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  1. Completely agree with you. It's an outrage. At the Bangkok malls, I wait by the sinks in the loos and accost anyone who doesn't wash their hands. If they refuse to wash them, I will find a mall security guard to enforce the rules. Sometimes we must make our own justice.
  2. If the topic question is OK to ask, then I will ask a question. What are things we should like about Thai people?
  3. This is a false equivalence. You are correct that western education is not perfect. But, you are not correct that it is generally equal to what is on offer here in Thailand. Or are you saying they are exactly the same in every way?
  4. It seems the world is now aware of Thailand's lack of understanding about anything beyond Planet Thailand
  5. Little Emperors do what they want with no consequences
  6. Difficult to translate -- as usual with the Nation and Thai Save Face language. I suppose he is saying, on behalf of SRT, that it is Hopewell (Thailand), who is capitulating. And, it is supposed to imply as though Hopewell (Hong Kong) is giving in. Little Kids
  7. They would have better luck with party names that reflect the sophistication and traits of most of the people. Maibenrai Party Falang Go Home Party Thai Sabai Sabai Party Sanuk Thai Party Buy One Get One Party Get more votes with better names and costumes na krub
  8. This State propaganda machine pumps out so much here. One wonders what their financial relationship is that allows them to fill this site with increasing propaganda. They seem to be following the Chinese model as closely as they can. Buying up media (or maybe just ordering a percentage of stores published) to influence western (and local) opinion. Influence Campaign The TV readership should be made aware.
  9. Made a small number of friends over the decades - all non-Thais. Most other acquaintances outlived their purpose once people left Thailand or moved within Thailand. Expats from different countries are often quite different of course. I had a German friend who returned to Germany a few years ago. He didn't quite like some of my other social group who were from Norway and Sweden. A couple Brit friends seemed to dislike everyone. They were all older and relatively inflexible to adjust to new people.
  10. Exactly. The evidence that average Thais seem to dislike foreigners is overwhelming.
  11. Boring All the Thai parties, Thai politians are cut from the same cloth. They have the same values. Thai first, anything else after.
  12. From wiki SRT a 100 Billion Baht blackhole, losing money every year for 70 years! Thai style
  13. This is Thailand. There is no rule of law here. It's likely that most owners are not residents in the building and rather purchased the units as investment. If so, they have no incentive to follow the law and disallow Air BnB style rentals. If it is not tolerable, I would recommend moving. Any attempt to resolve the situation using rules and laws will get you in more discomfort and will be time wasted.
  14. Could be that the actual government is in on the scam as they are nearing insolvency and can't pay Hopewell.
  15. Confused about some of the details. 1. You are Australian working and living in Thailand for a long time 2. You are married to a Thai woman? 3. What are the circumstances around the adoption - why is the family agreeing to allow the children to be adopted? 4. Where will the adopted children reside - Thailand, Australia?
  16. I'm less hopeful. I've seen too many smooth talking people here, who know all the right things to say but who ultimately end up just like all the others. I would love to see a full accounting and tax records for Thanathorn's family business. I can only imagine no family gets that wealthy here without a lot of dirt.
  17. What's entertaining is that so many beleive that either side, any side or party in Thailand stands for righteous principles. None do. They are more-or-less the same culturally. Same ethics, same morality, same attitudes toward law, same attitude toward power. The only meaningful differences are in which clan they fight for. Future Forward, PTP, PP - all of them, same same.
  18. So very Thai. Can't accept defeat and resort to any nasty tactics possible.
  19. Had the tourist been Chinese, or an important Thai, justice would have been immediate. Feel so bad for these Japanese. Dealing with Thailand must be its own torture for them.
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