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  1. Hi. The world is littered with guys like you who are probably quite educated on the reported facts but who routinely fail to understand that the data they are being fed is erroneous or false. This is where guys with a bit more common sense and less statistics and finance acumen outperform the educated camp. What if what you are being told, the statistics you are being given -- are materially falsified or simply incorrect due to error?
  2. Yes, another Thai committee! This is the missing secret ingredient.
  3. My Thai tuk tuk driver told me that Thais who eat lots of nam pla are protected against covid.
  4. Here we go, bois! Still not testing enough and still there are probably many times this number floating around. Can't wait to hear from the Thai apologists when the country falls into total calamity.
  5. What do you mean? Everyone knows that Thais are globally recognized for attention to detail, highly consistent national coordination, accuracy and transparency. After all, it is why their covid response is the very best in the world.
  6. Yes, the China model is great. 1st change the threshold of what you consider poor. 2nd push propaganda all over the world that poverty is gone. This model perfectly suits the Sino Thai elites as it requires them to do almost nothing save for shoveling baht into their pockets.
  7. People like you are good. I am not. I wish to see people suffer. Suffering is the only real way humanity moves forward. Thais need to mature and do better.
  8. More evidence of the world class Thai covid response many posters keep telling us about.
  9. Insider trading going on no doubt. I really hope THAI goes under. Fingers crossed
  10. Agree. I'm also SUPER concerned for King Power. I really hope it's doing ok.
  11. The State is probably trying to stay solvent but doesn't want to admit it's running out of cash. Especially with the THAI airway debaucle.
  12. I would not be surprised if we actually had 10,000 new cases per day and hundreds of thousands of active cases
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