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  1. So typical of Thais to be unable to manage tasks any more complex than grilling pork or mashing some somtam. No surprises from me. I never make the mistake of overestimating their future performance. The country and people are simply not ready for most of the modern world.
  2. "Thailand special. Not same same you country na kha."
  3. Exactly. People forget that it is human nature for people to want to be on top of the power pyramid. Some country is always going to wield the most power. US is definitely not close to perfect, but there is not much scarier than the idea of totally corrupt Russia or worse China ruling the world.
  4. And in exactly 0 of those countries is the US engaging in things like illegal land grabs like the Chinese (Tibet, South China Sea) or Russia (Crimea/Ukraine). The US is a mostly stabilizing force. If you could only have one of the 3 countries as boss, which would you pick?
  5. One wonders if the "new Thai husband" was in fact the old Thai husband who was always in the background as is commonly the case with low life Thai women who get with Farang.
  6. Someone congratulate this young man for seeing the flaws!
  7. I agree. I found Thais pleasant until I had to interact with them in any significant capacity. They are opposite from other people I've encountered all over the world. Thais, it seems, are most likable the less you know them. Thais are tribal people, and they generally don't like outsiders. You have to respect them for their consistency of xenophobia. Never expect a Thai to take a relationship or friendship with a foreigner seriously. They will always view it in a transactional capacity. As long as you are providing them value, they will tolerate you. Never entrust anything important to Thais, if you can avoid it. When things go wrong, you will have no recourse. Never forget you have your own culture and customs, many of which are far superior. Never rely on Thailand for your source of income. Never expect your form of logic to be shared by most Thais. Always micromanage Thais, whenever you are relying on them, and don't forget Thais also treat each other this way. Always keep in mind that while Thailand and China are dramatically different countries, Thais share many fundamental traits with Chinese. Thais see their highest form of culture as being Chinese culture. If you are forced or choose to interact with Thais, develop common tactics for handling them, such as 1. When Thais introduce themselves or carry on conversion making bragging statements to build face, abruptly say things like You: "I have 1 billion dollars in the bank." Or You: "I own much of London." The more outrageous, and jarring the better. They will soon stop talking. Each time they try to transition to another topic to brag, abruptly ignore whatever their statement was and make your own ridiculous claim. When the Massage lady starts with her silly sob story to get you to part with your money, say something like You: "39 people in my family have cancer, and i support them all. So, most of my money goes there." Again, the more outrageous and unverifiable, the better. Others, I will post later. Best of luck to all
  8. Well, maybe the Thai lady helped. Maybe she didn't. If she did, she her action was a betrayal to the nation.
  9. The Thai never go against their own when foreigners are involved. Thai Cultural Mandate 2 "Thai people must never reveal anything to foreigners that might damage the nation. These actions are a betrayal of the nation." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_cultural_mandates
  10. If Thais followed/enforced their own laws with any consistency, foreigners would likely be much more respectful. Thais have NO repect for their own laws, so why should we? Anyway, this won't impact me. Have about 40 or so wines and spirits. Don't drink much anymore anyway. It's mostly for entertaining.
  11. The impression I get by the ban is that Thais need to be managed like children. In what other countries must governments ban alcohol to try to encourage people to vote? It's so embarrassing for Thais. Adults cannot vote if they have alcohol available to them? Pathetic
  12. Do many Brit and Ozzie tourists bring cheese and vegemite with them on their 2 week trips to Thailand? I've never seen any Westerner short-term tourist do this. Residents living in Thailand, of course is quite different. I'd only expect Thais, maybe Chinese (same thing), North Koreans and maybe North Sentinelese to carry staple foods with them when on very short trips out of their countries.
  13. Coffee is bad, but Starbucks' main sell is not coffee. It is "a 3rd space, between work and home". They are selling a place to hang out and spend money. Regarding the award, surely Starbucks, as a FARANG brand, is better managed than any of the Thai competition. So, easy win.
  14. Great joke! Thais don't know or care anything about the outside world. A high percentage of them never leave the village. Even the Thai HiSos take Mama noodles with them on their shopping trips to Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe.
  15. "Do you know who my father is" syndrome.
  16. Typical Thai response from Chatchai. No matter the circumstances, it's always about ego for them. Brains of children in adult bodies.
  17. Sorry, Thais are MOST DEFINITELY NOT. I meant Western kids. Thais lose out much on account of their xenophobia and indifference to anything non Thai.
  18. While kids don't read like we used to as kids, they are far, far more educated than we were on average. They know much more about the world than we did. That said, lack of reading high quality literature does mean they are missing much of their culture, important lessons from history and some of life's colour.
  19. Subject his family to an independent OUTSIDE (as in foreign) audit of his assets. Prove a clean business dealing record. That is the kind of commitment Thailand needs. Anything short of something so aggressive is meaninglessness in a country almost 100% corrupt. If these people love their country as much as they claim to, and, if they are as educated as they claim to be, they know Thailand needs radical change. Radical is not putting assets in a blind trust (especially if administered by Thais).
  20. I suspect almost none of them are generally honest. If you and I are honest, we would admit that honesty is not an important part of Thai (or Chinese) culture. Also, as for baggage, again, we understand Thai (and Chinese) culture to share the requirement for concensus building through clan allegiances and guanxi and all that nonsense. No Thai politician can exists outside this cultural requirement, so every single one has too much baggage. The ONLY difference is clan membership.
  21. I am the same way, but after 30 years of watching these people lie cheat and steal -- as a rule -- my trust is not won over so easily just because a guy went to New York University business school and learned all the right things to say. I've seen this game a hundred times by a hundred faces. They all end the same way.
  22. They earn it. If all my posts were positive, would it be OK then?
  23. By the way, to answer your first question. There is common sense which is substantially based on thorough understanding of Thai history. Are we to believe his family dealings have all been above board? A Thai Chinese billionaire family. No corruption? It's possible, but is it likely? Let's see him start at home, disclosing his wealth and an independent, outside audit.
  24. I respect your opinion. Many farang here in these forums seem convinced he might be a decent candidate. We will have to wait and see. In 30+ years or Thai politics, I've seen many like him. Not a single one was genuine.
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