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  1. Saw the whole thing. Was pretty dark and no traffic at all. some surprising things was people driving by stopping to assist with traffic, not a single person touched her or tried to help her. rescue arrived in about 12-15 mins PS. She was not on the wrong side of the road but was very close if not on the other side of the road , possibly turning
  2. I will show you standard agreement when it comes to eviction , you may need to pay some one to translate it for you and then you might have some idea before telling someone to shut up.when you utterly oblivious to local laws or customs is that a deal?
  3. You were there? You know what seller said ? You read sales contract? Perhaps you an expert in thai law snd like to quote it ?
  4. You do not seem to understand and I assume it’s due to having very little knowledge or understanding or dealings in Thailand . Seller is not there illegally , not only there is a grace period of 15 days but most likely also says so in the sales contract . But being internet and armchair expert is not exactly néw on thai visa
  5. Yes he did buy and it is only reasonable to allow some time for someone to vacate . Sellers asked for 2 weeks, hardly unreasonable. and yes I said take a lawyer if seller does not respond or vacate by the end of the month not now police will not remove seller without court order. have been through this twice in the past 3 months . Tenants trashing the place , not paying rent and police will not remove them.
  6. You comparing apples to oranges. Seller did not just walk into buyers house and most likely has utility bills in his name and will tell police he needs 15 days to move out and police will accept that without any further action. there is real world and imaginary one, welcome to the real world sure, take a lawyer. Pay him 25000 to send a few letters and file a case in court seeking 2 weeks rent. Might even win and get a few thousand baht after paying your lawyer few hundred thousand
  7. Police highly unlikely to help and most likely will tell you to go to court. to cover your basis , send a letter of demand to vacate within 15 days and ask for rental. if he does not respond or vacate get a police report and see lawyers but you could always wait for 2 more weeks and he/she may well vacate without any problems. maybe unable to find a suitable condo, maybe flight out is then or maybe new place not ready yet.
  8. Exactly months is not enough, takes 2 years just to become nursing assistant and learn how to open a bottle or fill up a syringe. It’s another 2 years to learn how to inject
  9. First do not have vaccine now do not have trained people to inject, next will be no people who want to get it
  10. Yet another perfect example of knobheafs having access to internet. No regard for the damages they could cause just because she turned him down. as for sleeping with 20 customers , best looking hookers struggle to get a few per week at the moment let alone 20 in 3 days
  11. I have this sane <deleted> problem , only not only rats chew the wires but go into AC, urinate and have babies. rat poison and anti rat sprays do not work. Only thing that kind of works is running engine late evening to make it hot so they keep away but I know not for long , eventually they will figure out how long it takes for engine to cool down
  12. Lack of trained staff to make an injection ? I inject myself weekly without any training . Did someone outbid Pattaya to get little more?
  13. Just yesterday we had a topic to jab or not to jab and as I said it may not be a matter of choice but being singled out and outcasted if you do not and sure enough 24 hours later get this piece and I fear it will become the law if refuse to vaccinate will be made into an outcast
  14. To me it is not about get or not get but what would happen if I do not . will I be allowed to fly ? Travel by public transport ? And so on or will I be singled out for not getting it . it’s all nice to talk about choices but I am afraid it may not be a matter of choice when you have many restrictions should you chose not to get it
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