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  1. You have a lot of qeustions for a "SILENT" investor . Money talks BS walks, if you feel like you can invest and don't loose and hopefully make money , don't ask any qeustions just invest . You want to be a silent investor anyway and don't want the hassle of any taxes or whatsoever . So i don't understand why all these qeustions . The only reason for these qeustions could be that the company you want to invest in doesn't want you to be silent . Otherwise just take the risk and invest or DON'T whatever .
  2. It's not only these draincovers but also the quality of the roads , i drive my Xadv in bkk everyday and the same road you drive today tomorrow can have a big a.. hole in it the next after a big rain . Even roads newly paved , after rain potholes show up everywhere and some are pretty deep . So always keep your eyes on the road and on traffic because they surely don't . And nothing will change anytime soon .
  3. You reply quit hefty for someone that isn't paying attention to the other BS . And how can you compare any place in the world with how it was doing last year ???? Seems like the anger got a hold of you and let you make quit dumb replies . Don't mean to offend just saying .
  4. Yes foreigners but not returning thai so infection on the plane can still happen
  5. Then i geuss there must be other options for her if she just needs some time of . If she wants to return here i geuss she has to quarantine for 14 days and same when she gets back to UK so that's 1 month in quarantine and all of that would just leave her 1 month of holliday . All the hassle would give me even more stress . Is there no other option for her two months of at work , there are some other options closer to home with less hassle i think .
  6. Your missing the point that when the returning thais that are not being tested at the point where they return from can infect the people wanting to come here that have to go threu hoops before they come here and have to be tested have insurance need lots of money in the bank and when everything is ok are able to come here and then being infected in the plane are [email protected]#$ when they test positive when finally here . Being tested here and test positive will be worse then just the 14 days quarantine and much more expensive and stressfull . Sorry for the missing . and , but this is the point your mis
  7. I personaly wouldn't want that as there has been a few news articals talking about myanmar truckdrivers testing positive and i geuss the same story with other neighbouring countries , so please keep them closed because testing at landborders will be less strict then by air .
  8. Did you also buy them for 100-200k baht with 200k miles on it ?? I geuss not . And chevy is pulling out of thailand so spareparts will be rare or will take ages to be delivered hence the pricedrop of 50% on some models a while ago . Same is happening with KTM motorbikes at the moment there was a model that was 1.2 milj baht and is now 660k also because they are going to leave thailand so spareparts are going to be the same story as Chevy .
  9. I think you are only living in the night nightfox because Chevrolet is pulling out of thailand so spare parts are going to be rare and if ordered will come from abroad so will take a long time before their in . As of Ford those are quit good but also a bit risky because there where engine problems a while ago with a sertain production year/model so be aware where you buy it . If you want to buy it and bkksteve wants as cheap as possible i would not buy a Ford because you will probably buy someone elses problems if buy a Ford buy new out of showroom so you have waranty wich you will not have on
  10. They say this because soon they will blame the protesters for not having any tourists in the country and it's not the covids fold . Mark my words , if there is going to be an outbrake after they are letting in some tourists , they will blame the protesters as well for this outbrake . They have a black sheep at this moment to blame everything on , lack of tourists , new outbrake , lockdown whatever is coming they will blame it on the protesters while most of this is their own fold . But everybody knows the Thai way , it's never their own fold .
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