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  1. It's actually called Nam Daeng. Kids love it!
  2. Gloves for me. The cloth ones, very cheap and sold in bundles. Easier to clean my hands and nails after. Less injuries too..
  3. How's the LEd signal lights? My headlight is now starting to peel its coating due to heat from the stock bulb. Might change to LEd soon too, but I'm planning to polish the headlight glass and apply some coating first. Quick updates on the Z250SL @ 15,000 kms now and the bike's running great no problems so far, vibrations also gone. next project will be a little wider tires and an LED headlight
  4. Any Z250SL users here? Highly unlikely as this 250 is not that common here, I barely see anyone (even Thais) riding it.. Anyway, if anyone owns it here as well..Let's discuss anything about this bike on this thread. Accessories, mods, reviews, technical stuff, etc..
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