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  1. I felt sorry for them. Were they my kids? I don't know. If I had stayed in Thailand or had a vasectomy in the 1960's it may have been a smarter move. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  2. What constant rule changes? For retired folks 1 or 2 in 20 years? Is that what you call constant? I know of no country in North America that accepts foreign culture or even its own natives for example Canada and America certainly are not accepting of native/foreign cultures. American I9 forms? I know a bit about them. Corruption? I used to live i Chicago. Thailand is straight and narrow from my experience. But if you think 1 rule change in 20 years is constant change and Thailand has a lot of regulatory hassles you better not move.
  3. Retired military who are under 65 years of age, and their families, are eligible for TRICARE health coverage. When a military retiree or spouse reaches 65, they are eligible for Medicare and TRICARE for Life medical coverage. TRICARE for Life is specifically for Medicare eligible military retirees. Advantage plan or Medicare Part D plan in addition to TRICARE for Life. An added bonus of TRICARE for Life is that it includes coverage of international health care services. So, your Colonel was wrong.
  4. How would they value the mutual fund at the time or your extension? Stock broker/Imm agent desk at you local immigration office?
  5. As it effects retired persons, one change in 20 years is hardly a purge. Your negative comments didn't surprise me. There are about a half a dozen of these guys sitting in their underwear at their computers crying over the fact they could not deposit 800,000 baht in a Thai bank. Moving to another country is never cheap or easy. Good luck on your life wherever you go.
  6. I would think they will keep asking for more unnecessary paperwork until you get tired of trying to comply.
  7. Jack and I have similar backgrounds. Same military background. I retired to Thailand 20 years before Jack and have enjoyed those 20 years. Through a twist of fate my insurance here is covered - disability. I was also lucky that I got out of Bangkok after a year and CM after 3 and found safer saner pastures. I was also lucky to get rid of numerous women and find a good one - just luck nothing smart on my part - right place right time. Karma? No, I'm not that silly. I don't think the government is fair. I didn't think my father and mother and the Pope have been fair to me. The only sentient being that is consistently fair to me is my soi dog. I guess it depends on what you expect. I woke up after my first major operation in a Thai Navy hospital and said, "Wow, I'm alive - didn't see that coming."
  8. What is the HIV capital now? Last I heard it was Rayong - many sailors stop there. I think Pattaya is getting healthier since a lot of people from a certain country have left.
  9. If people are ignorant enough to believe all that BS I guess "serves them right" would be the accurate phrase. I was 8 years old when I first asked my parents, "do you really think I'm that dumb?" Then priests and nuns started beating me for asking questions (something about losing face). The parents, governments and educators should all be locked up for letting kids be taught such foolishness that leads to covering up crimes like the Criminal Cardinal had allowed.
  10. They have the same thing in Thailand (Foreign Medical Program) except at a real hospital. Why would one opt to go the a clinic in PI with no emergency rooms when the top hospitals in Thailand do the same thing? It is a constant source of amazement to me that people would post information without at least asking someone who has some knowledge of the issue being discussed.
  11. If you ever come to Thailand again let me know and I'll start wearing my shirt.
  12. Do you have any idea what they can treat there and whom they treat? Best to find out before posting BS. Do they have a trauma or emergency room?
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