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  1. I'll tell you what. Thais are robust people for sure. There are so many stories of them surviving what us old Farangs never do. Not making light of the seriousness, but I was not surprised that she survived.
  2. Again, their sneaky plan all along. Under test and under report the virus numbers and get tourists back and medical tourists in ASAP before the Thai economy collapses. Actually kind of clever, though sneaky.
  3. A little known secret is that the Thais block these sites because they want horny men to spend their money in the Thai flesh trade. There's no money in letting blokes waste their resources onto tissues in their condos.
  4. Farang CASH of virus big or not? Not sure Germany or London country. Can share us? Pattaya I know already. Please help.
  5. Farang I eat HIM THANK you. Never I virus from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. Very much I happy now. Congratulation all my friend.
  6. It was obviously their strategy from the beginning. They had no intention of testing aggressively. Rather, test little, report low numbers, and get the tourists back at any cost because more than a 30% of the Thai economy is foreign tourism.
  7. Would you purchase a ticket from an airline going into bankruptcy? If so, I have an investment I'd like to share with you.
  8. It's true about everything in Thailand. Thailand is consistently inconsistent. You might even get a different answer at the same bank branch from a different account rep. Likely, actually.
  9. My understanding is that generally you need to be employed in Thailand to secure a Thai bank credit card. Are you working?
  10. May I ask if you are from China? Or, are you a paid 'wumao'? It's highly unusual to find an expat who so vociferously defends a country that the entire world can see has been systematically lying.
  11. Won't be nearly as many Chinese tourists now that the entire globe is moving away from them economically. The Chinese economy is going to be absolutely crushed. Thank god.
  12. Let's see if their clever plan can fool the US bankruptcy lawyers and court
  13. They are like teenagers hiding porn magazines in their underwear drawer thinking nobody will find them
  14. I hear you. Its good that some real women will join the force and reduce the high ladyboy percentage to a manageable level. A good place to try will also be the young 7/11 girls
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