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  1. A long time ago we booked a holiday that means that my missus will be away from home on 24th March - the election date. I had heard that 17th March was an 'alternative' date for voting, for those who were unable to vote on the 24th. An enquiry at the local amphur office did not help; the staff were suggesting that 17th is reserved for government officials/employees. Does anyone know whether it is possible to vote in another province ?
  2. What about cancelling the appointment and claiming a refund..............then start again.
  3. So why do they quote a daily requirement for Schengen visas......................... not unlike financial requirements in Thailand - immigration have their pre-set numbers.
  4. Second worst border after Poipet. I would go a tad further to Chong sa Ngam.
  5. Does anyone have personal experience of how easy, or otherwise, it is to get this type of visa. Putting the financial information, police report and medical certificate together does not seem particularly onerous.
  6. Yes... THAT would be a distater - but I was replying to YOUR comment about 1 day having 'an effect'.
  7. That is true....... but at least Pattaya has 6 more days of Songkran in which to recover.
  8. There was no interpretation of those 3 words that was necessary for the referendum...................... it's the debacle that followed where interpretation caused the fork up.
  9. I am sure that we will both come away with our requested visas.
  10. If the costs of the trip are covered by capital then income is irrelevant. You don't think they have a formula ?
  11. My TW transfers are clearly identifiable.... showing as "Dummy branch MCL07416................ and can be cross-referred to the TW statement. Clearly identifiable if someone wants to see...
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