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  1. Well duh dude, you had to Google to learn that?
  2. Well thats up to the Thai people to decide that. Its their country. So I wish them the best without engaging in snide and cynical bullsh*t that is derived from an inherent feeling of farang superiority to these childlike brown folks who are so much less developed.
  3. Good luck to the Thai people. And good job having an election.
  4. There are a ton of broke farangs that would say otherwise.
  5. The Thunderstorms are brutal where my kin are in NC. I love them. Especially from the garage.
  6. Sort of like screaming about rascism whilst taking selfies with Farrakhan or screeching about dark money whilst using it yourself. The thing that got me in this whole fiasco from the get go was the naked and brazen hypocrisy behind it. The chickens are finally going to come home to roost.
  7. Damn. Im unattractive, unassertive, stupid and broke. No wonder I am vapid.
  8. Get well soon Dog, you are the only interesting thing in Hua Hin, which aint saying much. Great expat fight going on over at
  9. I thought vapid was banned in Thailand. Maybe the westerners that thrive best here, are relly just secure in themselves? Like if something annoys me, avoid it! Life is too short to worry about overly salted 40 baht noodles.
  10. Im my limited experience, in my area, the Songthaews run down certain roads, back and forth. For example, I could grab one at Thoet Thai Road and roll down to Wongwiang Yai. Where it goes beyond that depends on the colour or the number and I havent gotten to that point. Really, unless you speak fluent Thai, the only way to find out is ride one. Just take one in the direction you are going. You can get off if you have to. At kleast you will be closer.
  11. Are those eyes bulging and protruberant like that Monty Python dude? Cool. The girl at the 7-11 near my condo says I am Ee Hia so I guess that trumps your Taipan (should have been capitalized)
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