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  1. If you need commentary on a football match you don't know what you're watching. Maybe watch Thai soaps instead?
  2. I bought my Aussie mate's car when he went back to Oz 3 weeks ago. Nobody appraises the price, we agreed a price between ourselves (obviously) and we did the transaction. When it came to transferring ownership (Banglamung, Chonburi), seller and buyer must attend. Because it's foreigner to foreigner it cost me 2,855 baht, very smooth, no problems. Don't know if the transfer cost would be different if a Thai was involved
  3. I'm a 67 year old Brit retired in Thailand and personally i don't give a toss about the vaccine. I am registered, if they offer it that's fine, if not that's fine. The way i look at it is if everyone around me has been vaccinated then i have nothing to worry about
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