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  1. I agree with you. What I am saying is Thais have no good options that benefit the country broadly. They have only options that benefit various small groupings of people. This is a tribal country. I would love to see them stop pretending they care about Democracy. In order of preference, most Thais think like this. "I want A. a government that benefits me and my family, OR B. a government that benefits A and my close friends, OR C. a government that does not benefit any other group more than A and B, OR D. otherwise, I don't care who is in power." In other words, they are tribal and selfish.
  2. Please tell us Dr. which Thai "higher education institute" has been delivering quality work? I know of not a single Thai university that should be considered quality. Not one. They are trapped by their own arrogance.
  3. That is very telling. As most farang know, the Thais with money flee Thailand whenever they want to do any significant shopping as Thailand typically has old, grossly overpriced products. It's almost always better to import via Amazon or shop when I'm in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, ect.
  4. Will the English language links now point to actual English? Thailand has the most terrible websites and IT people of any country I've ever lived or worked in. Technology requires precision which is an alien concept to most Thais I've worked with.
  5. I try to be particularly upset with the current government, but, from my perspective, all Thai leadership is corrupt and incompetent. All. So, it's easier to criticize them all. I have never read about an even reasonably competent Thai government in the last 100 years. Thais have exactly zero decent choices. The best they can do is try to vote for whichever corruption benefits them at the expense of some other groups.
  6. A few of us dumb farang who can't understand Thailand mentioned this early on when we learned the government was trying to control who would make the movie (Hollywood vs local). I know you know
  7. Maybe a scenario will help. Some people learn better by illustration. Scenario Assume you are a foreigner who has learned how to drive in your foreign country where a very high percentage of drivers follow rules and laws. This could be, for example, any western countries or developed Asian countries. You are driving on a Thai expressway. The Thais are generally driving: --either significantly above or significantly below the (infrequently) posted speed limit AND --changing lanes frequently without signaling AND --driving exceedingly close to each other and to you ("tailgating"). Question Pick the action you would take in this situation. A. Drive according to the laws and best practices you learned in your developed country which conflict with Thai driving? B. Safely stop your vehicle. Find and read a copy of the Thai road laws and rules. Get back on the road and drive according to the written Thai traffic and road laws and rules which conflict with how Thais actually drive? C. Largely mimic how the Thais are driving but with some additional defensive driving effort? Answer What is your answer? Answer Hint Your goal is to not die in a road accident. If you want to study more first, here is a good resource: http://www.chiangmailocator.com/wiki-traffic-rules-in-thailand-and-how-to-avoid-traffic-accidents-p169
  8. Same as Thais. So law only enforced based on how "big" or important or wealthy a foreigner is? Farang can do a "wai", maybe goto the local temple and become a monk for a few days and pay a few thousand Baht to avoid a murder charge? Nice! Some of us (not me, of course) may start taking advantage of such a policy. I've got plenty of money. Next time someone annoys me, beware of "do you know who I am?!"
  9. You are perfectly wrong. This issue is 99% the fault of incompetent (and arrogant) Thais who always fail to see their flaws. Step 1: focus on the tens of millions of Thais who break road laws everyday. Train Thais and enforce traffic laws. Step 2: focus on fixing the horrid Thai road engineering like poor road surface, poor signage, poor lighting, u-turns on high-speed expressways, ect. Step 3: when foreign tourists visit Thailand, most will observe and imitate the behavior of Thais (who are finally obeying the law and driving safely). Even after all the above steps, a small percentage of foreign tourist will break the road laws. This very small and insignificant group can be penalized. Understand? Khaojai mai khrap?
  10. To Thai people: LEAD BY EXAMPLE Like I'm sure most foreigners do, when I got to Thailand, I observed the Thais to figure out what was right vs wrong, lawful vs unlawful. And, guess what? Thais are habitual, pervasive law breakers! So, how would foreigners figure it all out?! To a foreigner, it looks like Thais generally do whatever they want, without regard to law. And often, following the written law will put people in serious danger as almost none of the Thais follow (or even know) the written laws. This is illustrated well by driving. Following the laws on Thai roads will likely get you killed - as the Thais usually are not following the same rules.
  11. I've learned that many Thais (even the "dark" ones, of which there are about 50 million) enjoy making fun of Cambodians, Indians and Africans. They look for someone else to look down on, sharing mean spirited posts on Facebook and similar. I find it rather pathetic as half their culture comes from India with a significant portion coming from Cambodia (and other ancient Indianized kingdoms), and even there's an argument that Africa, especially as a whole, has contributed FAR MORE to the world than tiny, insignificant Thailand.
  12. The Thais should claim him if he was born here. They are always so proud of their own
  13. True. I also thought about this. I'd imagine they are in a state of perpetual rectification.
  14. 1. I live in Thailand, and this is a forum about Thailand. 2. Many countries have problems, and many also openly acknowledge and discuss them, unlike Thais. 3. I will criticize anything I think is worthy, and there is plenty, with more everyday.
  15. Typcial arrogant Thai response. Translation - "We already know that. We already know everything. It's all a misunderstanding." Looking forward to them being reprimanded. If they want to operate in an international community, Thai standards WILL NOT MEET STANDARDS
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