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  1. from the master of miscommunication this is a first..... good to know that's solved and ALL confusion misunderstandings are gone, let's move then, where are the vaccines 555
  2. kho Lanta is part of the K...i province next to Phuket, Phang Nga and Trang
  3. so the majority of Thais and + 1 farang have absolutely no confidence on the government vaccination program and/or efficiency 555
  4. pretty much like Russia, China, N.Korea, Myanmar, Bielorussia or like all dictatorships around the world , only one candidate runs and wins, let's move forward and stop wasting people's time and energy
  5. OMG, this is the guy that was jailed in Australia, how they expect this government to have any credibility https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/thai-minister-faces-censure-for-lying-over-sydney-jail-time-20200227-p544xr.html Thai minister faces censure for lying over Sydney jail time
  6. if that's the case how can they get elected 555
  7. wouldn't expect anything less from him 555 Anutin denies responsibility
  8. you refer to your mate as HE ..... maybe female VS male could be the trigger
  9. the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, what a bunch of contradicting morrons 555 TV and Phuket News from yesterday Tourism minister: Phuket unlikely to be ready for "sandbox" opening - "sealed route" share with Samui proposed today Thai Prime Minister states Phuket Sandbox will move forward on July 1st
  10. my sister 71 years old took AZ 2 months ago, still having nausea, pain, sore muscles/body, fever, etc., she visited the and stayed at the hospital 2 times already and feels a little better but not 100%, doctors don't want to give her 2nd dose, she had no previous conditions Her husband, 73 years old, blood disease/disorder/hemophilia, got the Pfizer a little over 1 month ago, no side effects what soever, had the 2nd dose 5 days ago, again no problems at all AZ had problems from the start with incorrectly reporting their testing.... I am 68 and don't want to have what my siste
  11. agree with you, unfortunately the words you use can not and should not be used when speaking about Thailand, not a good mix 555
  12. reminds me of some countries in Europe back in the old days, their own citizens didn't want to work on farm and/or construction jobs thus brought in thousands of immigrants, the funny thing was, the brought in immigrants came to these countries to do work that they refused to do on their own country. I heard Thais don't want to work on construction herein their own country, but when they immigrate to EUA, USA, Saudi, UK, etc., they will work on construction there
  13. my blood pressure is up or down depending on the nurse's age and looks 555
  14. I stopped trying long time ago, not worth the effort. Back in 2008 came here with the intention of building a factory, stayed a couple weeks to look around and see employed people behavior, working skills, professionalism, laws and so forth, some people I knew that had running business here did warn me about Thai workers reputation of being lazy.... made my mind up after the first week and went somewhere else. I will never understand them
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