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  1. I get this... I lived in Japan for a while and friends I had there used to tell me they could tell when I ate pork - especially bacon.. I don't eat that no and I didn't bother to correlate their assumptions with their comments but I have no reason to doubt them. I agree some nationalities have different natural body odor. I think diet plays a big part and that is why some Thai's take big note of Indians. A lot of their food has a different spice base to Thai food. I also ways wear CK or one of the variants and deodorant but my current girlfriend always wants me to not wear deo before I go for a jog. She likes the smell of me with the CK and natural sweat... I think she is mad. I stink after a workout. I have known western girls who like the same smell. But my current girl is the only Thai woman who I have known who like the raw Farangwithaplan - in - a can scent. Yinn, Do you like the smell of your man after exercise or do you want him to shower straight away? ------ OP, I don't think people will be offended by liniments used here. There are boxing liniments, tiger blam type rubs and the like. It's all good.
  2. Is it a phone, a computer, what? Is is android, Mac or Windows? If Windows it might be because of old updates and backup of pre-old updates. If it Windows, look here. They can tell you in short time what it would take ages to type out. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-properly-remove-windowsold-folder-windows-10 If you have questions after reading that link, be sure to ask here.
  3. Crossy, I really don't know what I need. I have a lot of reading to do. I had to look up Ohms law because it had been so long since I had to use it. I just assumed that an adjustable 0-12 volt power supply would be useful to cover from automotive power to ESP boards at 3.3 volts. Methinks I have a lot more reading to do. The posts in this thread already have given me food for thought. Thanks for the offer Recom. In the short term I have decided to go with the Lolin NodeMCU V3 ESP 12e based development boards. Mainly because of the USB power input as well as pin variable regulated input power, a 5v out pin when connected via USB and the built in WiFi. The multiple pin outs and the fact the board is ready to go out of the box all for about 150 baht per unit. That makes it a no-brainer for a newby like me. The board also works well in the Arduino IDE space and with Python. I played with the Web Server script last night and it was quite intuitive.
  4. Yes, it is a short walk from Sam Yot... A lot of the stores outside the plaza seem to be selling CCTV, Audio amps and speakers and Strip LED and down lights from what I can see. I arrived about 5.30pm and only about 50% of the shops in the Plaza were open so I'm not sure if I got there late or business has slowed. I saw a few places with a lot of Arduino based 3D printer kits and a lot of spares. The shop I bought from had ESP And Adruino and possibly Pi stuff, too.
  5. I nipped into Old Siam and found Ban Moh Plaza. Helpful people on the second floor found what I wanted. Thanks for the tip. The place closed at 18.00. Website of the stall that I used was http://www.prakito.com/. Thanks.
  6. I am just starting to play with electronics on Arduino / ESP boards and the like and am looking for an adjustable power supply say up to 12 volts. I realise Adruinio runs and 5v but I would like to play with stepping down. I don't want to spend a fortune as I am not building rockets but just something that will do the job I need. Also I hear the ESP boards are quite fickle on the power input. Some can only accept between 3 and 3.3 volts or their smoke escapes. Will this be a problem with cheap adjustable power supplies? On the ESP boards, I could just select ones that are fed via USB if a power supply I need to do the job is very expensive. Any ideas on what I should be paying for something for a beginner unit? Also, please excuse my bad terminology. Feel free to correct it is I have used any wrong terms.
  7. I'm looking to buy small quantities of resistors, pot, LEDs, and the like at a local store. I know I can buy only but also want to know a place locally that I can walk into to buy a few bits and pieces if I need something in a hurry. Anywhere at Bang Sue, Chatuchak, over to PinKlao would be handy. Any ideas?
  8. I made no such assumption. You could not possibly have come to that conclusion correctly based on my post. I clearly stated that it made no difference whether or not it existed. Either way, Trump has done wrong with the simple suggestion. You either have very poor comprehension or you are using deflection tactics to attempt to make a lie you have just told become a truth.
  9. Look at the top level of most shopping malls. There are usually some language class businesses found in such locations.
  10. It does no such thing. Transpose that to two of Trump's sons and his son-in-law. Why are their positions in the government allowed to continue when they have private business with the very countries they deal with in diplomatic (and I use that term very loosely) channels? How do you see a conflict of interest in Biden's son, but not Trump's sons? Biden was cleared by independent government investigations already. Trump overruled Governments recommendations to give people close to him security clearances. Think about that. How is that justified? Trump overruled the very security body that vets people for clearances. And you are concerned about Biden's son... Wow.
  11. Also interesting to see how Dr Fiona Hill's legal counsel responded to the White House's push to stop her from testifying. Look here: Interesting read. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/14/politics/letter-hill-attorneys-wh/index.html
  12. What does a Quid Pro Quo have to do with this matter. The was a Trump smokescreen to deflect from the real issue. The mere fact (and it is a fact. Trump's team released the transcript) that Trump personally asked for a favour to have a foreign body discredit one of Trump's opponents is the issue. And it is a very serious one. That Trump implied he would hold back funding may or may not be a Quid Pro Quo but it is irrelevant to whether or not he has a case to answer. If you don't agree, please do counter with you case of why you feel I am wrong. This thing is only going to grow. People who have put up with Trump are now feeling confident that they can tell the truth about all the concerns they have. You could not blame them for not speaking out earlier. Like everyone, staffers have families to support and mortgages to pay. But now, the truth is starting to come out and the dam wall of fear that Trump has reigned with is starting to crumble. The ramifications of what we are seeing will resonate for years to come. Trump may not get impeached but he is about to feel a world of comfortableness that he will not be able to strong arm himself out of. People around him will fall and Trump will start pushing people over soon enough so they act as pillows to soften his landing as best he can. Trumps's criminal strong arm actions work very well - until they don't.
  13. I saw your irony. Another irony is that it your irony is not specific to just one denomination. Christianity is not far behind Buddhist doctrines in the "giving" realms. So Why is Christianity's 'greed' less relevant than Buddhist "greed" In reference to my post you responded to? I like debate and discussion. I am happy for this train of thought to continue.
  14. how many grids wide do you want it to be top left corner to top right corner. How many grids wide to you want the secondary grid? How many grids do you want in the secondary grid? Do you just want the grids to be superimposed on the picture? What colour do you want the grid lines to be? Do the grid lines have to be a particular thickness or just generally thin?
  15. Hmmm, then why is Greed one of the deadly sins in Christianity?
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