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  1. Funny coming a bunch of “ people’ who say Amelika and think California is a country in Europe
  2. Yes so successful that they can not keep 800000 in the bank. so many foreign owned businesses claiming to be experts and charging premium yet providing below average service
  3. This is so funny. First they did all possible to make our lives hell through immigration hoops, they then called us dirty animals. They then had many businesses refusing service including busses and now that there is trouble , all over sudden they are turning to us . they better wait for chinese, those are the real saviours
  4. So what is government doing about any of this ? Absolutely nothing . OP is spot on about SME loans, it’s a joke. Have to apply like a personal loan and approval , well, 3 months and I am still waiting to hear back . government has allocated money for Sme loans supposedly , so why are not banks lending it out ? latest was suppose to be through Omsin bank and yet Omsin bank would not even speak with you unless you open an account costing you 2000 non refundable. 10 million unemployed making 20%. With more to come. All these people are not paying into social security yet many are getting paid . whats next? Wait for total collapse ? Why not do balance of checks to see what is workable in the long run?
  5. What is this fetish with China ? HAlf the world is in some kind of Fight with China yet Thailand just can not get enough of chinese.
  6. Plenty of previous reports claiming 10 million and growing, so who is pulling the leg ?
  7. Ok so to clarify this production plant not owned directly by triumph but it makes garmets for triumph?
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