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  1. Your status is a reflection of your effort. Bill started with a 6 grand loan and is respected by almost all Thais.
  2. Don't want to be a W wagger but mine has a $30 million USD budget (Samsung) and a staff of 50 including engineers from Japan, Korea, America and is available when I need her. You're being taken for a ride. If she can't miss a day of work like the PM, Trump or any leader of any country in the free world she may be telling you porkies. Best re think the situation.
  3. My house payment is less than my lawn/maintenance payment at my home in Florida. Seems like a value to me. Lawn vs New 3 bedroom home. Utility payments, water bill and transportation are also a great value. A taxi and driver costs me $21 per day. Western educated cardiologist $15 per appointment.
  4. They are trying not to offend you as you said you did not want to read them talking about sex.
  5. Get an OA visa in his home country - good for 2 years. After than he can set up a bank account no problem.
  6. 1. You have to know what the lady likes especially what type of man and in what situation. 2. What movies does she watch and what does she spend her time doing on her phone. 3. What did she do for entertainment before she met you? 4. Do you watch or read much Hentai? You might think that pornography is only popular among men, and if you do, you're sorely mistaken. We could cite research that shows many women watch porn, but all you really need to know is that Oprah Winfrey has porn suggestions for women, and if Oprah gives personal recommendations for anything, you'd dxxx well better be prepared to listen. https://www.maxim.com/maxim-man/what-porn-women-watch-2016-3
  7. Look on the bright side. If they have figured out how to dump a server that is a big skill improvement. Maybe there is hope.
  8. With that kind of money and your wife won't go to Immigration with you - I'd have to agree. Move.
  9. I tried the McKenzie method with very bad results.
  10. For a guy who does not like old guys to talk about sex why would you ask? Which is it? Do you like old guys to talk about sex or not? If no why would you ask me to talk about sex? Do you want pictures too?
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