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  1. This is a troll topic, everyone knows its impossible to ggggget into Ttttthailand and that IOs just slap you down like the filthy falang you are, get out of here and give us your money you filthy western swine, O hello Mr. Chung, welcome, just let me toss this roundeye away.... Thats the real picture, Mabel!!
  2. I think they have to be gutted, bled and skinned too, they are bufo toxin toads. Ddidnt some dudes die a few years ago from eating one?
  3. Ive talked about this before. Ive been watching. Even the hisos have those little turtle heads wiggling out in all directions from the high heeled designer sandals. Only the sickest footsniffing toejam munching perv is attracted to ANY thai womans feet. I saw a pair on the BTS that had a big toe like a macaque and she had a nice tight butt too but that toe...it haunts my dreams.
  4. Nice. I just saw in my head one of those hard lean tan tropical blondes with the crows feet and the tight "Im richer than you are little boy" smile of the flashing white teeth, some liver spots and droopiness here and there but still buff and ripped, smoker too, drinks gin......
  5. I dont. As far as I am concerned you go to a country legal or you dont go, if you do it illegal and get caught, sucks to be you. Everywhere. Build a wall. Everything I know in life I learned at daddys knee. Dont spit in a cops face. Dont go into someones space univited. Say excuse me after you cheese one.
  6. Ive been in a leaker twice over the past few years. The first time it was a short day ride so no problem, the other which was a long night ride, which sucked, because I bailed in a crappy area and had to wait for a Grab for a while.
  7. Its great to be me! And shes in the USA too and Im here! Even better! I think Ill go to Thermae later.
  8. If you are talking BKK, on Suk, there are regular randoms at Ekkamai and Thong Lo for the dunks and regular cash taking and <deleted> testing under the Phra Khanong bridge. Be forewarned.
  9. Where was I? Why didnt I know about this? Really. Ride the trains here alot do you?
  10. You got it. Eat your heart out, as you evidently are. Its sad how when guys like me and Randy are successful with younger western women, we get all sorts of flak from guys who have to move to Thailand to get some at all
  11. she isnt supporting me, my god. Im more than able to support myself. But Im not supporting her
  12. Eat your heart out I love the jealous abuse. Hey is that your daughter? No its my girlfriend? Really? How much you pay her? *Her response, pulling a C out of her designer purse with the nails and diamonds* No baby, I pay him.
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