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  1. I would love to choose Thai Airways for frequent trips to Europe and other destinations, but they are usually 40%-50% more expensive than other full fare carriers. Until they become competitive on the basis of price, they will never increase their revenues. The proposed purchase of new aircraft is not the solution- being competitive is. They have recently downgraded the benefits for their frequent flier program (as have other carriers I use- such as United), so they are not alone in that. They are also not winning in the service category compared to ANA, Emirates, Etihad, or Cathay Pacific.
  2. Can someone over 65 get a work permit in Thailand? I was under the impression that they cannot.
  3. This is likely to add another $2000-$3000/year to the cost of living here for 70-something year old retirees, or $220/month (if you can get a policy in the first place).
  4. A previous post on this Forum mentioned the name of the specific letter that Bangkok Bank will issue to account holders showing international (foreign) transfers for the past 12 months in order to provide this to Immigration showing monthly transfers meeting the THB 65,000/month minimum. Can someone please remind me what that letter is called? Thanks in advance.
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