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  1. There is no EU military. EU is an economic and political Union, exclusive of military. Ever heard of an alliance
  2. They burn sugarcane before harvesting because the cane is too leafy to cut easily.
  3. Antarctica is a land mass, not an ice cap as is the Arctic, good luck in towing it.
  4. So you say it is "fair" to force poor farmers to BUY certified rice... wow I see someone will benefit from it, and it ain't the farmer, seems to me the country's rice yield has done ok so far.
  5. There was me waiting for it to snow, now summer is about to start, oh well, will global warming, maybe snow next year.
  6. You seem to generalize, far too much, if only talking about Thailand, you might be right, but hey, Australia is much larger, than many countries, with a wide range of climatic zones, and the weather forecasters are usually spot on.
  7. It always amazes me why they always seem to need an arrest warrant, thus giving the pricks time to run away.
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