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  1. He should be thanking Buddha he was only arrested and the 2 foreigner kept kewl. at one point it appears he is making a threat as if he has a gun, hotter head and he would have been knocked out.
  2. Truth is you have no idea what they think. Truth is they have to invest time and money to go get a product so selling price is higher, business 101. People open business to make money not to loose or break even. Just because some tight ass does not think it’s fair, it does not mean it is not. if it’s cheaper in Bkk, can always jump on the bus and waste whole day and few hundred baht to buy it cheaper . no one forcing anyone to buy at higher price, and that’s the only truth that matters
  3. Perhaps if US stops undermining Assad and he gains back control, there would be no ISIS as ISIS was born due to chaos created/supported by US and Co
  4. All these road rules apply to normal people in normal countries where people actually learn how to drive on the roads, not on a football field and where people actually have to know the road rules and pass them . Thailand is anything but normal, it is not uncommon for a car in front of you to indicate one way but turn the other(some do not actually know the difference between left and right) or to just come to a full stop with nothing in front of them to cause that or do many other unexplained and retarded and dangerous things, However one thing which(personally pisses me off and i get vocal ) is that more than often, bikes always over take you in the direction of your turning , your lights are showing you turning, you vehicle is turning and yet they still go to overtake. Not relevant to this case, but also the bikes with side car that has no lights or markings. All you see is a bike light and as it turns out there is also a side car, which is impossible to see in the evening, My point being, no doubt foreigner may well be at fault, but can not rule out that he simply did not see bike coming as either headlights were off or blocked by something in the basket, just as possible he did see them, was indicating but they did what so many do, go to overtake turning vehicle in the direction of its turning.
  5. And make sure to compare qualifications of the pharmacist on duty in each one, as well as confirm same brand and authenticity
  6. What are you on about what apples or oranges? Fact , rent in some areas is 10 fold of other areas and prices are according. Rip off would be to defraud someone Selling at a different price to some other shop is hardly a rip off or a scam or a reason to run to internet to cry about it or to "warn" Hospitals no doubt charge even more than that, and a pharmacy in Phuket might also charge much more than the one in Jomtien
  7. If you are a cheap charlie, then yes my logic would be flawed. Do explain to me with your logic, why bars on Walking street charge premium prices for drinks, while bars off walking street do not Surely following your logic, bars are full in WS so drinks should be just as cheap as other bars
  8. That may well be,and then also some shops sell generics or just copies. Boots have higher prices than many local pharmacies, and their prices are not for foreigners or Thai, their high prices because they guarantee genuine products and pharmacists who actually obtained a degree in related field.unlike local ones
  9. So every shop has to sell everything for the same price? Of course shops in high traffic area charges more , they pay higher rents, than a one in the middle of nowhere. Of course shop will charge higher price if its the only shop in the area. And of course shops in Pattaya charge more than BKK, they often have to go to BKK to stock up.
  10. How exactly are they ripping anyone off if they clearly tell you the price before you hand over money? Precisely the reason why some people should not have access to internet or any social media or forums
  11. My educated guesses are based on fact that many bikes ride around with no headlights on, because it cost money to fix, and just as many ride with baskets attached to the front, right under the headlights, and once anything is in the basket, headlights are totally blacked out. Now please share where and how you gained your extensive knowledge on bikes riding at night in Thailand
  12. There are educated guessses based on facts and then there is just silly trolling. Will let you figure out which category your comment falls in.
  13. Perhaps bike had no lights, not visible in the middle of the night ?
  14. Sorry confused how this stats relates to my comment
  15. So in summary , makes no difference who you vote for because if NCPO does not approve or like the winning party they can nullify the results. just as it makes no difference even if not nulified as 250 pre chosen can block anything and everything . happy voting
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