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  1. I dont mind having an extra box. My 3bb for fiber (really old) is put in bridge while my router asus RTAC86u is my main router. Just recently replaced my RTAC68U. I made screen shots of password and stuff in the old router then replaced it. After fiddeling around a bit had it working again in 25 minutes. Might be nicer to have it all in one device but an extra router among my huge amount of computer stuff is not a big problem. As far as i know for bridge mode it really does not matter how bad or old your 3BB supplied device is as it only gives data through and has no influence on speeds.
  2. Is money a problem otherwise grab or a taxi would solve your problems. I use it a lot in your area. I live near central westgate.
  3. Not really an opinion mate.. its a fact that there were no chemical weapons and it was a war under false pretense. Nothing against Americans per se..Just American politics. I hope all of us stay healthy Euros, Americans ect.
  4. Yea sure go back to the previous century while the US did so much <deleted> like invading countries under false pretense themselves.. chemical weapons anyone ? Look at the mess in the middle east you guys created.
  5. I wonder why so many don't believe that obesity is a factor in the death rate, been said before in other countries too. In my country they also said that obese people are at a higher risk. I guess a lot of people don't want to believe the spare tyre they are lugging around has health risks.
  6. I gotten a bit heavier on purpose as i wanted to gain some extra muscle. Now im going to lose some of the fat that came with it. I am one of the lucky few with a fully stocked home gym. Though exercise makes almost no impact on weight unless you do hours of cycling or other stuff. I am just minding my food a bit better cutting out some stuff i ate when bulking up. But we are talking just a few kg max 3-4. Not hard to lose but will take a month or two months.
  7. Just a grumpy farang less.. not to bad. Now if friendly helpfull farangs get killed by the virus is far worse. Grumpy ones... nobody will miss them
  8. Not true had things on a Thai name taxed too and have seen plenty of Thais far more then foreigners in the tax center picking up stuff. So an other story is not correct. I order a lot of stuff sometimes ig gets through sometimes not. Depenind if you use a courier or not and the size of the package.
  9. They have a huge backlog of tests that have not been done. I believe they test a max of 700+ cases a day. So they are not testing that much yet.
  10. I agree with the Germans, those southern countries never clean up their act and when there are problems they are the first to ask for money. My country "Netherlands" has reduced the governments debt something the Italians had to do too. But they did not. Why would we help them if they never ever do anyting to save money. So in other words why would we save money in the Netherlands when we later have to give it to the Italians. I am all for helping others but not if those others havent shown any intention of changing their ways.
  11. Whenever the Germans are mentions English members often make denigrating remakrs about them. So not sure if its imagined. I doubt there is any anomisty from the Germans towards the English.
  12. Just go to your embassy for a certificate its accepted too and they have a lower bar as Thai immigration but its more expensive.
  13. Maybe the Brits just want to make sure their officials can get a piece of the pie just like in Thailand.
  14. That is for sure but given the strife i see on Thaivisa between Germans and people from the UK im not sure it would have been a good thing. Though in times like this differences are often set aside.
  15. Yea great job, shows Americans are gun crazy... guns essential kinda like the Brits with calling alcohol shops essential. I guess every country has its own strange things. I wonder if they keep the "coffee" shops open in the Netherlands.
  16. All sports events are cancelled, restaurants closed, whole malls closed. People are wearing masks. Sure there are some risk places but if you hear what they are doing in the provinces is that thye havent closed a thing and people are partying not doing a thing.
  17. I read that now that infections in provinces rise faster than in BKK. Probably because of returnin Thais and the lax attitude outside Bangkok and its surroundings. Could skyrocket in the provinces unless they starting to do what BKK did.
  18. Then go to tinder or somewhere else freelancers there. Rent some out of a job bar girl online and be done with it.
  19. Cannot stop but you can slow it down so hospitals can cope. The problem is not the disease.. but the risk of hospitals being swamped and then the death ratio goes up.
  20. Kevin, The whole point is that there are no people imune for this and your bar could be a hotbed of spreading the disease making it harder for all of us. I know some people came here for sex and drinking, too bad this takes precedence. Maybe you can rent an unemployed bar girl or freelancer to keep you company you stock up on booze and happy times.
  21. I dont pay, i got a good insurance ? It pays for at least a million u$. Not sure why people would even live here without having insurance. If you lived in Italy you might not be able to get a hospital bed at all who knows how it will go in other countries in my country they are having trouble too getting enough beds.
  22. I am not talking about official reporting but about facebook and other unoffical reporting. I people had family members dying on them or locked up in hospitals it would be all over the news. You cant stop people from talking. I mean in the Netherlands its clearly visible in hospitals and people know people who are sick or in hospitals. You can't hide that.
  23. No of course not nobody is that stupid but if it was serious the deaths would be higher hospitals overflowing like in the west. You can play with statistics and tests but you can't hide overflowing hospitals and deaths. It would be all over social media. So sorry I am willing to bet my life on that part not on the Thai numbers.
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