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  1. Don't worry they will argue don't forget the demographics here. Lot of older guys who have no partner and love the night life. So not so surprising that they don't like this as it affects their life. Not judging what they do but it explains the huge resistance against bar closures here. Because what you said and what what i said before is the same. But they just don't want to get it. The idea is to keep infections down so you dont overrun the hospitals. With what is open now we keep stable even going up. Opening the bars and getting extra infections is pure madness. Just to open up an
  2. Of course we will get our share for the work we do just like everyone else. Don't you get paid for work you do ?
  3. Do i need to buy some tinfoil for you. Aids is deadly too and at the beginning you don't know that you have it. You need to test. So what exactly are you trying to prove with your remark when linking deadliness with having to test to detect it ?
  4. PSA tests most small clinics do those too you can let them take some blood there and test for whatever you want. I have tested PSA levels there in the past. They send it to a bigger lab for the actual tests usually takes a few days. But if its a small clinic then they wont be able to give you advice.
  5. Not sure where you can do the checkup but finasteride is for sale without perscription in the pharmacy. I am not saying buy it and take it, just telling you its available without prescription. Recently bought some for a friend of my GF.
  6. People will always have different experiences as people are not all equally good at IT and not everyone is as bright. So what is easy for one will be really hard for an other. If you were to ask me to do some home improvements id be telling everyone how hard it is while the guy that has been doing it a for a long time will say its a piece of cake. Its just personal, I don't use shoppee myself but if read how many people complain about lazada while I have never had any problems there then id say experiences just differ.
  7. The tax man won't want any money if you did not make a profit. I doubt that is different in Thailand. I am talking about company tax here not tax on wages. So with no income but rents your probably not making a profit so the years company tax will be less or none at all.
  8. Indeed otherwise those open air markets would never have infections and they all have them. So open air is not safe either when there are a lot of people together.
  9. More people then not are still working, so those people will be helped by a haircut. Your clutching straws.
  10. There is a big difference you can drink at home but you can't get a good cut at home. Its not something i like to do but people need to stay presentable for work (i understand for retirees that does not apply). However most people in Thailand are not retirees but people of working age. You can imagine if people come to their jobs looking like $%^^ it can have consequences. Its not a matter of wanting its just normal human basic bodycare. Maybe you don't care about it and let yourself go and can do so but that does not apply to everyone. But it is telling that you compa
  11. Ah ok that is easy. Getting your hair cut is a normal thing to do for grooming and basic hygiene, drinking in a bar is just for fun. One has an good function and the other is just pleasure.
  12. Richard, I must have forgotten how bars work. But I always thought that part of the fun in bars was to get close talk loud have a lot of friends around you and drink. (clouding judgement). Unlike you i just don't see it work the whole social distancing work in a place that is ment for socializing. I also don't see how this will be policed and how it will work when people get drunk and disobey. Do you really think bars will expell customers ? i doubt it. Lets agree to disagree.
  13. Why.. now if you can't understand why a hairdresser was closed then how much logic and intelligence do you have ? I mean when my hair gets cut i got a hairdresser close to me for a longer period far closer then in most situations.
  14. Oh dear, logic has left the building. Of course hairdressers had to stop too you need to be in pretty close contact with someone for a longer time when cutting hair. But i would say a hairdresser is a lot more essential then a bar.
  15. Oh dear thin skin anyone. Are you denying the alcohol culture in the UK ? There are other countries too never said it was an exclusive UK thing. Point was not even about the alcohol culture but the fact that a country where they love their alcohol and pubs closing them. Point being that in such a culture that would be drastic last measure not taken lightly or not taken if there was no proof for. That was what i am talking about. I used it to strengthen the argument why it was not crazy to keep things close.
  16. In normal restaurants i don't see the problem of serving alcohol a few glasses or so not until people get drunk then you get the stuff your talking about. Also you don't want fake "restaurants". I would say that 99% of the people on this forum don't own or work in bars so its just used as an excuse so they can go out and drink. Its not about the people its about their fun. Anyway i stated already the government should include bars and others to the support they give out. You can't close bars and then not give them any money. I mentioned that in my first post.
  17. If that is what you got from it then good for you. Nothing wrong with drinking in a bar when there is no covid or people are vaccinated. However that is not the case now. I see something wrong with risking possible exposure and higher infection rate just because some people think the bars are essential while they are not certainly not now during covid.
  18. How is my post about hating the UK ? Just stating that in a country with a pub alcohol culture there must be a really good reason to close pubs. I mean nobody would do that knowing how the populace reacts ?
  19. But are bars not meant for socializing. That means people in close contact and bar girls going from guy to guy. Id say its almost impossible to have social distancing in bars especially if people get drunk. Policing it forget about it not going to happen. You know how it goes in Thailand remember the beach chairs drama. Some alcohol in a restaurant sure, however you will soon see people eating token foods and drinking. I have no problems with regular restaurants doing this but you will get bars serving peanuts and calling a meal (exaggerating). But i think in general it can be don
  20. Probably did not think it would damage the other bikes. Not smart but i think a lot of people underestimate fire.
  21. Essential things should just go on non essential like your pub should not. Its simple but hard to understand for those desperate for a drink and a few bar girls. If your life revolves around it then yea your opinion will differ from the normal people who can step back look at the risks and asses them.
  22. No evidence, come on you must be kidding. You are one guy who loves his drink (seen it in other topics) so i assume you have been drunk enough times in your life to know that rules and social distancing goes out of the window at that point and risks seem low. I get if for people who love to drink this must be hell, anyway its not just the UK but my country too. All give the same reasons that Thailand gives too. So please tell me how it has been proven wrong ? Bars are just not essential markets are. Why increase risks and make even more infections ? just t
  23. The problem is bars and pubs are to socialize, that means get close to each other ad to that bar ladies that go from client to client and you got a recipe for disaster.
  24. This wave started in the Thong lor bars / nightlife so its the prime suspect. Even so now we have 3-4000 cases and the amount would only increase if bars are allowed to open. Its only normal as people who drink disregard rules, move closer and talk louder. Then more is consumed and the girls move in from guy to guy perfect way to spread covid. Everyone who drinks knows how it goes when someone gets drunk we make stupid choices and in covid time that is not a good thing. So if we open the bars up those 3-4000 cases will probably double until its out of control.
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