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  1. Dekem, I was not asked about TM30 but did one last year and had it if requested. I didn't ask what addtional information was needed and the officer never ask for any. My Wife did her's the same thing asked for addtional information had to go to Jomtien, showed her passport and given a new slip. Hope to be able to do my next one online, but if not then its a quick an easy just requires a trip to Jomtien. Regards Changbeer4me
  2. Tried to do online said more information needed go to Jomtien. Hoped on the bike passport and pervious 90 day paper slip. Arrived I was 3rd in que to get a number, got my number went to desk 4 . My number was on the screes (TV) already. Said hello gave passport scan of bar code not work , he placed my passport number took old paperwork out, printed a new slip attched in passport. It was just before 09:00am in and out in under 5 mins. Great and easy Thank You Desk 4 and staff at Jomtien Immigration. Changbeer4me
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