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  1. today had the first time denial for using my Pink ID Card.... have been traveling around the south of Thailand, visited parks, temples in Nakon Si Thamarat, Trang, Krabi and Phang Nga, all of them charged me the Thai citizens price for the entry fee, wife had to visit the Hospital for small "personal" problem, they charged same fee as for Thais, I used the card to register my scooter, overall the ID card made the majority of the public servants smile until, today (Aug 23 2019) decided to take the family to the Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani, the one with the floating village (Ratchaprapha) and went to purchase the tickets, they asked for 300 baht person (price/money was not the problem) I pulled my ID card out and showed it to the person (lady) selling the tickets to get the discounted Thai fee of 40 baht, she immediately said no and told me to ask next booth where the boss was, I proceed to the booth and show the card to the "boss" and without looking at it he immediately said no also and that I should pay 300 baht, I try to speak with him explaining all my previous reports of using the card without any problem even told him the day before went to the other side of the park, to the Phan Nga side (Si PhangNga National Park) show him the ticket and again, without looking at the card he said 300 baht. Next to me a group of 6 persons, a couple (man from Wales wife from Thailand) with 3 kids and 2 relatives, they have been married for over 14 years, kids 14, 12 and they were listen to my conversation, he than try to buy the tickets for all family (he had Pink ID card for sometime he said) the guy "boss" told him 3 person 40 baht (kids below 14 free his not yet 14 he will be in 2 months) and him has to pay 300 baht, than his Thai wife asked the "boss" why such a big difference, as per her explanation, foreigners damage the park more than Thais and because foreigners come to Thailand they should pay more than the people living here, she asked if their 5 person group would damage less than her husband alone and much to her and my surprise he said yes and no more discussion, pay 300 baht and go to the park or go back home..... overall trip to Surat Thani area has been very disappointing as Khao Sok being the lowest of them all, wouldn't recommend for a trip, nothing special unless some one likes hiking/ mountain walking
  2. it's hard to swallow because we return with a re-entry permit, thus IMO at the airport or land crossing should report that we are back or their on-line systems are not linked, it just doesn't make sense
  3. yeah... since having the ID card I stopped carrying the passport, easy to show and (usually) the cops are friendly when they see it
  4. and as you said depending, on the province, some more advantages available
  5. they this shop in bkk https://www.legendthailand.com/
  6. I never saw a guilty person (even when caught with the hand into the candy jar) saying they were guilty.... always easy to deny thus always suspicion
  7. how can a dictator (Russia) and democrat open minded (French) president agree on anything, sure the dictator always thinks his way is the best
  8. I am all for an alternative caretaker PM, it should be a No Tory & No Labour member, wish for an open mind neutral third party person, Trump would be perfect
  9. did you ever consider a visit to the "Therapists on Line"".... it may be worth a try betterhelp.com ------Join over 600,000 people who decided to get help and get happy.
  10. same "<deleted>ty" posts over and over, his life must be boring as the word itself....we should (try) help him get a life
  11. 555 you are not familiar with their saying... ""do as I say don't do as I do ""
  12. sometimes after it has been rushed, some will throw it into the garbage bin or in the toilet bowl flush a couple time making sure it will not come back
  13. finally somebody realized the so called ""rich quality tourists" from China and India may not be to TAT quality (expected) standards
  14. sorry man, posted exactly the same without checking all posts before, no bad intention ment
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