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  1. I guess that’s the last reaction big heads wanted or expected. In addition to protest things may get ugly and get ugly fast
  2. Last thing this was is a suggestion. It was a wise way to create awareness and more hate from the people towards the PM. i am willing to bet many did not even know or cared but now with this “suggestion” a storm was created .
  3. Déjà Vu, only this party appears to be clean Just on the wrong side of the fence . by the way , this is not Prayuts doing, orders came from above
  4. There is a good reason why BMW cost so much in Thailand . It is smarter than the people driving it
  5. I have d a feeling a few hours of information was left out. For instance it would have taken some time for cops to arrive , so what did your mate do while waiting ? then when they arrived , what did he say ? Was he given the option to settle 1000 or half or was he being a true warrior? perhaps half of the story was forgotten due to being intoxicated ?
  6. Baht situation for Half a decade at least has not changed , though wages and cost of doing business has been going up year by year
  7. I recall a large number of doom sayers who said that online petition was a waste of time and possibly could get you into trouble for signing . Those who were brave enough to start it and sign it can now laugh in your faces. well done Isaan lawyers and all who signed to get the attention and for something to change
  8. Seriously , thai cops are way too easy and too lenient . Anywhere in the world , both would have been arrested on the spot and charged with assaulting police officer and refusing to follow directions
  9. Works for them in Thailand , but it has now gone international and big brain pretty much confirmed the fears. what is next is yet to be seen, but highly unlikely international media and health organisations will let this go. may be when travel warnings will go up from western world is when big brain will learn when to speak or when to shut it
  10. It’s good value and good sale fir anyone with short term thinking . fact is no warranty , but ok get the car for cheaper price . parts, let’s assume they will keep stock for 10 years, most likely at higher prices . what about if or when you decide to sell? Who would buy when there is no service or parts ? would have been a different story if chev was closing down dealerships or keeping dealerships but closing down factories . But they pulling out completely. you may enjoy it for 3-5 years and then might have to give it away for 50-100K if lucky
  11. No need to go to embassy , can get residence certificate from immigration old WP should be sufficient , new ones are not as no address. if you have old WP, go back again and try to deal with another staff member , clearly this one clueless
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