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  1. The bill comes due. Twenty years, since 97 meltdown, when Farangs were used as part of Thai nationalist politics; As in to blame things on. They turned it on and never turned it off. In the aftermath of 97 Westerners were blamed for A) the meltdown as a nefarious economic plot to take over the country & then B) disrespecting Thailand Since then, whether leadership was clad in red, yellow or green colours, no one has turned it off. It was too convenient to have a readymade scapegoat. ANd they still kept coming. For many years, a great laugh as they smirked about teflon Thailand. Nothing sticks; 'Treat them like <deleted> and they keep coming back'. Finally as it always does, the bill eventually came due. Western countries are of the opinion Thailand is unsafe and not friendly. Going to take many years to convince them otherwise. That is besides baht to euro, dollar, or pound, exchange rate. Not a problem if you are going to replace them with the Chinese. That said better make sure that works, because now all your eggs are in one basket.
  2. Rain postpones Daytona 500 until Monday afternoon Well excrement happens. You don't think it was because Trump, Donald, took a limousine Lap? or do you?!
  3. How about a english edition and an online link ? Another work in progress.
  4. Follow up ?? you rarely hear of it in the first place. Years back on vacation I was looking at taking a sailing course on K. Tao, likely a Padi too. Turns out Death Island was chopping them up in boat props every year. Divers that is, when they came up to surface & snorkelers. Nasty too but then they realized the BEST way to stop the bad publicity is have no publicity about it in the first place. They say that has been a very successful approach.
  5. If you have attempted murder, and failed but you are Thai, then the news media prints this horse pucky! As for the victim, well who cares. Thai tourism is already on the skids, coronavirus only provides an good excuse for its death.
  6. If that is the case then why would they say he had coronavirus? Because the prison is full of it? or is it because 'others' are full of it? This is getting more ridiculous by the day.
  7. You saw the glowing comment Minister Anutin made. He was angrier than usual at farangs, all because Chinese tourism dried up, due to a Chinese spawned coronavirus. I'm feeling the love
  8. I'm glad you explained that. I was thinking it couldn't be murder too.
  9. So they can catch a flight and be welcomed by Minister Anutin with flowers and facemasks and praised for saving Thailand's tourist season. Yeah, right.
  10. I realized that... it is a leper ship though because there was a suspected case on board... and the way viruses spread on ship, if there is one then there are more. Thailand does not have the bandwidth to screen those on board. Basically they are past incubation period, NO cases, so totally clean. The funny thing is had they had flown in they would be accepted with open arms. Likely given Flowers & Facemasks by Government Minister Anutin. But Thailand does not have the bandwidth?! Is that why my internet has been henky this month?
  11. All things considered I thought things were going ok. If this proves true, then it will be a nightmare. There is still hope it is "suspected" and not the Corona virus. Thailand might just be using it as a smoke screen, for something else. Like they did with Ashley Shorley.
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