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  1. Correct. We would think 'the stupid Thais and their stupid rules again', and do as we please because we believe in superior western education. But it's their country, so it's their rules. And even in my own country, the simple people react like the Thai simple people - xenophopia and fear over trivial issues.
  2. You are right, I have a Thai wife and we have a kid. I went to the usual "I love Thailand" -phase as we all, then sobered up when I saw the reality. If I was a single man, I might still come to Thailand but otherwise I would opt for perhaps Spain or Portugal. I would not change my Thai wife though, once you learn how they think, you can have a wonderful marriage
  3. I still have a Thai family and have to come back to Thailand with them.
  4. Hahhah, how convinient the 14 day quarantine. No thank you, Thailand. I have been in Northern Europe for the last 3 months, and I am so happy not to be in Thailand anymore. With my wife in kid here, I don't need the dirty, hormone infested meat, plastic contaminated seafood or the PM 2.5 that Thailand has to offer. Neither do I need the special price for you 'farang', or the long flights to a country with grumpy, hostile immigration officers, or sitting in a lethal taxi or the AoT service to my condo driven by some lunatic. I'm so happy not to be in Thailand, so I will opt out thank you. When the weather turns cold in October, I'll be there again with my family to breathe the fresh PM 2.5 air and enjoy the barking of the soi dogs. Because my wife wants so. Meanwhile I drive to Nordkapp to the fresh Barents Sea, even the icy water is nicer to see than the plastic infested ocean in Thailand. But seriously, I cannot think of a single reason to come to Thailand during summer time! Life is so calm, orderly here, and the air is fresh, with only a handful of grumpy old people venting about the Wuhan Virus. Face masks? Deemed useless by scientific tests, based by non-bribed laboratories, but there I have to wear them.
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