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  1. Yes, but doubtful they start selling stupid trinkets before developing a plan to reform and restructure the airline. Trying to equate Thais with the developed world almost never works
  2. Finally! All you silly farang who believe all thr Thai nonsense see it now? An admission. And, as I've said for decades, if you add all the gray and black economy spending, like the sex trade, you could very well arrive at upwards of 30% of the Thai economy!
  3. If you pay attention closely enough, you will notice MANY Thai experts simply translate into Thai what they see in Western media. Usually they are weeks or months behind. Average Thais, who usually can understand only Thai, are led to believe these Thais are genuine experts.
  4. Agree. A person has to really be willfully blind to trust anything that comes out of China. I mean, their trustworthiness was suspect for decades. But, now? After they have nearly collapsed the whole world... Still people trust them? Wild
  5. They try... Then you see stories about Chinese using nominees to get over the 50k USD limit and using all sorts of other mechanisms. Some countries, like Australia, perform rigorous source of funds reviews to discourage illicit money. Thailand is most certainly not one of them.
  6. Not sure how anyone could believe the Chinese after seeing how consistently they lie. https://www.wsj.com/articles/beijings-covid-recovery-isnt-so-enviable-11603393097 Do we also believe they their covid reporting?
  7. I can agree with you that it's not necessarily laundering... Though it's extremely common as they seem to be predisposed to law breaking. Well, we can only pray that we don't have a situation where millions of PRC Chinese are retiring in Thailand. That would be a nightmarish disaster and run almost every other nationality out of Thailand. Nobody wants to live with them, I suspect.
  8. This is effectively a cry from the Thais to the Chinese who are laundering their money outside of China. As the Chinese economy continues to suffer, we will see thousands, maybe tens of thousands of Chinese buying garbage Thai property.
  9. Does ANYONE STILL believe foreign tourism and related spending is merely 9% of GDP? ANYONE??!! LOL
  10. Real reason China keeps them in has nothing to do with virus risk. The real reason is because they need to keep the money in country as their economy is failing.
  11. @sandyf I'm super surprised the domestic Thai tourism could not make up the loss.
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