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  1. Maybe the owner will show up to pick up the goodies. It is private property.
  2. I guess he is still looking for attention after death. Poor parents.
  3. All those rich Thai Chinese seem to be so arrogant and treat the poor Thais like garbage. I feel sorry for the majority of the Thai population. They have the farangs coming to Thailand and stealing their precious babies. But that is not enough, they have to deal daily with the wealthy Chinese treating them like slaves. Just another day in paradise.
  4. I had to fight this poor drunk Thai when I was in Thailand a couple years ago. This ar*se got home and tried to hit his sister and her daughter. I pushed the guy and he went flying against the fence. Then he stands up and try to hit his sister again. I throw him to the ground and hold him. His sister and her daughter started to kicked him. His mother shows up and ask me to let him go. It is pathetic to fight a drunk person that can barely stand up. I am not a coward and I felt sorry for this poor guy. She had a small frame and I could have hurt him really bad or even killed him. I felt sorry for his mother, she would miss her drinking partner.
  5. Nothing new here. In New York lots parents pay their doctors to diagnose their bubala with ADD so the poor bubala can have more time to take their exams. It is a rotten world out there. Being honest does not take you very far. It is all about lying and cover up as long you don't get caught, everything is fine.
  6. It reminds me about this cab driver that wanted to stop by the side of the road to take a leak or sh*t while the meter was running. I told him "No". I wish I had said "Yes" because this ar*se hole sh*t in his pants and I had to smell the perfume for another fifteen minutes of my trip.
  7. Bubala can go back to mom now. I just wonder if this Bubala will be able to keep his job as school teacher.
  8. The Chinese is creating those real estate bubbles where they move to. They destroyed San Francisco. SF is a sh*thole filled with drug addicts and homeless people.
  9. Are all the hotels in Thailand owned by the Chinese? It seems like. Bangkok is like San Francisco on steroids with cold, rude and phony people.
  10. Cross the street; walk on the sidewalk with wires hanging over your head; swim in their green thick waters canals; smell the perfumes coming from unknown sources as you walk on the sidewalks as the delicious street food.
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