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  1. I stopped using the taxi's in BKK after many times getting refused. Now i use grab (again handy to have a phone with data) or my own car or bike. I love GPS as (i admit) am stupid when it comes to roads and locations. Its also comes in quite handy when I go on trips to other provinces. But yes to each his or her own, i love having a phone with some data its so easy to look things up or to kill time with when I have to wait. But you wont catch me behind my phone all the time when eating with friends. If i were to travel alone in the BTS you could catch me looking at it 99% of the time. But then again what else is there to do until you reach your destination. I love music and i love spotify, was amazed when i really started using it. No longer do i have to collect songs and store them somewhere (and lose them) Now i can get all the music i want all the time. (dont even need data for it if you got a phone with some memory, you just download the songs you like)
  2. I guess you don't understand how it works. I wont be quarantined because of Lek her flue. This will only happen when a test shows she got corvid. Where did you read that people were made to quarantine without a positive test with on Lek for corvid
  3. Yes i heard as much its too balance out the tinfoil hat people like you. Too bad I dont qualify for MENSA.. not high enough.
  4. Politicians might lie but I never seen a president that lied as much as Trump and does as many U turns as Trump. Constantly lying shifting the blame even burning allies to keep himself safe. Trump really is the worst, I normally don't really care about American presidents one way or the other but the things this one says and does is so extreme and stupid that i formed an opinion about it. Yes your right part of the problem is a two party system. I already said that could be a possible reason for voting for him even when they realize he is a liar and a cheat.
  5. In my opinion the electronic one is better as i have my doubts about the paper version. But maybe I am wrong. I mean its easier to use a database. Will they actually collect those papers and put them in the system and will they be available when a case is found. But then again I would hope so i just prefer electronics.
  6. Yes I would be alerted and told to self quarantine. A good thing in my opinion. Just imagine you know nothing and you got infected by lek you visit an elderly friend infect him and he dies. Would you prefer that ? I dont worry about getting sick myself but worry about infecting my friends and family. I like to know if i am at risk or not.
  7. Then bring your own pen and fill in the form (i mean one complaint is that the pen is used a lot). I still think that the data collected in a electronic database is much better. Having a data plan does not mean your 99% of the time in front of a phone. It means you can use your phone to stream audio to your car from spotify and have a working gps with google maps when traveling. All for a couple of 100 bt a month.
  8. Yes that is exactly what I said, voting for a habitual liar is not a smart thing to do. Unless you disagree with the statement that voting for a habitual liar is a stupid thing to do. I know for a fact I am more intelligent then at least half the Americans. Given the fact that my IQ has been tested between 124 and 135 (8 different tests). Given that the average IQ is around a 100 so its a safe bet. This however does not mean I am brighter then each and every Trump voter. You know how averages work. Point was more how could anyone vote for someone like Trump who lies constantly. I gave one reason for smart people to vote Trump and that was that if they thought it was better to have an mental midget of a president who lies as a habit then a democrat. It just blows my mind that people can still defend the liar.
  9. Just went to the makro scanned the qr code in got refered to the thaichana site and clocked in (less then one min asked for my phone nr that was all). Then after i was done shopping i checked out with the qr code and had to do a small survey about if the staff wore masks if hand sanitizer was there ect. (took a bit more time think 30 seconds). So easy no problems at all no app involved just a QR code that helps logging in on a website that ONLY collects your phone nr. This is far better then using a pen on paper and this shows how long you were in the shop so it helps for better contact tracing as now they have to alert a smaller group (just those who were there at the same time) not all day. I really dont understand those crazy foreigners who have so much problems following the rules. Seems like a great system.
  10. More people voted against him as for. Yes he won but can you call it a democracy when more people vote for someone and you still lose. I think Trump voters are not really bright but then again maybe some of them voted for him only because they hated the other side more. But its one of the least intelligent presidents ever (and that says a lot if you include Bush Jr).
  11. Yea you mention 30% while your article brings up 20% do you think the PROFESSIONALS at the economist dont know about the sex trade and have not added it. You even see it mentioned in WIKI so they are aware. So why you ad an extra 10% i dont know. Maybe to make it look even worse then it is. But you have no facts to back it up at all.
  12. Never defended China, just trash the west compared to Thailand and other asian countries. Sad part is that people dont want to admit that the west has done horribly waiting far to long thinking it would only affect asia. UK one of the worst hit per capita kept letting people in by plane and other means. I always ask why such racism about Thailand while people start to cry the moment their home country is attacked. If i said only half the things about the Europe or the US people that are often mentioned about Thais id be banned for life. You also see that Thaibashing post get really high likes while anything that comments about Europeans or americans gets almost none. Lot of older white guys who have a blind spot for their own country but seem to bash Thailand and Thais at every turn.
  13. Mutated strain.. give me some proof of that as nobody has given that as a reason in the official briefings. Cold might play a role but has not been really proven how much it does. I guess you really don't know Thailand well as BKK for instance is as busy as London and people live close together go in public transport more packed then the UK. Outside of BKK you got factories where they work in cramped conditions. I guess your one of those nationalists that can't admit to anything substantial (thanks for the remark on contact tracing). Even my country same conditions as in the UK has only half the amounts of deaths per capita. So the UK screwed it up royally and you still dont want to admit they did it worse then Thailand. I guess nationalism blinds people as the UK is one of the worst countries for corvid per capita and still you trump your chest and act like everything is fine. In Thailand there are temprature checks everywhere masks required and hand washing too. I havent heard about that in my country. Have you heard about it in the UK ?. What i have noticed that especially Americans and Europeans hate the contract tracing rules (read on the forum) and wearing masks. So that is a difference too. Testing has nothing to do with it at all as I am talking about deaths not contagions. You can hide contagions by not testing but overflowing hospitals you cannot hide. That is why i use it as a measure. Even if the amount of Thais that died are 10x the official number its still lower as in the UK and my country the Netherlands. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/05/world/europe/coronavirus-united-kingdom-national-health-service.html (just a quick google on ICU bed in UK they all say they are overflowing)
  14. Not a hypocrite at all.. I guess your from the UK not wanting to accept the failure of your country (one of the worst in Europe). My country has half the rate and is still light years away from Thailand in death rate. You call it luck (part of it might be so) but Thailand has taken far more measures as my country. So its not all luck. Whenever i call and tell people about the temperature checks, the masks, the hand sanitizer and now the tracking they all say oh we dont do any of that over here. Limited testing has nothing to do with deaths. You cant hide deaths not if they are in the numbers of the UK and my country. The ICU was almost overflowing it was a real concern. If Thailand had this then we would have seen it. So its not about testing. I guess many Europeans and Americans just don't want to admit that their governments screwed up and that they handled it poorly. If it was just the hot weather then why is it such a problem in South America (also higher temperatures not as high as in Thailand but still). Most people take every opportunity to bash the Thais and then when their own home countries are doing bad they are finding all kinds of excuses why its not so. Guess the nationalistic feelings never go away for some.
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