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  1. Most of the time when you live in walking distance of the entertainment area you will be kept awake by the loud music and everything that comes with it screaming drunk tourists and everything so it may be nice for holliday but to live it might be nicer to be just outside walking distance and within a 15min drive but that's my opinion .
  2. Paying 150baht instead of 20baht , ok compared to the 20baht it's not a little more but C'mon 5euro or 6 dollars or whatever your own currency is , to get you home safe when your drunk is a little more to me . And drunk or sober 150baht to get home and don't need to drive is a good deal to me . Most countries the meter starts of with that price and haven't driven a mile . But ok this is my opinion and everybody should live or rent wherever they prever , for me those 15min drives are no problem bike or taxi or car .
  3. I passed by this accident yesterday night on my way back home i was on the other side of the road going the other direction . There where more police and medics then i ever saw on a scene of an accident . She or her family must have some friends in high places that came to the scene as well .
  4. Let me tell you a secret , if you pay a little more he will drive you home without waiting for any other customers and he will not stop to let other people in as well . don't tell anyone .
  5. You answer yourself already "it's fine when participation is optional" just don't participate . And there are enough ways to not to , don't tell me there is no way not to participate . I live here for many years and there is always a way around the celebrations you just need to choose the right route and it may take a bit longer to reach your destination but so what .
  6. It's lazy to choose not to travel for 15 min to go out in town or go from town back home . You cannot tell me that when you where in your hometown everybody lives next to the reataurants and bars just because a 15min taxi ride or motorbike ride is to much ?? There wouldn't have been enough homes around all those bars and restaurants for everybody to live . People travel all over the world to visit their favorate countries and bars and restaurants but a 15min ride with whatever transport chosen is to much ???
  7. People die of normal flu as well every year ,it's just not brought in the media like this . Sorry to hear about your brother by the way , every death is 1 to many my sencere condolances .
  8. And let me repeat myself again as well , you are not forced to particepate . And if that would be a french celebration and you've chosen to spend your live in france, you would have to live with it .
  9. That's right they celebrate our new years as well and the ones that don't like it stay home . So should everyone that doesn't like songkran as well stay home or avoid it in another way it's just 1 week a year .
  10. They do don't they , they let you celebrate your own western new years every year and even celebrate it with you . I don't mean if you don't like it you shouldn't have moved here , just except it . And if you don't like the way things are going here then ask yourself why you've moved here . I find it a bit strange that so many people are complaining about , it's just 1 week a year and most of the complainers have probably celebrated it when they where younger and enjoyed it a lot but now they get older they can't handle it . Those are the things you have to handle with when you get older deal
  11. I know it's a bit long but that's just what it is and it will not change , if somebody tells you to eat something you don't like or do something you don't want to , do you do it ??? You are not forced to participate there is enough chance to avoid it . C'mon 9 days a year . Look at all the riots that took place in many western countries because the people couldn't celebrate their own new years last year. Cars where being set on fire , shop where plundered , so i geuss last year when there was no songkran the people behaved prety good here in thailand . Look at what these people have lost and m
  12. So that might be the answer for the member that escapes every year to another country . Maybe he can benchwatch some series with you for 9 days . DM him you might have a date for songkran
  13. Brrrrrrr shivering already, and the cold water throwing hasn't even started yet .
  14. O wow 1 week a year must be hell on earth to stay in thailand for you then . Take a deep breath and it's over , what's 1 week a year to give the people of the country you are living in (and probably allowed to do so)the chance to celebrate THEIR new years the way they have been doing for ages . So many people are complaining about this but it's going to be the same every year so why bother , deal with it . At the end you'll have to it will not change . Count yourself lucky, last year there was no songkran because of covid . And the way they handled that situation here hes been much better then
  15. A 15 min bike drive is not realy a lack of recources it's just lazyness IMO .
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