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  1. I just finished my trip to Laos and was successful in getting my 4th Education Visa. See my comments at:
  2. Went to Vientiane to apply for my 4th Education Visa and was successful 100%. Before going I heard all of these bad things, so I tried to prepare for everything. I dressed properly, I did not ware shorts or a t-shirt. Had a long sleeve dress shirt on. Included with my paperwork, I had two months bank statements, copy of my lease, copies of my health insurance, copy of my 5-year Thai driver's and motocycle license, plus all of the regular paperwork that is required. Of course the line I was in was for the older lady that has a bad repartition for disapproving everyone. I spoke nothing but Thai to her. Since this was my 4th Education Visa, she asked for a copy of my grades for the year I just completed, which I obtained and gave to her. She gave me the paper to come back tomorrow. Returned on the second day and when I was in line they called out my number and said I had to take a test to see how good I spoke Thai and how good I could read Thai. No problem for me, as for the three years of learning Thai, I went to all of the classes and I did learn how to read, write and speak Thai. So I had no problem with their test at all, passed with flying colors. Then I waited, and they gave me my passport with their approval. My first three Education Visa's were learning Thai language and this Education Visa was for Hand2Hand Combat here in Chiang Mai. So bottom line, my advice is prepare for anything they can throw at you, look the part, speak nothing but Thai and everything should go okay.
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