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  1. Agreed that they did cove it up. Point was more if they have to take responsibility how about the USA who willingly with false evidence invaded a country and made mess with countless refugees to other countries ect. I mean if i had to look at what was worse then id say the invasion (probably not in monetary value). But covering an accident up or willingly invade a country and damage then I know what is worse. But yes China was wrong covering it up. But not sure if things would have changed much had they not covered it up. I think we would still have been in the same mess. I can't imagine a different response from Trump for instance. I mean even when it was clear how bad it was he still did not want to act.
  2. Yes but they will never pay up for all the damages they done.. so why should China ? I mean if you want to hold a country accountable then the wars in the Middle East especially the ones started with fake evidence should be taken into account too. Strange that nobody from the US ever thinks about that. China was wrong but at least it was not deliberant like the fake war. You can blame China for not being open but nobody wants something like covid to happen.
  3. Probably, but evandgib is trying to make it out that there was nothing special about the plane and by his reasoning airlines should be ok taking on covid people on planes. Bit strange reasoning. Then again nothing surprises me anymore. Logic is severely lacking on this forum.
  4. The question in this case is was the guy violent and drunk at the time trying to get into the house. If that can be proven its at least partially self defense. IMHO they should shoot all abusive violent drunks (same goes for violent high people)
  5. That is what you think and loads of people think. Your entitled to that have fun going through life thinking all Thais are out to get you.
  6. I am fundamentally pro lockdowns to keep things under control. The US messed up and are paying the price. If your married to a Thai you can go out and come back. Yes you will have to have your quarantine. Anyway I am happy the government did the things they did. Its here 10x better then in the US and Europe. The lockdown sucked, and because they dont open up we don't need new lockdowns.
  7. If they can prove the abuse and that he forced himself in the house then there are mitigating circumstances. Alcoholics that are violent can be quite dangerous. What counts against her are the shots in the back, but in the heat of the moment and shock things happen. That is if they can prove him being drunk and violent at the time. Would not hurt if there was a history of abuse too.
  8. Yes I was having a shot at you as your first concern was money. Not the health of your consumers. I will not forget an attitude like that. I don't hate farmers they are just too militant and always want it their way. You now again begin about food shortages. While those chemicals are banned in EU and there is still enough food. So what kind of stupid argument is that. Your saying that i read things that are bias, how about the part where Bayers was lobbying the Thai government and using secret ways to get information. You really think the producers don't cover their ass and try everything to make stuff saleable. Your quite naïve, id say there is more chance of getting tainted info that supports farmers then the other way around. But please just reply one thing, Europe does not use those chemicals and still has enough food and exports. So if that really sinks your argument about food shortages. But i forgot.. you feel " special"
  9. Just calling them how i see them mate. Because I don't feel restricted at all and neither do the majority of Thais. Its the people like you and tourist related that see things differently because they are affected harder. I am affected too but accept that it is how it is.
  10. I am just saying that I think the method of registering has not changed. But you might be right best would be extra new data. I wish I could give you that I am as curious as you are. Average death rates is something that just can't be faked. Its not fullproof but the best. Good that we agree upon something.
  11. So i was right that you had a bone in it, you just used the poor Thais for your argument. Now I know where your coming from your own pocket. I do remember the lockdown as I was in BKK I am happy its done and dusted and the country back to normal. Most people are happy about this and most don't want to open the country. Plenty of polls. You and people who are depended on going out see things differently. I understand that. I guess your not married or have a business visa (elite visa could come back too). But the whole covid thing sucks I will agree about that.
  12. Mate you have braincells at all. I bet you did not have a high education. These guys are SPECULATING. There is no vaccine now so they don't know if its only 50 or 60 % working or that it does not work on fatties. They will only know that after a vaccine is found and tested. For now its just SPECULATION Look the word up in a dictionary. Damm is it that hard to understand that when there still is no vaccine yet you cannot say on how many people it works and if it will work on fatties or not. You just cant.
  13. My business model is hit too. I am accountant if my clients go broke i lose them. So nobody is safe. So tell me what freedom of movement are you talking about how are you restricted inside Thailand. Seems you want to go out for your work and don't want to come back in quarantine... seems like you got bone in this (sorry just making assumptions like you did about my job) I am saying its better to have the tourist industry suffer then the whole country. You do remember how bad the lockdown was. Now things are pretty ok most people can work
  14. What I am saying is that the dailymail brings out words that are often taken out of context. Also there is no proof of their claims at all as there is no vaccin that they have tested those claims on. Your solutions is crazy. Its that of child. But I knew that already given your kindergarten pics.
  15. No as it was proven then already. Why would they go back and prove something that has been proven already. The best way is still to compare average death rates. I hope you can agree with that. Because the only thing changed is covid so if death rates are a lot higher then normal its all covid. No need for tests and so on. Its actually the best real check there is (if you think about it) Sure its not full proof but better then what is available. I am pleased your willing to learn so what did you learn from this article.. you probably learned that deaths are not being hidden at all as this clearly showed deaths being under reported. Just imagine the deaths in say India now. But you want current data. I cannot give you but this data is still valid.
  16. You take the dailymail as a source and you already know a vaccine that is not yet produced wont work on fatties and will be 50-60 percent effective. Wow can you give me the lottery numbers too. I rather wait and see first. And the Dailymail is not really credible.
  17. Thailand is open for those who are here. Are you tourism related that would explain your stance. I find Thailand perfect right now much better as under lockdown. I can do whatever I want just need a mask so that is not too bad. So you want them to open up to tourist without quarantine and all. (most Thais don't agree with you) They like the freedoms they have now. To be honest the country is ok besides the tourist sector. Better that they suffer then the whole country. I agree that there need to be a vaccine before we can do anything. I just believe that Thailand is doing it well this way. There were many good tourist years I am sure companies have saved those profits..... That is what is prudent.
  18. Sorry I am not from the US in my country people dont fall through the cracks there are extensive corvid programs to help businesses. Sure some will go under but that happens. But then there is welfare. You can disagree but not discredit the argument. You want your freedom and to hell with others. I want my freedom too but for now accept covid. What is your solution ? I mean its easy to complain.. give a solution.
  19. They are having parties in The Netherlands too.. guess what more infected. They have parties in Thailand too.. what does it exactly prove ? could you explain what your point is ? Since countries have opened up more the virus has spread more. Cant deny that. And no bodies are not dropping (Yet) as we are better prepared. But going full open would put us right back when bodies were piling up.
  20. I choose to walk under a coconut tree or cross the road I don't choose to come in contact with an infected person that wanted to go out and spread around. Different thing. It you who endangers others.
  21. Of course its not going to affect politicians careers positively. Neither do tax increases and sometimes hard decisions need to be made for the people. Yes your 100% right those affected would never agree with me, i don't expect them too. However all people who can now live relatively ok without lockdowns and companies that have started up again outnumber them a lot. The economy is doing better then it was in full lockdown mode. That is what we can get again. There is no perfect solutions.
  22. Id agree with you if you could not spread it and only get it. Now your body can endanger others. Your logic is severely flawed and your intelligence is lacking. Your funny cartoons don't do much and your arguments are easy to debunk. Too easy that I don't even as it gets tiresome.
  23. Obviously the majority of people thinks otherwise. Most governments think this way. You are the one who is thinking differently. I find covid bad, thankfully my goverment is supporting people. This of course cannot go on forever. But because of the lockdowns and other stuff its far less then it could have been. You just have a hard time accepting a different reality. I dislike it too just see it as something we should get through. I hope Thailand keeps the borders locked as its pretty ok here with almost no covid problems. Its much better to do it like this then to open and close all the time.
  24. oh your one of those.. lets kill the old of so i can have fun. Ok got it.
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