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  1. Its all good, why what about doing a study on smokers and then compare to vapers.? No one ever said people should start vaping or people should pick up vaping instead of smoking. What i am saying and i think most pro vapers are saying is that for smokers to change over to vaping is by far healthier alternative. Kids or grown ups who want to smoke or vape will smoke or vape irrespective of what any study says, but people who are addicted to smoking, may find it healthier to change to vaping and that is what matters
  2. I do not think it has anything to do with maturity, it all boils down to money and taxes. In our Western worlds,they are spending billions of dollars on educating us how smoking is bad and how smokers are a burden on healthcare, yet every year they raise taxes. As a smoker, i paid for my healthcare 10 times over in silly 500%-900% taxes, keep in mind, shops, wholesalers and factories also paid just as much in taxes. They spent billions on promoting patches and gums,which cost more than cigarettes,but then they talk think how much money you will save if you quit-DOH They know they could never tax ecigs with the same rate as cigarettes and if people start to quit in mass, governments will be out of billions in tax, on top of that tobacco lobbyist putting in billions to disapprove vaping, unless its made by tobacco company. Why has marlboro or phillip morris not come out with their own vape kit? Surely vaping can not be any worse than smoking Back to Thailand, i think they will legalize it once they realize how much more money they can make from taxing it. Thai vaping community continues to grow and despite what government thinks, Thai vaping community is huge and getting bigger, more and more locally made juices are hitting the market. In Indonesia it was also banned, but recently kind of reversed but on the quite. Shops selling indo juice with indo tax sticker on it. Not too long ago, i bought some juice there, and it was 100 000 idr, tax was 40 000
  3. Thailand will not allow Thai airway to fold, it would be a massive loss of face. Yes they could sell it into private hands but Thailand being Thailand with all its "connections" any private owner would struggle to cut off all the fat. Their best choice is to bring in foreign management and try to rebuild it. Qantas, not only was sold off, but also moved most of its maintenance overseas, leaving thousands out of job. Yes it may have now turned profitable but still not an airline of choice for many people.
  4. Shades of grey only appear when donations are being made. Not too sure what transition you referring to, its very clear to posses you must be registered with medical support and to grow you must be licensed.
  5. i for one think its a super stupid idea and bars should be open till 6 am and this will bring back all the tourists and i tell you why. Right after bars close, all the tourists can head straight to visit temples where they can see all the merit making. Just think how great it will be, being able to kill 2 birds with 1 bullet. Get drunk and visit the temples
  6. its not black and white as it sounds, To poses and grow, you require to register and gain special license. Sure its not as severe as ice or yabba, but still caries heavy penalties.
  7. if i recall correctly, ISIS kept growing and defeating Free Syrian Army, Kurds held up well, until Russia stepped in. Yes Russia wiped out Free Syrian Army as well, but if it was not for Russia, ISIS would be ruling half of the middle east. It was Russian who cut off all ISIS oil and money supplies which came from or through Turkey. Remember all the brand new vigo trucks? and no one had any idea where it came from, just miracle how ISIS could get hundreds and hundreds of brand new cars and no one had any idea or money trail where it all came from. Also as much as i do not support Iran, it was Iran and its proxies who also helped fight ISIS.
  8. This woman needs help. Because bars can close at 4, it will bring more tourists is what she says. i am sorry you silly woman, few doors up 808, lucifer, ibar just to name a few all open way past 4. try slipping few thousand to police and your bar can also open late but it will not bring you more customers or more tourists into the country
  9. Funny for someone who knows a lot, you sure do seem to ask a lot of questions about “how” and “where”
  10. That’s not Pattaya , that’s outskirts . Takes half a day to get there and back in the current traffic
  11. Beaches are perfect sadly people are the problem
  12. Imagine if they could use google maps that says next left or next right? That would be a real medical breakthrough
  13. Awesome, i wish Pattaya also had some dog parks. But also afraid may have a few problems as dogs here are not socialized from puppy age. But still is a great news.
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