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  1. Income letters only for 3 embassies that refused to check documents. All other embassies give them still. So not really a problem for most of us, it was unfair before with people from the US just having to swear to something and done. Leaving in money longer is a bit of a drag but also not too bad. TM30 is a bit of a nuisance i agree.
  2. They should condemn the Thai woman too, she was in on it benefited too. Two of them are lowlives living off someone and then discarding her like trash. Good that they got the guy but i feel the Thai woman is not innocent either.. she could have protested / informed the cops.
  3. Have you ever had a drunk or someone drinking agreeing with police readouts. I used to follow Dutch reality tv and they all claimed they drank just a bit and made up excuses. Why would it be different here.
  4. Refreshing point of view, indeed not a shakedown, the guy was over the limit and was lucky enough to pay to escape further problems. Don't drink and drive and the problem wont occur.
  5. Its a bit longer then that but not as bad as people make it out to be. But people expecting life to be easy when you live in an other country then your own are a bit naive especially in a country like this.
  6. Hard indeed to fathom for me too. But to each his or her own. I lose money if I dont have a phone.
  7. The horror of the peasants having a good phone too.. maybe one better as a foreigner. I am sure you were shaking your head all the time.
  8. I am sure different documents are needed, i can remember getting a drivers license for my Thai ex in the Netherlands was not as easy as getting one for a Dutch person. More papers were needed. Kinda the same as here. But good job trying to make a rant look positive its at least amusing.
  9. Its amazing that its harder to get a driving license in a foreign country then in your own. What an amazing concept. I wonder how tourists get a license in Oz.. im sure its easy
  10. Michiel de Ruyter, the guy that burned the English fleet in its port. I would say that was an accomplishment.
  11. Because in my book murderers are scum of the earth, no real need to condemn them. It actually goes without saying. But your right.. i should have said something about it. Just get bored with this remark.
  12. The murderer is a piece of ... but his actions should not taint all Thais, I mean are all KIWI's wife beaters ? We saw one in the news breaking the leg of a Thai woman. Reasoning like this is just racist and crazy. Instead of condemning the action if this idiot guy people use it to slander all Thais. Just does not work in my book like that. Plus i do huge dislike of people who need to bring others down to feel better about themselves.
  13. Its often used by foreigners who need to put others down to feel they are better then someone else. Having not amounted to much themselves they rather put people down.
  14. Its real bad when a phone gets stolen, its not about the value of a phone though mine is expensive. But the data and the apps and stuff access to banks all needs to be placed back. Its a real hassle when you lose your phone.
  15. I think i seen something like this in the Netherlands too in some parties. But can't be sure. But I can see both sides of the argument. I like future forward a lot, i have no real opinion as there are arguments for both sides. But i get what you mean that they should represent their constituents first. But we dont even know what he voted on that was against the party line and how it influenced constituents.
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