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  1. So I have been extending it - the 90 day permit, for a years time ?? See I just do not understand this. Whatever I have it is good until the end of November 2019. I'm getting money in account by August 1 because I want to apply for the new years extension, say November 5. Yes CM should have the two month sorted by then BUT, it's my retirment so I am not taking any chances and putting it in for 3 months before I submit my new years extension documents
  2. DRJack - this is where things get so confusing and balled up around here. I thought I did NOT have a NON O A because that is obtained in my country of origin right ? OK I had a tourist visa - I then applied for and got - a Non O for 90 days here in Thailand. Then I extended that non o for a year, for reasons of "retirement". Whatever that is I have that. All done in Thailand. Ojas. Thank you I will indeed get another account with no card though Krung Thai and in fact that is what I will do this month or early July, then have money sent in to that. Thats the porblem with pulling up old posts with search function. Yes people have done it 7 days back, will that work for me, I assume it will but I will continue to look at all new information. Most people are making a transaction on the day of their application, however I have no clue if you HAVE TOO or not. This is from people using the CM IO . Thanks for your comments
  3. I have a non Imm O visa applied for and recieved here in Thailand 2018. It will be coming up for renewal in 5 months. I have been using “search” function, but not getting all the information I need. This is for the straight renewal of an extension made for retirement in 2018 (not based on marriage). Trying to get my ducks in a row and hope someone could comment on my points ... thanks A) The 800k does NOT need to be sent in from out of the country. Or a verified source, from outside Thailand. I could use transfer wise, all I need is 800 K in the account for the proper seasoning time. (I would want a wire, or swift transfer from foreign bank only to help wire money OUT of Thailand when at some future date I want to close out the account/visa.) B) seasoning time, only 2 months before the time I make my application for extension at IO. NOW I am doing my extension at Chiang Mai and according to expats they want it 3 months ahead of application time. Given the information so far I assume that this is the prudent course of action. C) I have an account at Krungthai bank that I use for expenses (ATM transfer for Condo rent etc) do I just dump the money in there OR should I take out a 2nd account and have that for just my retirement money? I guess that is more an opinion questions D) I need to have a letter written by my bank within 7 days of application stating balance. I need to have an updated account balance. Making a deposit or withdrawal on the day of application. That is to show an updated passbook (?) or do I need a print out of it too? Can I do this at ATM or is this a Bank Office operation? E) No questions a regarding the keeping of 800K in account afterwards for a couple months or the 400 k balance after that. Thanks in advance for any responses, just trying to get my head around it all.
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