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  1. I disagree with you for a number of reasons. 1. BDMS the largest chain of hospitals in Thailand does not do this. 2. Who isn't bright enough to check a med on a smart phone? 3. I get tell the doctor I have enough meds and never a problem. 4. At the cashier they ask me to check the bill for meds and I tell them I have them the doctor made a mistake - no problem.
  2. If by Bangkok Hospital you mean BDMS you are wrong as I've never had a problem getting a prescription.
  3. If you were correct why only citizens of 4 out of 100 embassies affected? Time to look at reality. Case of embassy lazies.
  4. I never had a problem. The hospital doctors write prescriptions all the time. Maybe try a better hospital.
  5. VA provides coverage outside of the USA if you are disabled and coverage related to that disability. You can pay cash and VA will reimburse or some Thai hospitals will charge VA direct. See VA Foreign Medical Program for details.
  6. I am always told and asked if pharmacy or I'll buy. I buy viagra at the hospital because I don't want fakes. Some times if a doctor forgets to discuss a prescription I refuse it at the cashier when paying the total bill for physician and drugs - no problem. You must not have experience with all hospitals. Probably only post about what you know for sure. I deal with BDMS.
  7. Since advisory groups exist to help people sort out problems it would be counter productive for them to help solve the problems. Kind of like asking the hangman to help abolish capital punishment.
  8. So is this thread about being ignored as you get older or your usual Thai Bashing bs? Cause I can see why you have a thousand stories like the one above.
  9. I don't know if or what the changes are in the income/combination method and if it is the fault of Thai Immigration or the 4 lazy embassies. Since I feel any prudent person would have 65k coming in monthly or 800k yearly I don't see a 3 to 12 month change as major because you need at least 800k in the bank all the time to be secure - in my opinion. It is my understand that in America most people have one month's salary in the bank or close to it which is about 200,000 baht. I would also say that is not enough. And if it is not enough for your home country it is certainly not enough in a foreign land.
  10. You wrote, "my spouse and I too have decided that there are simply too many hurdles to get over." That is complaining.
  11. The way I read it was Jack has an eye problem that he can't fund repair if it occurs here. So he can't stay. Maybe I'm wrong.
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