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  1. Next week I will try again for the non-O visa for retirement, using the 800k in bank method, at Phuket immigration, with a covid extension of stay ending 13 June. First, I will ask the Bangkok Bank manager to call the phone number given to me by smiley guy room 103 of his boss, a fellow by the name of Mr. Noppong. Anyone know of Mr. Noppong? If that goes nowhere, I will deposit 100 baht, update the passbook and obtain the bank letter. I will return the next day and obtain the bank statement, which will be dated the previous day. That way all three documents will have the same date
  2. I am halfway through ASQ trying to figure out how best to move forward with my goal of getting an O visa for retirement using the 800k deposit method, and subsequently a 1-year extension. I want to escape the pollution in Bangkok. But I need a U.S. Embassy reference letter/affidavit to open a Bangkok Bank savings account, as well as a Thailand address that is not a hotel. To apply for an O visa in Bangkok, I also need to show receipts/prepay three months of rent (new requirement of Bangkok Immigration). Thus to get the Embassy affidavit and open bank account, it seems
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