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  1. I don't think so, and as a foreigner you might end up getting kicked out.
  2. The person sitting on the other person is just crazy. Real bad taste to do something like that. In public transport you just have to be lucky to get a seat, first come first serve. And the answer to the question what would you do if a woman sat down on my on a train depends on how the woman looks her age and so on
  3. VocalNeal was right after some more checking its not going on a bus but on a truck. They have so many trucks going south that there are offices there where you can bring heavy stuff like this that will be put on a truck and then send. Probably going to send it tomorrow or Monday, will take a lot of pictures of the whole process to make sure it goes well. I am happy that i sold my weights (i replaced them with rubber bumper plates that make less sound when put down).
  4. Why bother with stuff like that just get a Gik in the time your partner has the curse. Then you don't have to think about issues like this.
  5. Well said Sir, what is the world coming too. Soon us whiteys can't bash Thais at each and every turn either denying us of feeling superior by kicking someone down. What a sad world it is with changes like this, in the old days it was always better.
  6. Your accusing me of being anti Thai, that is the funniest thing I have heard all year (year is still young). I am usually accused of being a Thai apologist on a regular scale. So your remark is totally baseless. I also don't understand what this has to do with being anti Thai as I made no negative remarks about Thais just about this guy who was lying through his teeth. He was the only one reporting the dog has bitten people. Other Thais said it was not but that was indeed not in the report but heard by local sources. Anyway If you think its a good idea to have people with unlicensed guns shooting up the public space.. be my guest maybe move to the US. I prefer professionals to handle it and not random crazy private people.
  7. He is alive just browsing the forum less. I still PM with him. He is also training a bit different now. We all have our ups and downs. I know I have them then I make less use of the health part of the forum too.
  8. I critisized the guard for shooting a puppy that had done nothing. This however is a totally different situation where the dogs are proven to be a danger. Two totally different situations. I would also not condone it if people without care and a license to carry a gun would start shooting in public. I am not an American so I don't like guns and see the dangers with idiots handeling guns. A culling of problem dogs by professionals is a good thing, the shooting of a puppy that was not a problem dog (excuse of the guy shooting the dog) by a guy with no license and an illegal gun in a public place is a problem.
  9. Sounds like a solution but the problem is how much do you trust the trucker, what if he just takes off with the weights and sell them as scrap iron. That is the only risk i can see so far.
  10. Yes its clearly unsustainable 2000 bt a month, unless they really cut military spending a lot. I never like it when policies are made and not shown how they are really going to finance it. It looks fake. I understand why they give it to everyone, i mean sorting it for wealth would make it hard and open for corruption. This way no corruption could get into the system. Maybe that weighs up for paying the rich its not as if there are that much rich Thais. Still i find giving out free money like that NOT a a good policy, almost sounds like a bribe.. vote for me then. This policy could be crazy expensive.
  11. Just looked at the post website 110 or 120 bt per 25 kg, that is not too much IMHO. I doubt they will be real happy with me but still. I would have to have it registered so it is sure to go there.
  12. I am not sure, would have to find out the costs. It was the Thai guy that came up with the idea not me. I never really thought about it.
  13. Why they vote red, simple the alternative is not much better and they feel loyal towards the PTP. add to that that there are no good other alternatives plus village heads and others encourage people to vote red. I don't see why they should NOT vote red, who else should they vote for what party is a lot better then the PTP ? Democrats.. not really also corrupt. Fact is they just choose the least worst option in their opinion. I agree that the PTP is not there for the people, but then again none of them really are. That is why i comment on all of them. Its quite simple, whoever gets voted in tosses some scraps to their supporters and lives like a king of corruption and acts like the opposition does not count so no explanation of any corruption scandals. Kinda like how the junta is ignoring it now when it concerns their own. I dislike the PTP and Thaksin but they are not that much different from the Junta, Democrats whoever. They are all in it for themselves, i have yet to see a Thai government that would be actively changing laws for the better instead of trying to push through corrupt scemes and policies that benefits their pockets. Who do you see as good ? I think future forward might be good.. but he is unproven.
  14. Just sharing experiences i guess, showing how fast things can go wrong without doing anything wrong themselves.
  15. Your right i forgot to engage my brain and read the article well. I though this was a new case, I don't understand why its news that they add extra charges to this guys sentence. Its funny before I was always pro showing crimes of foreigners in my own country, but here i see that when its publicised too much it can turn whole groups of people against innocent foreigners (i mean those of us who are not criminals). All this bad news could taint the view people have of foreigners. Big joke with his constant media attention is not a good thing IMHO. A bit of positive news once in a while would be better.
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