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  1. But if they do that then the numbers will go up and the PM will look bad. So i doubt it will happen. They will keep testing up to a certain level and not above. Too many infected will mean a bad look for the PM. Just my thoughts though.. because they seem to be going pretty slow with the testing in those areas. Maybe they worry about the number of beds too. Who knows just know they could do more if they wanted too. Maybe a money thing
  2. I doubt that is the case, they are not stupid in the UK or Europe. Do you really think they give up all and gain nothing ?
  3. I think its not about scaremongering its about the lies the government keeps telling the populace. Now that they can't get the vaccines all of a sudden its not a problem because they could not get the logistics done. That just sounds like an other excuse, a stupid one at that as they have long enough to get that done. They should have prepared before. So I think people are not scaremongering but complaining.
  4. Sure but most people are not like you they don't give up that easy they cling to life. I am thinking more in line with you though dying because of diabetes is a bit too much you can manage it quite well. I would prefer to die too with certain diseases instead of going to a hospital. Researched my way out already. But for stuff you can recover from relatively ok an insurance is a good thing.
  5. Quite simple you act is if an accountant has a say in these decisions they don't the report and suggest its the CEO that decides. There is a clear difference in what the job is. Also when you use accountant it often refers to people from outside the organization that do the books. They also would never be able to make the decisions. Fact remains the role of an accountant is an advising one, the role of a CEO is the one that makes the decisions and takes into account more then what an accountant says. Im an accountant (external kind) but even when I was doing the books
  6. Still its not the accountants that make the decision you write it yourself. Its management not accountants. Accountants can suggest (depending on the kind) but never makes the decision. So by your own admission your wrong. Im pretty sure the accountant in the State Electricity Commission did not have the final say in this at all.
  7. Thanks i misread, my mistake. Seems im not as good at reading as i thought. I usually get it right. Thanks I concur with your opinion. Its not hard but it is expensive when older.
  8. Not if you take care of all of them. Personally 0 kids never plan on having them either.
  9. I think its then pretty stupid of Brits that when they go to an other country they don't think about it. My own country has free healthcare to. But because we pay for an insurance and part from our salary we know healthcare is not free. But its just a big oversight moving to an other country and not thinking of healthcare.
  10. Why can you understand it for older people. They are in fact more at risk then younger to get into a hospital and end up in trouble. I got crusified when i said one should have a health insurance in this country (or be insured under the Thai system through a job or family). Health insurance is important if you can't afford it should you really be here. Either you bankrupt yourself or expect the underfunded Thai healthcare to pay for it. Pre covid many seemed to be of the mindset if something happens i fly home. Now that is a lot harder.
  11. I have yet to meet people who like being in a hospital. Maybe if not sick and really cute nurses. But in general people don't like hospitals. Yes it would have been crazy if his wife was at home with covid and he alone had to go to a hospital.
  12. she should not stop in the middle of the road its dangerous. No way of knowing if she turned off her bike (no real light then) or not. The guy probably drove too fast but to have a stationary object in the middle of the road all of a sudden would have had a lot of us in trouble too (me for sure) others better drivers would probably have no problem. I just know that even if im not going fast and all of a sudden there is a stationary object that is not well lit i have a problem.
  13. I seen the problems first hand, at my GF her company they had 10 people who had covid (some serious too one in ICU). But only 1 was counted as he had the second test from the goverment to confirm. Basically they won't count a test unless a second test has been done by the government. Its a easy way to keep numbers low.
  14. I just wonder what the real rules are, i get it parties with loads of people and alcohol. But how many are allowed should be clear. I thought the 20 was for everyone not just registered events. Would be nice if this was clear. I am sure people still receive friends and eat at home with friends. So what limits are there.
  15. Dont worry Colin in the Phuket part of the forum we got Brit rule breakers. Seems those with roots in that island don't know how to behave Then again im a Dutch rule breaker, i tought up to 20 people were allowed. I got friends coming over for gym sessions. Now i wonder how many people you can have in your own home.
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