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  1. Considering The Lil' Dictator has tremendous issues dealing with the fact that someone else than him or his cronies might be more popular than them, I have this lingering thought of a certain lady who was kindly given the choice to either sit in jail for decades or conveniently slip out of the country "undetected". I actually wouldn't really be that surprised if they tried to pull the same s*** on Thanathorn; yet if this would happen, I really hope he has the backbone to go through it the "hard way" as that would truly make him a martyr. Though certainly there's the risk of a sudden unexpected fatal illness while behind bars.. lot of diseased vermin in the thai jails that (I hear) get particularly bitey if you happen to fancy red garments or don't consider green as your favourite color.
  2. And then you get a certain DPM making remarks about the government staying in power and making a comeback after the election...
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