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  1. thanks, I had never head of that before. It may be useful in future.
  2. Ubon Joe, what are these extensions of stay you speak of and how do they relate to a Non B? Can you guide me to more information on this, please.
  3. well they will still be there until 17:00 at least
  4. Check this, but I believe if you leave the country and return before the end date of you Non B multi you will get another 90 days. Will that be long enough to fulfill your business requirements?
  5. Don't know at the airport but there are the yellow lockers popping up all over the BKK CBD. Not sure if it will help you or not, but there are some of the lockers in the overhead bridge between Union Mall, Central Lad Phrao and Phahon Yothin MRT station if that is any help. You might be able to do a dash down there before your flight if it is your general direction for your meet with friends. Never used them but here is their web page. https://www.lockbox-th.com/ Seems they do luggage transfer, too.. Might interest you. http://www.lockbox-th.com/luggage_delivery/
  6. Was it Eartha Kitta who did a great rendition of "At Last" or was it Etta James, or both of them did?
  7. Can't assist. But would you mind keeping this thread updated on what you find.
  8. Unfortunately I'm beginning to think this is the case with a branches of posters. One of my new internal warning signs for kep out a look out for people not understanding the subject at hand is when all encompassing statements like "All of the ____________" or "Everybody__________" or "they always _________". These may or may not be accompanied by slogans that hold little meaning or well known phrases have have been used as statements but unfortunately do not have relevant context.
  9. I don't need to. There are people in jail and pending court over the matter. Your trolling or pure incompetence knows no bounds. This time *blocked*
  10. From time to time I order mixed vegetables and instead of the oyster, mushroom, soy and sugar types, I get a a brown / biege coloured sauce with what look like split legumes in it. I assume it might be a soya bean paste. Whether it is or not, I'm not sure. Sorry I dont have a photo of it. Does anyone here know what the sauce might be and what it is colloquially known as?
  11. Do you understand the meaning of the latin you just wrote. By writing it it shows you do not. No fallacy at all. It would be remiss of the authorities to not to investigate further. That is the way western law works, generally speaking. Anyway, you have proved yourself to be a person not fit for any more retorts due to your slogans and inability to talk rationally on this discussion. You get no more of my time.
  12. Did you actually read my post? Because from your post I am really starting to question your ability to comprehend English. I have no idea if there was 'collusion' or not. But neither do you. The findings have not been released. There are *crickets* because the only sane and logical thing to do it wait until the report is released to a wider audience. So are you saying that even though some of Trump's team members were found to have lied about business dealing for multi million dollar property development under oath, lied about getting access to stolen emails from a person in office and other indiscretions, was not grounds to investigate further?
  13. The point is that whatever the report states, is that there were discussions with other nations by Trumps team. That has been established. Some of those team lied about the meetings. That in itself is justification to investigate the claims further. The investigation has since found other lies from Trump leadership team. It would have been a dereliction of duty to not investigate further. It is disturbing that people within arm's reach all ending up in legal strife can be so closely associated with such an office of power. To my mind, the thinking here is that the law and the credibility of the US legal and political systems is paramount. If Trump and his team were confident they had done nothing wrong, why didn't they just let justice take it's due course? A lot of issues found during this investigation were outside the scope of the Mueller investigation. These issues have been handed over to other authorities to continue the trails. It will be interesting to see whether there was any findings noted in the report, and if there were findings, how they are presented. Will the report be aiming for a quick response or will the report writer be looking at the long game?
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