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  1. what version android you running ? if its only once every 1-2 months i would expect it may revert to "on" after an OS update as i said, you don't need apps for this, so first thing i would do is uninstall any apps that could interfere
  2. i was just about to edit to mention that called wifi+ on huawei phones, although it looks like they have removed it on huawei recently as i could no longer find it in settings if the phone has something named similar, better to disable it as it switches the phone to mobile data when wifi drops. Also delete any apps you have installed for this, as they are not needed and may actually be cause of the issue.
  3. Settings > mobile network > Mobile data > disable.
  4. anyone know any keto or carnivore restaurants anywhere ? (that cater for them and do not charge for unwanted cr4p they usually serve with the good stuff)
  5. He has been complaining about here for 15 years.......
  6. unconfirmed by myself but others have also stated on TVF if you extend a day or so after it expires you can get an extra year (minus how many days after you went)
  7. @khunPer @mijens @Stocky https://curiosmos.com/the-great-pyramid-of-giza-is-the-only-known-eight-sided-pyramid-in-existence/ Plenty of other sources if you need them Google is your friend.
  8. yep, the biggest challenge is getting connecting flights, as to not enter a country along the way, also many places are only possible Via the US which requires an E-TA even for transit this could be problematic depending on how they have setup the system during these times as a British passport could be denied regardless of the country you are travelling from etc. i have also not checked to see if any nonsense will happen during transit in US as i am unlikely to take any of those routes simply due to current cost compared to other options
  9. If you do not meet the entry requirements of your destination country it is unlikely that you would be allowed to board the plane to start with. Not yet confirmed if these are "connecting flights" as i stated, which means nothing is "proven" Many places yes, but not any country.
  10. is that with "connecting" flights, or would i need to enter any of the countries along the way ? i can find the flights you mention but they are NOT connecting, so one would need to enter Belgium, at which point you would be instructed to quarantine if it is at all possible for you to enter afaik Provide link please, if they are connecting flights as i stated in the comment you replied to. as i am trying to see every option possible in another thread Belgium: "On June 30th EU Member States approved a recommendation to reauthorize non-essential travel from certain third countries – outside of the EU+ States mentioned in the previous paragraph. Based on this European frame of reference, the Protocol Directorate will send a new verbal note as soon as the Belgian government will have evaluated when and under which conditions persons from these countries who are travelling for non-essential reasons will be allowed on Belgian territory again. Until then this kind of travel remains prohibited." https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/services/protocol/covid-19
  11. yep, all these lockdown measures during a period of time where the global population has increased by 40 million.
  12. how would it be defamation ? if he is wrongfully withholding your deposit and not returning it to you ? defamation, is when you make up stuff about people that will have a negative impact for them it would only be defamation if your comments are false
  13. the landlord will likely cave in as soon as they hear from a lawyer, if they are knowingly in the wrong after the 7 day period, you may also be better to take to social media and name and shame the landlord publicly who is tarnishing the good name of Thailand exploiting a stranded foreigner because his income has dropped due to covid get a friend to translate it all to Thai too
  14. thanks, not sure how i missed that paragraph personally i always refuse anything more than a 1 month deposit, i tell them i got no issue paying X extra months rent in advance, take it or leave it this will usually sway the landlord to accept it big problems that remains here (and many other countries) and probably the cause of issue is landlords are not required to keep deposits in separate bank accounts they just see all money coming to them as theirs which is why i never pay more than 1 month deposit as i know there is no guaranty the landlord will have MY money spare when i leave. But yeh as others pointed out, you signed the contract. but deposit also should have been returned to you within 7 days.
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