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  1. Even though the petition won’t change the law about tm30, the fact that this meeting between immigration officials and foreigners took place means that we have been heard somehow. It might at least make immigration change the way of reporting by improving the website reporting form and/or extend the 24hrs to a longer period. I dont think the large majority of expat is against the fact to report themselves, this is just the difficulty of doing it which is really problematic, therefore must be improved asap. Thanks to the foreigners that attended the meeting and represented the expats community.
  2. Thats because you probably don’t live in Bkk. That’s a real pain to go from my house in sukhumvit 101 to changwattana everytime i am leaving bkk for a weekend. I am working mon-fri and i dont have 4h to go to immigration every monday, + it cost me about 400b to go there. If you leave in the province then i understand you are fed up but many expats lives in bkk and thats not as convenient as taking just 8 mins, it takes me 4h... Until there will be a working online registration i wont stop hoping this tm 30 thing stops. The point being a criminal he won’t comply to this registration obviously so it does not change anything for bad guys but make the life of the good ones more difficult.
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