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  1. That's heartwarming to hear. I felt the same way once. I am glad you two are happy. For the men who know and realise they are old, unattractive Gollum-like (or even yeti-like creatures) who are only paydays for southeast Asian women it's not a bad attitude to have. I put myself in this category.
  2. Its cheaper just to to keep them around for a week or two or even longer than that if they don't ask for big things. The minute the girl asks for upgrades to dad's home or whatever it's time to get out for me and just get a new one. I'm glad you've avoided marrying this one at least.
  3. Best solution is to keep a gf and never marry ever. Right now my health isn't even good enough to have a gf. But if it was, that is what I would get. I would make it clear from the outset that marriage is off the table. If she gets too greedy, its much easier to sever ties.
  4. I just wanted to spread the word that I tried this anti-convulsant medication for some chronic pelvic pain and it really has helped. I don't know if it is on the restricted list in Thailand yet, but it is in the United States already in many states. Of course, its made for seizures, and pain relief is an off-label use. It works best if your pain is nerve-based. Generic it is relatively cheap. Pfizer also makes it under the name "Neurontin", but the generic made by APO is just as good. I remember the pharmacist in Bangkok that I've gone to for years had it in April. I was still on the fence about trying it at that time. I finally got a script from my doctor - 300mg 3 x a day. Eventually I can work my way up to 900 3x a day. I am feeling much better on just 300. Not cured, but just peaceful. I think that treating pain with this medicine is relatively new so I thought I'd put this out there in hopes that it may help someone.
  5. Hello, I made the foolish mistake of getting married this year. Which basically ruined Thailand for me. I found out when it was far too late that my wife was playing me. I won't get too far involved here. Typical shenanigans for an Esan girl based somewhere near Jomtien Beach. Four facebook profiles, two phones, money disappears, you know the score. She had a "real job" but eh, nobody is fooling anybody anymore. She conned me. Found all of this out way too late. Things got so out of hand that I had to leave the country. If I go back into Thailand I worry she may cause some problems for me there. Or perhaps friends or family of hers. They have the resources to do who knows what. She has no visa to enter the USA. She's just sort of "stuck" there in the land of frowns right now. From my understanding, I have no legal avenues here to end the marriage from the USA. It looks like I am going to have to wait the 12 months for her to file for a divorce (if she even does it?). Many of you may be asking, why do you care? I certainly never want to marry again. That's the second mistake for me, and one I won't make again. However, government agencies and private companies are aware of the fact that I am "married". I don't think we lived together even a total of one month, and this doesn't seem right, or fair. How can I check to see if I am still married over in Thailand? Will I have to hire a law firm to do this? We don't talk. We hate each other now. Communication is futile. Another weird thing. She is posing on all of her social media as if we are still together. Is this another con she is pulling? What is this about? Saving face? I'm really concerned. She tells me she hates me, yet does this. Thank you.
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