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  1. Potential misinformation to save face. Tomorrow, 3 other ministries will claim exports shrunk. Can't trust anything from these people.
  2. For experienced flyers (like expats), this sort of thing matters. However, the average tourist travelers would not have a clue. Nor would they choose airlines based on such refined details. So, I think you are correct but not for the majority of flyers. For most, economy is economy.
  3. Good point. You are correct and I was wrong. Reckless endangerment would be the proper charge.
  4. Exactly. It should be treated as Attempted Murder with the weight of all the passengers who were on board. Alas, this is Thailand, and the criminals, if ever identified, will be not to do it again and fined a few hundred Baht. No deterrent at all.
  5. The Tony. Him sound like the Farang. We Thai. This Thailand. We not need the Farang.
  6. What some people call an "attempt to improve" others call more of the same talk that some of us have heard for decades. Talking does not represent an accomplishment
  7. I thought foreigners come here for the temples. Why not extend temple hours?
  8. Yes, it is no surprise that so many foreigners (not all of us) regard so many of them as xenophobic idiots. Arrogantly run all the people away, then, while wearing smug, fake smiles, whore the country out again, begging for them to come back and spend money. I really wish they would just have REAL pride and state their disgust of farang and ban all of us. I could respect that.
  9. Or cannot buy alcohol during the restricted hours -- which is rather childish and silly. Like living in North Korea.
  10. Some posters in the forums will still have us believe foreign tourism accounts for only 10% of Thai GDP. Tourism is almost the ONLY thing they are crying about! It's probably closer to 30% of Thai GDP.
  11. Yeah, lots of free condo units will be available soon when the sugar daddies stop paying the mia condo payments.
  12. Not joking. Those barriers help to prevent head on collisions from traffic crossing into opposing lanes. All I'm saying is a barrier is better than the islands. Not sure what the guy meant about rubber, though. Maybe rubber could work if it's affixed to steel or concrete... But not rubber alone certainly.
  13. They were too busy arrogantly proclaiming that the trade war would have no effect on them - before anybody really knew what to expect, they had all the answers. We all recall the many such news articles here.
  14. I rarely miss an opportunity to ridicule silly stuff here, but this idea actually represents some progress. Barriers, whether rubberized or not, are a step (of hundreds) in the right direction.
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