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  1. And the silly 90-day report. Talk about wasting space. They got one TM6 from me about eight years ago. Since then they have gotten 32 90-day reports, all for the same address.
  2. Look, I am not a smoker and am happy to have clean air. But I used to smoke and I have lots of friends that smoke. Many, many tourists from Japan, South Korea and Europe are smokers. They come here to relax. They'd like to sit and have a drink and a smoke. It is outlawed. Healthy or not, evil or not, that's the way it is. Why would these people come to a place where they can't sit, relax and have a drink and a smoke? It seems like a small thing, but it isn't. It is just as easy to go to Cambodia, Vietnam or somewhere else. As the heavy smoking restrictions sink in for regular visitors that smoke, they are simply going to give this place a miss. Have another look in five years. At least the air won't stink as much and there won't be so many butts littering the ground. Who needs smoking tourists anyway? Send them someplace else where they can enjoy themselves.
  3. "More than 40 per cent of farmers are still poor, with an average monthly income of Bt4,750, and they are moving to cities to work, so it’s time to believe in the sufficiency economy approach, which must be followed immediately, Veerathai said." Isn't it nice the way the wealthy people like Veerthai are always the ones pushing "sufficiency economy": I have mine. You stay down under my feet where you belong and be happy. Yeah, there are problems and most people are irresponsible, but the lure of seeing the haves with so much luxury is too much for some of the have nots to resist. And the shameless advertising lures people into believing that they, too, can have these things, get it now and the future will take care of itself. Instead of pushing the sufficiency economy, why don't these bandits tighten their own fat-waisted belts and support a paltry nationwide minimum wage of at least 1,000 baht a day?
  4. She would be a perfect fit to work at a Thai Immigration office. The specialize in taking "customer's" cash.
  5. Good heavens! Why are you so negative? This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black!!!
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