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  1. Just now Google says weather forecast is at the machine http://www.tmd.go.th and radar is at weather.tmd.go.th, but nslookup gives a server failure for both of those machines, that is, the government has not told the Internet name server tree where the name server for TMD is, or there is a name server but it did not respond to a question or sent back a garbage answer. > www.tmd.go.th *** UnKnown can't find www.tmd.go.th: Server failed > weather.tmd.go.th *** UnKnown can't find weather.tmd.go.th: Server failed Without knowing their IP address, nothing can c
  2. Thanks. There is a "View New Content" link at the bottom of web pages with the URL "https://forum.thaivisa.com/discover/24/"; I assume 24 is the count of how many items have new content. There is a pale blue box at the top of a discussion web page with the word "Follow", and a count of how many others are also following the item. How does one un-follow a discussion, to stop being notified about it?
  3. On an ordinary discussion page, I see a wide left hand column with people's responses, and a narrow right hand column with ads, and pointers to apparently the currently most active items (not the newest items: for example, "90 day reporting now available online" has hundreds or thousands of responses and pops up and down in spurts -- immigration makes a stupid change that breaks something, it gets discussed for a while, then the item goes quiet until immigration's next stupid mistake). The right hand column, e.g. Every thread now goes to page one, not the page of last post read.
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