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  1. Yeah. Lots of buffalo have become ill back in the villages. Not sure if covid related or not.
  2. That this denial needs to be made means China ha a already gained. They are merely muddying the water by forcing a range of conspiracy theories around origin outside China. Let's not lose focus on the true enemy
  3. @Natai Beach this is great news. Now maybe you can get your Thai vaccine very soon in a couple years.
  4. It's very difficult not to ridicule these people. Their cousins to the north and east are quite clever, so I'm not sure what happened Sad
  5. I was thinking the same thing. This is truly a revolutionary strategy and makes clear why Thailand is among the most competitive countries in the world.
  6. They are delaying at the request of the Chinese so that the Chinese can say the Sinovac vaccine was first. They'd rather put their entire population at risk to save face of their cousins the Chinese.
  7. China trying to displace the US Dollar. They have little chance as nobody trusts them. Will be useful for Chinese trying to launder money into Thailand.
  8. Yes. And also never flush the tissue down the toilet but rather toss in the bin... The mysteries of Thailand
  9. @Natai Beach hi. What is the status of the Thai vaccines? Are you still planning to take the Thai one?
  10. I understand this sentiment, however this type of thinking is exactly what Asians exploit in Westerners. Effectively, what you're saying is that there are no meaningful differences between countries, cultures, governments in how much they lie. And, such thinking is of course entirely false. The Asians know they are trying to subvert you but you inherently trust them more then they trust you which puts you at a strategic disadvantage
  11. A drunk man punched or kicked in the face a single good time will not be in a state to fight back. I am suspicious of this whole thing. I think some gay stuff is involved. The Chilean guy strikes me as gay. Just a hunch.
  12. Thais: so, don't let any in, and see how you go.. Tired of their xenophobic nonsense. Have some courage to stick to it. Just close the country to ALL foreigners until the Wuhan, China COVID-19 virus is completely eradicated.
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