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  1. What could the Bank of Thailand do to lower the value of the American dollar vs the Thai baht that the international monetary community would not consider currency manipulation?
  2. What is the cost difference to retire? 1. Insurance, 2 Money in bank, 3 Retirement income?
  3. The price of rent and the price of housing for expats depends on the price of construction as you very well know. I didn't say anything about the price of land anyway. Farang can own a house or condo so the comparison makes perfect sense.
  4. That's what I thought. Until I investigated. Gold or any precious metal should be a constant which currencies are weighed against. If I'm correct the pound would have dropped in value to gold or copper or platinum. So to validate my theory that the pound went down as opposed to the baht going up one only has to compare the pound and baht to the price of the precious metal. It takes more pounds to buy a precious metal today than ten years ago. It takes roughly the same amount of baht. I think that proves my hypothesis. However I'm sure there are posters here who are more knowledgeable than I like 'Nam" who could confirm. Seems to me that would explain to people who think the baht is being inflated somehow by the bank that that is not the case.
  5. What does your country count when Thais fly to Thailand 3-4 times a year? Do they count them as tourists?
  6. The pound has dropped in value for not just the Thai baht. It has dropped in value against almost every other currency and Thailand is not responsible for that. Squarely it is on the British electorate.
  7. Maybe in Vietnam but I found a ton of specials lasts weekend in Thailand while looking for family to visit.
  8. House Australia 10 mil baht. House Thailand 2 mil baht. You only need one calculation. Housing is always your largest budget item and always the one people avoid when trying to convince Thailand is expensive. Fall back position is but but the craftsmanship .......... ha ha.
  9. How long? Thailand has problems but Vietnam's government! Forget about it.
  10. You don't have the grasp of the situation that the Thai Immigration people do. They do not want to become the retirement home for India and China as the middle classes in those two heavily populated countries get more money.
  11. The reverse. Rich people are hurt the most by the high baht because exports are down.
  12. They never did appreciate the tourists. 20 years ago same as today. Less money less Brits. Appreciation the same.
  13. Always like that in low season. Same for 20 years. Unfortunately you can't make up your own mind because anecdotal evidence is not valid. You'd have to have lived in the same place in Pattaya for 20 years and walked the same 5 miles every day.
  14. They aren't. They are only making things difficult for the person who lives here and pretends to be a tourist.
  15. Song tau less than 100 baht last time I took it. I got a local motorcycle taxi to take me to where the Pattaya song tau picks up.
  16. A lot of off season deals and half price specials same as whenever business slows. Good time to travel and stay at the more expensive hotels.
  17. To be fair do you know another Asian country that is less xenophobic than Thailand. I only speak from experience but Korea and Japan are 10 times more xenophobic than Thailand.
  18. Have you ever lived in Vietnam and gotten a retirement visa and got married?
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