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  1. Thanks Joe,


    this is my 5th education-related year Non-B and the first time I've heard of fingerprints being required. In the last 4-5 years I  have only provided one Thai police check - at the beginning of my first year, and fingerprints were never asked for. I guess the local MoI office/police station interpreted and processed it their own way!


    This situation has only arisen because the MoI recently advised me to apply for a different type of Non-B - one with a slash number /nnnn, which they say will give me the right to have my name on land chanotes as a co-owner up to 50%. I'd never heard of this before either, but greatly appreciated if you've got any info on this,





  2. Hi, I’ve recently been advised by the MoI that:

    -          the Thai police check for Non B now requires fingerprints (I know this is a requirement at the late stages of PR approval, but I’d never heard of it for Non B before),

    -          there are different types of Non B designated by slash numbers – Non B/nnnn,


    anyone else heard this?


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