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  1. 8 hours ago, BritTim said:

    You could opt to use Fly/Ride Mukdahan-Don Muang-Phuket without spending a night in either Mukdahan or Bangkok. If you wanted to be in Phuket before midnight, connections are a bit tight (either in Mukdahan or Don Muang) but there is a late flight from Don Muang on Thai Lion that allows adequate time for transfers.

    I’ve done that in the past but flying to and from Savannakhet is so much better. No hassle or queues going through the border and was back in Phuket around 5pm even though my flight was delayed due to the Pabuk storm. Also no need for a long wait at Savannakhet airport I turned up at 8am after breakfast for 8:30am flight, no problem.

  2. 2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

    Off to Cambodia on the bus for a VISA run next week, CM to Bangkok 10hrs overnight bus, Bangkok to Siam Reap 10hrs on the day bus. 1,500bht Vs 4,000bht each way.

    DId Savannahket last year, CM to Khon Khen by air 900bht, Khon Khen to Mukdahan by van 300bht, overnight bus back to Chiang Mai 750bht, not much difference in cost but the times work out better on the return by bus.


    I quite enjoy the bus trips, and it leaves me more money to spend on beer.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are so poor.

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  3. 1 hour ago, BritTim said:

    Well, some who value their time would prefer to spend one night in Savannakhet rather than three nights. It depends on your perspective. The fly/ride service to Bangkok ends up getting you to Bangkok about six hours after leaving the consulate. Flying through Pakse (or Vientiane) to Bangkok requires waiting around in Savannakhet for about 22 hours before even boarding the aircraft to fly to Bangkok. However, if you like Savannakhet, I can see why you would not regard waiting around there as a waste of your valuable time.


    I have flown to and from Savannakhet. I would consider doing so again if it was possible without an extra two nights in Savannakhet. I have long legs which makes those ATR-72 aircraft a little uncomfortable, but bearable for short journeys. On the plus side, checking in at Savannakhet airport is a breeze compared to larger airports.

    I would rather stay an extra night in Savannakhet than one in Bangkok or even Mukdahan. I’ve done both and as I live in Phuket, waiting around somewhere is inevitable.

  4. 18 hours ago, BritTim said:

    I have usually preferred to use the Fly-Ride service of Nok Air to return to Bangkok from Mukdahan. It is much cheaper but, more important, allows you to return a day earlier. The Savannakhet flights to Vientiane/Bangkok are limited, and leave at an inconvenient time of day. Of course, if you really like Savannakhet, and want to spend more time there, such considerations will not matter.

    That’s fine for people who still have a “backpacker mentality” but not for me, my time is more important.

  5. 19 hours ago, JackThompson said:

    How much was the flight?
    Was it direct Bangkok -> Savannakhet, or with a stop-over?


    My experience, I got on a VIP bus in Bangkok (Sahaphan Tour has the most comfortable seats with adequate legroom), listened to something for a bit, fell asleep, and awakened just before arrival in Mukdahan - and nice and early, so plenty of time to apply that day for the visa.  I suppose I just don't count the time I would be asleep in a hotel, vs on a bus - especially since the timing works out so well for the Consulate's hours. 

    The cost from BKK was around 5000 for flight on a ATR-72 with a 30 minute stop in Paske. One of the most easy visa trips that I have ever done and would never consider going by bus, it just takes too long. I stayed in Savannakhet 3 nights and flight times were just perfect. I left Phuket at 6am on Wednesday and back at 5pm on Saturday. Nothing to do in Sav but I had good food, friendly service and just had a relaxing time for 3 days. Savannakhet and the airport itself, is really quiet and none of the hassle or animosity that is present in busier places.

  6. On 9/27/2014 at 7:47 AM, Mencken said:

    By air this will cost you an absolute fortune, esp if you are booking with little or no advance.

    Bus to bkk, bus to muk, overland to Lao.

    Maybe discount carrier to Ubon in/direct and take it from there.

    Seriously, if you cant deal with overland, maybe want to rethink where you are living. City and country.

    What a ridiculous statement! I’ve just done it from Phuket and was one of the easiest and straightforward visa trips that I have done in the past 15 years. It doesn’t cost a fortune either. Bangkok to Savannakhet about 5000 Baht with 30 minute stop in Paske. Much better than risking your life on a crappy old bus and saves so much time.

  7. 22 hours ago, markaoffy said:

    I would suggest most of these posters don’t live in Bangkok surrounded by vendors ,blocked footpaths, walking on Road ,rats in garbage, aggressive sellers .. and believe it or not 90% of locals, Thais not farang, are happy they’ve gone !

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    That should keep the foreigners out!

  8. I've checked out both of the above and they both provide a very good service. Unfortunately it comes at a price and a bit over my intended budget. I can rent a room in Thalang with free wi-fi for much less. I am really looking for an "old style" internet shop where you can just go in and pay by the hour. There is one on the 402 in Mai khao which charges 30 baht/hour. If anyone knows of something similar a bit closer to Thalang, please let me know.

  9. 9 hours ago, Flying Clog said:

    I think there's a place to the south of Laguna, in the Boat Avenue shopping area where the Villa supermarket is. In one of the containers above the Frying Kiwi fish and chip place.

    Well that sounds promising. Thanks very much, I'll check it out this week and report back asap.


  10. Hi everyone,

    I just signed up here and looking for either an internet shop or office space in Thalang area. Only needed weekdays. I know it's really a thing of the past now and most shut down several years ago. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I only need use of a PC with good internet and comfortable surroundings.

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