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  1. There are a few dozen vociferous posters, the vast majority have it under control. YMMV. I come and go as I please.
  2. I dont see tons of Americans whining. They have it covered. The change in Thai Immigration laws has nothing to do with the fact Americans are treated favourably.
  3. Nyezhov


    My wardrobe here in Thailand consists of: Columbia Convertible Fishing Pants sourced in the USA Columbia Long Sleeved Fishing Shirts sourced in the USA The foregoing are better made, real, and cheaper in the US. Everything else I buy here. That means about a dozen T-shirts.
  4. Dude its a weed. It affects each stoner differently. You are buying into the hype.
  5. Duh. Its all weed. You want refined extracts to treat yourself, get them. You want to wake and bake....Thai stick.
  6. I dont interact with peddlers and beggars, makes life easier
  7. So apparently, you are just spouting off stuff you read. You have never grown. You have never seen the process. You have never smoked Legal US weed, medicinal or otherwise. Hint*: the difference between medicinal and recreational is the label. Your experience with weed dates back to when? If Thai weed is legal, many of the complaints about same (compression, curing) will dissapear. The stuff is good quality, at a fair price. It would make a wonderful export
  8. Im combining that with a limitation on certain foods. I walk 4 miles minimum every day Which is why I cheat and eat ice cream, smoke weed, stoner out and take pics, and chase sub 30 year old ladies. I woke up today, who knows about tomorrow.
  9. Id personally smoke outdoor Thai weed at $3 a gram, thanks. I suspect so would many others.
  10. I have a former Marine Gunny Sgt buddy. He said the five toughest and nastiest soldiers out there (other than the US marines) were the Royal Marines, the Gurkhas, The Thais Marines, Izzys and the Korean Marines.
  11. Heres a big help. Go to the kiosk, buy a card, fill it up.
  12. Theres no app you need dude. Seriously. Step back from the bong and chill.
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