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  1. 1 minute ago, billd766 said:

    In my 50 year working life I have lived and worked in over 38 countries including 4  countries of the EU. Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, both northern and southern Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei,

    wow, I am truly impressed 🙂


    One of the many great things about such vast experience is that it helps to put debates into context and perspective. I have a feeling that many posters get their perspective from social media.

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  2. On 10/3/2018 at 2:30 AM, RichardThailand said:

    I am thinking it may become a lot more difficult after Brexit.  Has anyone looked into getting residency before Brekit and into which countries are easier?  Also interested to hear what people think will happen after Brexit.  When do you think it might start to get more difficult for British Citizens to move to the EU countries and what do you think will happen after Brexit 

    It depends on what you mean by residency...

    > work permits never have been and never will be an issue for people with appropriate qualifications and experience

    > without work permits residency for wealthy people is rarely an issue, but the qualifying criteria will vary from country to country

    > the post Brexit situation hasn't been confirmed so anything said about that is speculation.

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  3. For a few years my health certificate was provided by a local clinic without any tests. Today I was informed that we now need to go an approved clinic. I got the results in 40 minutes at the princely sum of 350 baht. Imagine my delight to pass all tests:





    Drug addiction



  4. 1 minute ago, bristolboy said:

    There are 2 kinds of people who say that they don't lie about themselves: those that don't and those that do. I prefer to stick to independently verifiable facts.

    Lol. This is a forum, not a court of law. People who hide the truth about themselves just add to the anomie and alienation. But I have noticed that the international politico cadre on this forum rarely if ever post on Thai-related threads, and usually don't reveal anything about themselves. Weird.


    Back to the topic -  it's now clear you have no personal experience of Sweden.

  5. 12 minutes ago, bristolboy said:

    And you would take the word of an anonymous poster? I'm touched by your faith.

    You are only anonymous because you don't want to say anything about yourself, other than that you stayed with a British mining family during the miners' strike in the UK. If you have said anything else I've missed it.


    And yes I do tend to take people at their word; as I don't lie about myself I expect the same courtesy from other people.

  6. There Is already an excellent PR thread on this forum with detailed information and actual experience about the PR process, rather than speculation.


    But on the more general point about “why”: in my opinion it depends on an individual’s situation. The more invested you become in Thailand, the more permanent you might want your residence status to be, hence the term “Permanent Residence”; and that “investment” could be financial and/or business, and/or personal.


    For example, for people who are living off income from abroad and who have no personal commitments to Thailand, PR is pointless (and unavailable). For people who have business and/or financial and/or personal commitments to Thailand it makes a lot of sense.


    In any event PR does provide some useful administrative benefits in addition to the security of tenure. And the usual nonsense about bribery is just that – nonsense.

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  7. Thanks f

    7 minutes ago, Naam said:

    i pity you if smoked sausage and ham causes you to fart. as i have no such problems even though i fart once in a while.


    what part of "flying to Germany and visit my family in Germany" makes you think that i'm an American? please take note that Germany is not one of the U.S. states.


    my interest in GBP/THB and any other fluctuating currency is based on being a global investor who tries hard making ends meet after paying my electricty bill. 


    Thanks for the pity, but it's misplaced as I don't eat that kind of food.


    Well, most white Americans do come from Europe, so I don't see any reason to assume that having a German family should preclude you from being a US citizen. Somehow your style has always seemed American, but if German you are, so be it, now I understand the wurst.


    Ah yes, you're a global investor. Great ? good luck

  8. 23 minutes ago, Naam said:

    i flew to Germany to attend some business and used the opportunity to visit the family. but usually most of my supplies are brought by friends who are holidaying in Thailand

    Imagine the flatulence. No wonder you need to keep the aircons on all day in 17 rooms. The hidden cost of sausages - a 17k baht per month air-con bill.


    So, I guess you're on this thread because of the sterling-baht rate, which as an American must be very important to you; or are you just on your interminable coffee-break?

  9. 4 hours ago, mogandave said:

    People that do not impress themselves need to impress others.

    In any event, the more they try, the less impressive they are...

    Wow, all this bitterness from you guys was started by my making Sheryl aware of certain investment products in Thailand that actually provide for excellent health insurance. Sheryl seems to have taken it in the manner it was intended. But not you guys.


    These products are open for a subscription period, like many investment products in the UK, not usually more than three months. Giving you the name of the products that I have subscribed to, apart from being none of your business, would not help you because the subscription periods have closed. However, products are opening all the time. I have been advised of 3 or 4 so far this year, all now closed for subscription.


    And the point about my partner and myself working was simply to give naaaaaam some understanding of how having a big house with lots of air conditioners doesn't necessarily translate into a big electricity bill. For the obvious reason that when you are working you are not sitting at home burning electricity.


    Have a good day y'all.


    2 minutes ago, Naam said:

    not strange but in context with your comment "large detached house" without any indication "how large" or your definition of "large".

    Naam, two key point about my personal situation, which I have already mentioned twice, and actually override the consideration of the size of the house:


    (1) both I and my partner work, though neither of us needs to (and neither of us is an insurance salesperson!), so we are not at home burning up a-cs during the day;


    (2) my Thai partner prefers not to use the a-c in the main rooms for most of the year anyway, as she is used to the Thai climate, unlike most foreigners.


    Have a good day, and enjoy the coffee!

  11. 14 minutes ago, Naam said:

    once i visited a large detached house.

    Strange comment naam, I also went on to say that both I and my partner work, not that either of us needs to, so we're not sitting around the house all day burning a-cs anyway. And my partner prefers not to use the a-c most of the time as I have already mentioned.


    You may have impressed yourself with your domestic electricity bill, but a few others have reacted with amusement. From your comments on the forum, I can't see that your electricity bill has made you any happier than people who are paying 1,000. But hey maaaaan it's your choice. Just waiting for your signature coffee cup. Have a good evening.



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