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  1. Bikerbitz might , email them https://bikerzbits.co.th/honda-click-vario-luggage-rack.html?___store=eng&___from_store=tha
  2. Ebay probably can send it to you. price around 1000-1500 Thb
  3. The GPX Gentleman 200 are being sold for 25-30k used that it could also be a fun 2nd bike ot play with. I agree that it is not wise to use this brand as your main bike, but then again I saw many GPX Demon running around town for years now and it seem theyre all doing okay. If resale value is a consideration, forget getting GPX.
  4. The Yamaha Mslaz is 90,000 baht and the Kawasaki W175 and the W250 are both single cylinders and way more expensive. I was interested in the 150GR before, until I saw how small it is. The gentleman 200 on the other hand is absolutely an eye candy
  5. GPX released new medium-sized motorcycles recently, and imo they look good. The Raptor 180cc, naked. Fitted with YSS suspension and Good quality tires (Vee rubber) for 59500 thb and the Legend 250cc (twin) for 79500 thb. Glad to see them improving their quality, and they claimed parts are easily available for GPX now, although for its price it raises some suspicion.. GPX claims to be the sole Thailand made motorcycle brand. might be a fun 2nd bike, or is it a bad idea?
  6. Over inflation will cause a very bumpy ride and a noticeable loss of traction. How can people over inflate and not notice? Shell gas stations have pumps with pressure gauge, very useful.
  7. debating which scooter is better is fruitless. If Op will drive mainly on Bkk's traffic, he should get any small cc scooter that fits his budget and look preference. (click, Lexi, Filano, etc) If he will use this on main roads with slightly faster traffic flow, let's say 90kph or more, he should get something with a little more weight and hp like th PCX, Nmax, Xmax, Forza, etc. Again, the smaller scooters have no problem running above 90kph or more but the additional weight really makes a lot of difference on how the scoot feels at higher speeds. Click 125 and the likes are also very light at the front end, the heavier scooters just feel more planted and safer on the road at higher speeds. But at s slower speed BKK's traffic, nothing beats a small, light and nimble Click 125 or the likes. Check out the Yamaha Lexi and the Filano too, theyre ABS equipped.
  8. the best one is the one i currently own..
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