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  1. I agree; plan for the worst, however I'm not prepared to take a gamble considering that the tariff could potentially be much more than the cost of a round trip ticket to pick up the bike in person. I'd much rather pay for a r/t ticket and get a mini-vacation than line the pocket of corrupt Thai customs officials. My apology to honest Thai Customs agents out there. I am sure they exist, but my past experiences have been to the contrary. I am just trying to pin down a reliable number for anticipated tariff, so CAN ANYONE CONFIRM I AM USING CORRECT HS CODES? Then I can make an informed decision.
  2. Trying to figure out whether to purchase a racing bicycle from US and have it shipped here or not. Not sure if I am using correct HS codes. Computing tariff and VAT is VERY confusing and I am getting conflicting information from Thai customs website (what else is new). Can somebody confirm these HS Codes are correct?: Bicycle: 87120010 Cycling GPS: 95069190 One tariff calculator I used (based on these codes, calculated duty and VAT as follows: For bicycle: 22.75% duty / VAT 7% For GPS computer: 10% duty / 7% VAT Does this sound correct? If it is I am better off flying back to the States and bringing it back to avoid tariff entirely since round trip ticket would be less.
  3. Thanks but that doesn't address my question at all. WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH CUSTOMS DUTY I WILL BE CHARGED.
  4. Anyone know what the import duty would be for a cycling computer? As usual, customs website gives conflicting information. I see mention of 1%, 40%,. Looking to purchase from GearBest, Amazon, or AliExpress. Total cost around US$165 + shipping by USPS.
  5. One last question: Is there anything at all I need to do with IMM in Chiang Mai before I head to Pattaya, or do I just do everything in Pattaya?
  6. Thanks everybody for your very helpful comments! ThaiVIsa forums offer such an incredible wealth of information, especially when it comes to confusing and seemingly illogical Immigration matters. I do have one question though concerning the TM.30. I am under the impression that the landlord (not I) submits the TM.30. My responsibility is only to present a xerox copy given to me by the landlord or Juristic Person that proves that the TM.30 has been filed with Immigration. Is that correct?
  7. Are you sure about that? I thought the 90 day reset was only if you leave and re-enter the Kingdom. Probably best to take your advice, just wondering. The whole IMM thing is a constant source of confusion to me LOL!
  8. I've decided to move to Pattaya from Chinag Mai. I just did my 90 day reporting in Chiang Mai on 3 February. I move to Pattaya on 15 March. I'm not exactly sure what I need to do with Immigration when I make the move. Is it necessary for me to report to IMM when I arrive in Pattaya or do I just go to them on my next 90 day reporting date in May? I'm assuming my new landlord in Pattaya will be submitting a TM-30 on my behalf when I arrive in Pattaya.
  9. Thanks everyone for your thoughts :) I appreciate it!
  10. I'd be concerned but Chic seems to have a good rep; there was a thread about them on ThaiVisa. I spoke with them on the phone today and they seem legit. I've always used Budget in the States and was always happy with them but 14,000 baht for a two day rental is outrageous when Chic will do it for less than half that amount.
  11. Final Analysis: Chic is significantly the best deal. Honda Civic for five days = 6000 baht. One-way fee (4815 baht) is waived for a 5 day rental, and insurance is included free for their March special promotion. Budget comes in at 6650 for similar car, and for only 2 days, plus drop fee of 3000 baht, plus insurance at 1900 per day, so total is 13,450. If I keep it for five days to waive the one-way fee, it's 12,000 for car plus insurance so the total would be 21,500 baht! Ouch! Just posting all of this to save someone else the time of researching one-way rentals in Thailand because some of the websites and operators are very misleading as to actual costs and terms. Chic seems pretty honest and straight-forward to me and has good phone customer support, and in English. Has anyone else used them????? Would like any available feedback.
  12. Actually they do have a drop fee policy: - One way rental is available between all Budget Thailand locations, with no drop fee for 7 days hire, 1,500 Baht drop fee for 4-6 days hires, and 3,000 Baht fee for 1-3 days hires (Excluded VAT) for standard conditions and may not apply for some promotion or offer.
  13. On second thought, I think Budget might be the best bet. Their rates are higher than Chic but if they really do not charge a drop fee that a whole different story. Plus, I always rent from them in the States and think pretty highly of their customer service. I'll look into it again. Thanks!
  14. For anyone interested, I just spoke with reps at Chic Car Rental (http://www.chiccarrent.com). They are part of Rama 3 Group Honda which is the largest Honda dealership in Thailand and the rental business was established in 2004. I see no negative reports about them in a Google search, and a positive thread about them here on ThaiVisa, so I feel pretty comfortable about them. Their daily rates are the best I could find (very low). They have a one-way drop off fee of 4,800 baht but if you keep car for 5 days they waive that fee. For March they have a special promotion that includes full insurance coverage free (normally 1,980 baht per day). The only negative is that they seem to only operate from airports which means I have to drop off at U-Tapao airport (UTP) which is an expensive taxi ride back into Pattaya and two hours of wasted time. So....still hoping somebody can offer a better suggestion but I guess I can live with this if it's the only option.
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