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  1. Thailand number one priority should be to vaccinate as many of its own population as possible and then mull opening up for vaccinated people
  2. While you do have some valid points, you are forgetting that for example your road taxes goes to maintain the roads, and so on. If you were forced to take it and had to pay for it, I , as an income tax payer would not have a problem with it, BUT vaccine has to be priced fairly not the insane 6500 baht what private hospitals want to sell it for. Perhaps at cost plus the medical fees of a public hospital, same price as a Thai, no dual pricing
  3. In that case vast majority of Thai would have to pay for it , when millions never paid a single baht in income tax and never will. They should have also asked if respondents ever paid personal tax or understand where government gets the money from. Just being born a Thai, does not fill up the coffers
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