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  1. Europe and the US have been overrun so please stop posting non sense and irrelevant stuff. Brazil is a good example just not one that you want to know. Thing is i get it nobody likes the travel restrictions and lockdowns. But it makes sure that hospitals can cope. The UK and Netherlands came again close to having problems. Not to mention of all operations that were postponed because of the COVID epidemic. The problems are far larger then you like to acknowledge. Nobody wants to hurt the economy. For the west to go this far there is surely a threat. We seen in the US what bad manag
  2. No just read how good Brazil is doing.... If you don't do something your country will be overrun with the virus. Its a bit tiresome of course opening everything up would be good but then you got people dying like flies like in Brazil. Do your research a bit more please. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/03/world/americas/brazil-covid-variant.html
  3. True, that would be my reason to do it, however something like that might be in the pipeline. Once you got your shot your safe too. Also not something to forget. Though the risk in Thailand is low. But mainly for traveling.
  4. I have no problem paying for this, let them make some profit it gets you in front of the line. I dont think 4000 bt is too much for this.
  5. Problem is (and im paying for netflix) not everything is always available. That is why i got my NAS setup with more downloads. But i rather pay extra for more content. But its so splintered and some things you cant get digitally. Especially when in an other country. (does not excuse me for being an downloader)
  6. You pay for newsgroups (does the same as torrents but just full files). But i get full out of my 1gb download when using it. Or close to full like over 58 megabyte a second. Never had my speed turned down. I also download games for my VR set one was a whopping 171 GB (did not take too long) and still did not curb my speed. So maybe its just for torrents. I use 3bb too.. i have a torrent client on my nas drive. I use it when the newsgroups don't provide results.
  7. Yes and then you wonder how much truth there is in saying that she normally does not do this. Maybe students been coached to say this as not to let this get bigger. Or it really was a one off. But you have to wonder in Thailand.
  8. Dat is blasphemy we all know that Mac users are nerds that dont watch porn
  9. I said well done for all the vaccinations and made a reference to anti vaxers. Did not make any reference to other European countries besides that the UK had the worst death numbers so its a good comeback. My point was more aimed at the people who are against vaccination who said distaster would happen. Now with 20 million doses given not much damage otherwise it would be in the newspapers. Not to big to admit that UK is handling vaccinations better then my country. Our death numbers ar far better but seems nobody is doing it really good. So after being one of the worst in the EU n
  10. As a motorcyclist your less likely to take anyone else out by speeding unlike the people who drive cars. As for the guy that says speed does not kill stupidity does, usually both are combined. Most people speeding think they are great drivers (stupidity part) and then take out some other innocent people who stick to the speed limit.
  11. Well done UK, good comeback after suffering the highest death toll. I wonder how many side effects there were on those 20 million probably not too much. I doubt it will convince the anti vaxers. I mean soon the UK will have its population safe from Covid, cant be worse then the 122k deaths. Yet anti vaxers still keep to their strange theories.
  12. Never have been burglarized in Thailand nor in the Netherlands. Have lived in a gated community in Bang Yai for a long time 14 years. Now living in Thong lor with an almost private security guard (guards my home and the neighbors). So unlikely i will get burglarized.
  13. Sure but what kind of action do you have in mind ? I don't have an answer for that Trump was anti China and he did not succeed at all. So do we need someone even more extreme ?
  14. Of course most people would prefer that the US stays world leader and China does not get too strong. However given the damage done by Trump to the US image it will be hard to find allies. Then again Trump did protect a murderer just because it was a good ally. Seems like a Chinese thing to do. Does not wanting China to be more powerful mean that the US has to stoop to its level of supporting murderess and dictators just because they are allies. I think the US power in the past was in its credibility and moral high ground. Things that seem to have disappeared. Now Asian
  15. Indeed Biden just needs to do well and Trump will disappear. Its amazing how many people support this person with all his lies. I guess they are used to lying themselves. So many damaging things and they still folow him. Lies about the election, inciting a riot, protecting the murder of the Saudi journalist just because it was an ally. There has been nobody as bad as Trump for the credibility of the US ever before.
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