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  1. Dear Junta. Please keep the borders closed. Don't let anyone in please. In the meanwhile, my Thai friends contact me if I'm interested to buy their car or house with staggering discounts ("only to you my friend"), ("I'm quite in trouble"), especially around the Don Mueang and Swampy area, where they have a lot of people working um. worked at Thai or the travel industry. I hear people leaving their houses and their loans to disappear back to the province. And no one moving in. I hear it's "REALLY" bad, although I see no such pain in the area I live (close to Sathorn.) So I was think
  2. Hi, I would like to post some hearsay information about Thai visas and political activity (student protests.) According to my 1st person (Thai) contact at a government entity handling visas, at least two persons have lost their visa due to participating in the protests. One of them is an Elite visa. Those two caucasian foreigners were quite visible in the protests. The reason for voiding their visas was criminal political activity, which voids the the visa right away. The "criminal" element within their attendance to their protests are somewhat logical from the Thai point of view, but may come
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