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  1. I really like the last sentence. 'You are wasting your best earning ears making way below your worth' , just amend with '.. if you work in Thailand.' I keep wondering why so many people waste their careers here as teachers and what not. That's the age to make money, build the capital you can later live of (if you want to live in Thailand later.)
  2. There is a lot of jealousy because there are people who are really struggling / have no savings / have made the tough decision to build their life here, and have very different backgroudns. The rule goes not to tell others if you have money, or if you are a Digital Nomad. And don't tell that to your gf/wife either, although you can easily find a loyal and money saving (!) wife in Thailand as well :)
  3. Agree. At my condo I can see many sour expat faces when they see me sometimes working online outside in the condo complex (I'm not a digital nomad but work mostly out of office from all around the world.) I see them going to work at 7 AM and coming back 12 hours later, through the hellish traffic of BKK, and with a teacher's salary that is hard to live on. Some older ones just don't get the concept of remote work.
  4. I agree, but would say 85% based on a subjective observation only (of course this is not the case.) I travel once a month to Thailand using Suvarnabhum, last 3 times (3 months) absolutely no queues at all at 7:30 AM. Used to be very long queues at immigration. I always use the priority lane, but no queue there either, actually seems like it's often faster to go through "normal" immigration than walk the extra 75 meters to go through priority lane. I have also recommended my relatives to go to Vietnam, based on the dirty beaches, the bad service and constant cheating in Thailand :(
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