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  1. Ok Thankfully i never had to check my money to that extent. I buy stuff because i like it. I made a promise with myself never to save on food (at least not to an extent it would mean bad quality) But i get it its understood.
  2. Does it really matter if you make some money on it or not ? I find bread that i make myself far tastier then most of the stuff you buy here. Though Tops has good bread.
  3. Yea i know same goes for other drugs, alcohol is not unique in this. Though weed seems to make everyone equally happy and (hungry). Also same for steroids, some people have no problems while others get aggressive. Still does happen less then with alcohol Not many fights at gyms while plenty of fights at bars. They should ban people from drinking or do any other drug if they can't handle it.
  4. https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/panasonic-เครื่องทำขนมปัง-panasonic-sd-p104-216496 this one served me well. Though i eat less bread now.
  5. People who drink and drive get close to this title but sure if you add people like serial killers and child molesters, terrorists. But i was talking about things that many "normal" people do especially expats. (Thais too but one would expect expats to know better)
  6. Pensioners have become a lot less vocal (about other visa's) since they could no longer just get a letter to state they had money and now actually have to have it on a Thai bank. That took the wind out of a lot them. Still plenty of people looking down on others based on money. I think that will never change.
  7. Indeed i lost someone to a drunk driver so I am a bit bias.
  8. That is typical denail of people who look for an excuse to drink and drive. Like i drive better then Thais do sober ect ect. There are rules to keep people safe follow them. The problem with people drinking and driving is that they usually kill or wound others. If they just killed themselves I was all for them all drinking and driving.
  9. If you can't get a taxi then you don't drink. That is a really bad excuse. But in general taxi's enough in BKK or Pattaya. You even got grab car that you can use. But if you can't get a taxi then sleep near your bar or don't drink. Your drinking is not more important than the safety of others.
  10. Of course i would be willing to come back under the current requirements. I am here already but I would not leave unless I was willing to undergo the current requirements because that is what they are at this point. Would I do it as a tourist.. no way.
  11. Id bet you that more people get killed by drunk car drivers then by serial killers. But sure there are people who are worse but we are talking about normal people who are so selfish they decide that drinking and driving is ok and with it start risking the lives of other people. I feel they certainly are scum. Not surprised that you see it differently.
  12. Not sure why she would take it out on innocent pedestrians. Sure sigh how aggressive alcohol makes some people Doesnt seem to do much for he logic too.. if she wanted to kill someone she should have done so with the person that did the embezzling not some random pedestrians.
  13. Now I don't eat Mc Donalds but I do like checking facts. Its 135bt not 150 for the set. Still an increase. Not as much as you said though.
  14. People who drink and drive (or use other drugs then alcohol) are the worst scum of the earth. Endangering people for their own selfish pleasure. I am all for using any drug people want as long as they don't bother others or operate a vehicle.
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