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  1. They are super nice real Japanese cars (IIRC some of them are 100% Japanese).
  2. Well you know how Americans are always called violent, figured it was OK to generalize
  3. Yeah, damn imperialists! Find it, save it, preserve it, study it...hey now give it back!
  4. Over the years, I have given up virtually all sports watching except for Hockey highlights and big games and Football. Yes what folks call soccer. BEIN Sports and all that. Up late or early to watch Man U, etc. I try not to ask Football questions because most hard core Premier League fans are pretty rude and arrogant, like, wow dude, you are a Yank, you dont know anything, so why ask....but now I have to.. There are 3 stadiums here, SCG, Thammasat and PAT. Thammasat is really out of the way for me (it would be a huge taxi ride or a train out of Hua lamphong) so unless the Football quality is that good, I dont think I will go out there. It would be easiest for me to get to PAT. SCG would require a trip to Mo Chit and taxi from there My question is: how good is the live Football here? Is there a big enough difference between the teams to mandate a trip to watch Muangthong at SCG. Or can I just go over to PAT to watch Port? How are the stadium facilities in both venues? I know that Football fans are very rascist and violent. Thats kept me out of stadiums in Europe. Are both of these venues safe for those who just want to enjoy a game?
  5. So does every other country except Japan. If it isnt a Feather, dont bother.
  6. Good for them. If it is like most of their other scientific endeavors, it will wind up being either used to defend us here in the USA, or benefitting some other portion of humanity.
  7. There is a Dumpster everywhere. Best place to fire up around Sukhamvit: go down a Soi, look for a Dumpster, look behind it, wait for the Euro guy and Ladyboy to finish, wai, go behind, hit that doobie, nobody will smell it over the garbage
  8. Cheap, but then again, its probably a hairy, callused hand with remnants of its former life as an oiler on the HMS Bedpan. I pay my well manicured hand 1000, but steal from it with my left when it isnt looking. BOT, most hostels have signs saying "no guests". They wouldnt let my in my kids hostel one time to take a puss cuz I wasnt registered.
  9. Everybody pays. Some folks like to hand over the cash and kiss them goodbye, others like having their bank balances and emotional well being quietly sucked dry. YMMV but everybody pays.
  10. Start by learning. Visit http://www.theingredientstore.com/foodpreservation/refrig_smoker.htm and then Google is your friend. Get me some power tools and a fridge and beer and food and a ticket to wherever and Ill help.
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