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  1. Last week at CW (Bkk) for 90 day reporting:


    Arrived 08.45, got out 14.30. I was ticket number 221.


    I can't do on my Mac. My fault.


    Why anyway? Stalinesque control-freakery. Where else do you have to report every 90 days? N. Korea? Most countries manage fine with checking passport in and out + hotel occupants submission. In Malaysia you get 3 months (free) and only see IO at the airport...then vanish for 3 months.

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  2. My question is regarding the 800,000 for retirement extn. I have used the regular embassy letter for about 8 yrs. I have differing opinions re. how early this 800,000b should be placed in the bank. One opinion is 3 months before the due visit. Another guy told me that 3 months is first-timers only and that old hands can place in the bank 2 months before. Further question: my bank is SCB in city centre (near my old job). I believe I have to show a letter certifying that they have my money. Do I need to get the letter from the actual branch? (I don't live there now). My friend banks with BKK Bank far from CW but he pops downstairs and gets his letter at CW the same day (even though it costs 200b). Also--Can I keep the 800,000 there for 12 months, or must I spend 400,000 after 4 months. I'm confused. Thx.

  3. So for the 65,000 pm, will they now accept an "unsworn" GB Bank Statement (or several)?


    Or is it a ploy to get everybody to move 800,000 over (a clever move, because people die intestate or, anyway, I know my lawyer will not dash about to claim my 800.000 for months). And is it true or not that I can withdraw 800k any time or do the Thai banks kick up a fuss?


    Is there a 3rd method in mind, for people who cannot show 65k but also cannot deposit 800.000? Or will something creep out eventually, once they realise they have screwed up and may lose 20% of expats?



  4. I had to do this at CW about five years ago because of a full passport. It seemed that the officer wrote about half a page in longhand before she stamped the new passport with my visa (matching the old visa--the clock does not start over!). It took place at the normal row where you get your retirement ext and other visas. Chamchuri has stopped doing most of the stuff it did when it was new (i even got my visas there back when...). I had to queue at CW for a couple of hours--the same as my yearly "visa".


    What surprised me most was the amount of ballpoint writing. Surely they could just have a big black stamp for "visa transfer"?...TIT



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  5. Questions:


    Is it possible to get the income letter 6 months before the Retirement is due, by doing it on 18 December?


    As someone suggested, is it possible to use the 800k as your current account and spend it all year until 3 months before your due date?


    If you decide to quit the place, how easy is it to take out your 800? They are happy to take it but not to let go.


    If you do transfer 800'000 to here, which is the best interest-bearing account? Is it taxed?



  6. I lived and worked in Spain for 7 years from 2000. I had a residencia permit, a house, job and NIE number. Seeing the doctor was free, but I had to pay something for pharmacy. I'm a Brit.


    Now, I want to go back (for job and personal reasons that I won't bore you with).


    The problem is Brexit. Does anybody yet know if I have to go back before March 2019? Or not? I am aware that Spain will not want to lose almost 1m European Pensions being spent there, but I cannot find a definitive answer covering returning residents. Perhaps Boris has not yet decided. Does Brexit still allow free movement of people in the EU?





  7. Thanks. My visa is due to be replaced on 30 July (closed at Imm). If I go on 31, is it an O/Stay 1 day (1000b)?====looks like this has been answered!


    I already have a letter from the Br Embassy which asks the kind Immigration folks to transfer any stamps. Do I also need the Thai one?


    The new RExt is due on 30th and they will stamp the new PP I guess. What other stamps need to be transferred? All my entry stamps for 10 years?



  8. My old UK passport was 96% full, and I was getting funny looks at airports. I now have a new one.


    My Ret Ext is due on July 30th. Presumably, I take both passprts to CW. Do I photocopy everything twice? Any other tips for changing to new passport at Imm?


    There seem to be a lot of holidays and lieu-days around July 30th. Does anyone know the opening dates for CW? I believe 30 July is HM birthday. If I go on 31st July, is it a 1-day O/stay 500b? Maybe I should go on 27th?


    Any tips welcomed with thanks.



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