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  1. I am atheist, that is why i put the part of god fearing there as its just a stupid to have laws based on religion. I agree about it being between them problem is that you got pimps and such and forced prostitution. In the Netherlands we have it legal but it still causes problems. The biggest problem is that criminals force people to work as prostitutes. That is actually my only problem with it. Also I am pro drugs as long as you just use it and don't bother people with it (or operate vehicles when high). But that is just me i believe in personal freedom.
  2. Prayut is just a lot smarter then you guys give him credit for. He has finally realized (or his keepers) that to put him in a debate would make sure he would never get any votes given that he can't control his temper and can't debate. Would be fun to see him lose a debate and lose his cool.
  3. Not where he did it, otherwise he would have problems. I was being sarcastic. I am pro prostitution (if not forced of course). But seriously he got caught.. too bad for him. Same if i get caught here for something.
  4. Then vote and make prostitution legal in the US. Why leave him alone for laws he chose to break that a majority of god fearing US citizen think are just and right.
  5. That is for sure, you need to keep active to stay in the game. It certainly improves quality of life.
  6. I once almost got T boned on my bike because some idiot thought it was fun to jump a light. You expect that at the beginning or end of a cycle.. not halfway through. It was at night, i came back from fishing, real scary, could have been whiped out.
  7. Good you learned your lesson there are few things i dislike more then people who drink and drive (or get stoned and drive). Risking the lives of others for own pleasure ranks really low for me. I lost someone to a drunk driver in the past. I don't have a problem with people doing drugs or alcohol as long as they don't drive. People should be free to do what they want as long as they don't bother / endanger others. Its a good thing they finally start to punish people for drinking and driving though the chances of getting caught are pretty low still. Only time i ever got checked was in Pattaya never in BKK where i live. 70.000, quite high, was that just the fine or did you have to pay damages to the other party. I would think that driving under the influence would mean no insurance cover. Where I come from the insurance still pays out to the other party but then claims it back at the person drinking and driving.
  8. https://youtu.be/_C5i2YuvxF4 80 years and doing 190 kg, I can only hope ill be able to pull that off when I am 80. Good motivation to keep lifting weights. Strange that people always come down on heavy lifting and now i see an 80 year old do a 190 kg deadlift pul.
  9. I also don't understand if this goes on it will mean more costs for the retailers. However what I know is that kingpower got one lease and then sub let it to others. So 15-18 might be for king power and then others might have paid to king power on top of that. So its hard to say if they are going to pay more. But it looks more expensive, but its hard to say without knowing the true details of the kingpower deal.
  10. Problem with these studies is that they are done on people with non healthy life styles. Usually if you eat a lot of these meats you do other bad things too. As far as I know the OP is an sports man who takes care of his diet. Not saying there are no risks but many of these studies look at correlation but that is not the same as causation. But its a fair warning.
  11. Interesting topic, i will keep an eye on it. Smoked meat and fish can be healthy and an easy way to keep to a diet. I looked into smoking too but decided against it as I thought it would be too much of a hassle. I will check up on the topic to see.
  12. I do on all my PC's actually just a matter of having the right cards (onboard in this case) and good cables.
  13. I don't think so, and as a foreigner you might end up getting kicked out.
  14. The person sitting on the other person is just crazy. Real bad taste to do something like that. In public transport you just have to be lucky to get a seat, first come first serve. And the answer to the question what would you do if a woman sat down on my on a train depends on how the woman looks her age and so on
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