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  1. He's clearly not otherwise he would know children now a days are smart as hell much smarter then we where at that age . At the age of two they can handle an i pad better then most of us
  2. At least you are talking about real ladies and not fake profiles ran by black scammers sorry for the word black but i can't give them another color name as they are black
  3. Pretties is something different then pretty, it's more of a job discription .
  4. Wait untill they make up and wear some nice mini shorts or skirts you'll be taking out your wallet or stack
  5. Go to bungsamran for fishing and you will see that farang without work permit or marriage will pay 4000 baht for fishing and thai and farang with work permit or marriage will pay only 400 baht
  6. Be sure there are no camera's in the house and just do her if there's no proof then it never happenend . And if the mom tells the gf, just say she does it to brake you guys up .
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