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  1. Actually you got it wrong and Yellowtail got it right. I know farmers are not really economically schooled. But its supply and demand that shows you what you can sell your product for. It does not really matter how much you paid for labor if the market wont pay you more for your product then that is it. So while it is your biggest cost its not going to influence your sales price. Unless you are the only one selling and then you can increase your price. Its up to farmers to produce the products for the price the market demands. If they can't its their loss or they should all up thei
  2. No they did not all shoot the gun together, but they created the circumstances that led to the death of the bystander. So yea its normal that the ringleaders and the one that shot get punished more harshly. I do agree about the inequality of the law. But I really find it a good thing that they came down hard on these guys. Just imagine your walking past somewhere all of a sudden a fight starts and you get caught up in it and get wounded or die. Total disregard for other life. But yes they could procecute HISO's faster and harsher too.
  3. Just for the record I am more scared of getting caught up in something like this where groups of people attack and someone gets killed then a personal attack at me to kill me. I really feel that the sentence is justified, because someone died. The gunman is the main responsible of course but also those that helped start the fight. This is not simple brawling (if nobody died and some light injured sure). A gun was used. I really do feel that stuff like this that totally gets out of hand and leaves someone dead need to be dealt with harslhy. Sure the HISO's
  4. 25 years for brawling.. are we reading the same article. A guy got shot and died ? I don't call that just brawling. 25 years is a good sentence for killing someone.
  5. Your right of course HiSo's get extension after extension. But this was really shocking huge fight broad daylight and a death. So an example had to be made. But yes I think that that PTP politician that killed the rich guy and maybe his (ex) wife and tried to escape and murder of a judges brother is getting of with lighter punishment and less swift action. (strange actually as the guy was in the opposition and they normally come down hard on those)
  6. In this case a seatbelt might have led to the same result as it might have been hard to get out of with the car getting submerged and all. (and yes I wear seatbelts but in the Netherlands people sometimes drown with seatbelts when they drive into a canal)
  7. This is about national debt. Next time get it right if you want to bash Thailand.
  8. Maybe they should change some drug laws. Once canabis is legal things will change a bit. But also for the harder stuff. Charges of possession of a users amount should be low or none. For distribution and sale sure put them in jail. I don't see the crime in people doing drugs (as long as they dont bother others). Too many people in jail for drugs and just testing positive can be enough to land in jail. Not many countries in the world that are that strict. The war against drugs has been lost. Best to make some sensible rules and live with it.
  9. But basically this system they have now in the US makes it impossible for smaller parties to ever get a grip on the country. As you have to have loads of votes to matter. This system is geared against change. Then again in The Netherlands we got too many small parties. So that can be a problem too.
  10. It would be fair if each vote had the same weight. Now it does not and yes if it means that large cities and liberal strongholds rule as a result that is then ok with me. It would be ok the other way around too. For me in real democracies each vote will have the same weight. I have no jealousy towards Americans at all. You can imagine all you want if i could choose what country I was born I would still choose the one i came from. Its far fairer then the US. I have interests in the UK too and in other countries, does not mean jealousy at all. If a system is outdated or
  11. Its not a matter what is good or bad its what democracy is. Each person gets a vote and each vote counts as much as the other vote. That is democracy. The US is not a true democracy. Facts are a hard thing from Trump supporters, guess most of them are not liberals. So yes I can see why they would not like a popular vote they would never win again. The last election was not even won by majority. Simply undemocratic. Just that a system is the way it is and was made that way centuries ago does not mean its the most fair. Things move on and better systems are made. Still i
  12. Don't seem to have problems with Samsung, did have a 2TB ssd m2 get destroyed but as it had a 5 year warrantee it was replaced. Samsung tv and monitors seem good. My Samsung phones seem to last long enough (more then 3 years)
  13. Of course he says could there are no definitive figures yet. Its just a estimate, they wont be sure until after they know what kind of deal and how long covid lasts. Only then can they really say what was more damaging. But this is a prediction based on what they know now. I think these guys are more qualified then you to make such remarks as they have the data to back this up. You on the other hand have only DENIAL. But then again everyone with some brains knows BREXIT will cost the UK money. Probably the EU too but with the EU its spread over many countries so the im
  14. ATM more at one time makes it cheaper. Get a Thai bank account wire from your foreign account to Thai large sums will be cheap again too.
  15. Depends how you read it if you read it with a negative mindset then yes. But its basically just the government trying to bring out some good news that they are making money that its not all that bad ect ect. They do it every time like Thailand will be hub of or Thailand will exploit this. Its just economics they are a bit more honest about it then western countries. Dont you think the western pharmaceutical companies will take advantage of the rest of the world (or do you think they will sell their stuff at cost) They are not as blunt as Thailand in their remarks but its basically the same.
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