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  1. Not if the flight operates from or to the EU. I got paid 600 € for a flight 4 hours late, from BKK to the Nordics. Same applies to cancellations. A lot of misinformation about this topic, but I believe my bank statement when it says +600€ from the airline. Hmm, converted to Euros, I paid a total of 120 € for a round trip flight that got upgraded to business both ways
  2. Ouan? You must be at an advanced level. I'm just called Pumpui by my wife, or hon. Or moo daeng. If she talks to a third person she says Khun .. and my name. Teerak feels funny as it's boyfriend, as I understand. I'm past that stage already, locked and chained Pla for a girl sounds too fishy for me. At the airport I register myself for the free internet (' please provide your name, passport number, email') as Ahmed SheepFuqqr. Nobody seems to care as I login month after month and the service keeps greeting me 'Welcome back Mr. SheepFuqqr.'
  3. As I understand it's the street vendors, motorcycle taxis and other laborers who love the junta. Gonna Make Thailand Strong Again, and increase everyone's income.
  4. Yes, we tourists are running scared as claimed in the article - but due to the security in Thailand. Was in Phuket with family 3 weeks ago, and it was very quiet and the five star hotel chain execs told my wife (she is an exec of that company) behind closed doors about a very weak season comparable to the number presented in this article. Shops are closing along the main and side streets. The tourists I saw at the 5 star resort were good quality tourists, no Chinese to be seen, and could not see many Chinese roaming the shopping streets either. It was very quiet. Loved it. I could swim almost alone in the garbage pool called the sea, ocean, filled with plastics and bottles. With the strong baht, weak security and appalling attitude towards cash cows / tourists, we are looking for trips to Vietnam and Japan instead of Thai destinations. Thailand is out, boring, soo yesterday. In my home country in northern Europe people don't talk much about Thailand anymore, it's Vietnam, Bahamas and other 'new' destinations for Northern Europeans - there is a lot more variety to choose from. The flights to Bkk are quite full though.
  5. Please. No Thai bashing. You just don't understand Thainess.
  6. Or marry a rich Thai woman who walks beside you. It's called a walking ATM.
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