planet. When and where did Trump defeated ISIS and when and where was peace made with North Korea as for the firm grip in Iran 555 you must be dreaming, they are doing as they please and EU is working with them, FYI just in case you didn't notice Trump is ALONE... please enlighten me, what has Trump done for women and minorities in America
  4. what are friends for, you ask (beg) and I will comply but in return let's work on the trade deal, need some taxation to be removed
  5. he's a lucky chap she only used the baseball bat..... some they pull out a gun and shoot
  6. doing ok, thanks..... should worry about you, for someone who doesn't have time to answer the 20 or so people who have questions, you sure do have time to keep non sense answer to my post,
  7. am a little confused by the poll, because the news says: Airbus poised for take-off in Thailand's MRO hub By webfact, 6 hours ago in Thailand News ....""" Prayut is seeking to extend his tenure as prime minister after next month’s election. """"
  8. there are exceptions to the rule.... glad for you
  9. I have been buying stuff from lazada for the past 4 + years and all is fake stuff.... anything shipped from overseas means China and everybody knows how fake the items are. Also bought a lot of stuff from Alibaba as well complained to them hundreds of times about fake listing items on their site, they knew about it, had a lawyer sending them a couple letters to no avail but Jack Ma said he never sold a fake item, they were (unauthorized) selling my products that somebody had copied, Ma is a billionaire and one (if not the bigger) of the investors in Lazada, thus very hard to detect fake items there.
  10. don't tell that to me, I know it, tell that to the ones not knowing and getting frustrated
  11. you welcome, was my friend's answer to the brother in law.... imagine the surprise when they went to the land department to register a piece that was given to them by the mother in law
  12. Papua New Guinea lots and lot of beaches.... a little worry about cannibalism but otherwise quiet
  13. Banngsgr said::: If your wife has told you she cant borrow (by the way why would she want to?) she is telling you porkies ... Banngsgr is correct, my friend (in Trang) married to Thai lady just learned all the land they have has been used as collateral by his wife's brother loans,
  14. something just hit me.... elections are suppose to take place March 24 or around there, let's assume (for one moment) the current (junta) ruler is not the chosen one, will all this new rules still apply or do we have a (slim) chance of getting them changed
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