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  1. The only reckoning that will be suited for this fool is the chair , he has a <deleted> load of money , property , woman , cars etc . So anything else then the chair will not hurt him whatsoever .
  2. I would even choose a buffalo if it was facing of in an IQ test with Anutin .
  3. And yet you worry about other mans property and people using or abusing it . Enjoy your life and don't try to worry about it . If it's not the persons land just keep crossing it to walk your dog and enjoy that time .
  4. And you also havn't complained about it untill now , so i geuss better let it go and mind your own business . Or is there a little pain in the behind because you wanted to buy it and couldn't and now someone else is just taking it ( or maybe even legaly owning it without you knowing) ?? Just take your dog to wqlk somewhere else where you don't need to cross it or is your own million rai not enough ?
  5. Well , you can get hotel rooms there for $1 so i geuss if you habe a look you will find some .
  6. The only reason why he apologizes is that first he tells hospitals to keep their appointments even though they didn't get vaccines that should have been ordered by him , and then apologize to try to be the Hero because he apologizes. Yes axactly how you say , he shouldn't even apologize anymore just dissapeare in thin air .
  7. If you are here long enough , you could have figured that one out by yourself . Didn't need rumours or your wife for that .
  8. I geuss he means the OP not you , on the qeustion part .
  9. I think there is little chance that people that are reading this now will be able to register for the oct or even beginning of next year batch . My geuss is that all the hi-so Thai are at the front of those lines .
  10. The sex industry and profession is the oldest in the world i think this will never come to an end(a happy one for sure) and with all these guys being on onlyfans and chaturbate for over a year i geuss they will come back in hordes and this will be the business likely to get some reveneu as first .
  11. Your totally right , first of all now they show 300k+ vaccinations on the first day because they called nr 7 so they shot everyrhing they have on the 7th and now they are all out of vaccines . So they can show of , look we started the 7th (but also stopped) and Anutin says the hospitals have to come up with an explanation for not having vaccines that he supposed to have ordered and still need to sign of on ?? Blame Game .
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